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    graphics problems win8.1 9800gtx

    Just updated my pc to windows 8.1 and I am having graphic problems. When I launch dota2, everything seems to be normal until i get into the game. While in game the characters are not visible, they are clear mirages or sparkling images. Im on the latest drivers from nvidia. 340.52
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    Configuring SNMPv3

    I am trying to configure/update our devices to use SNMPV3. I have no idea on how to get started other than configuring the switches snmp-server group GRP v3 priv snmp-server user USERX GRP v3 auth md5 userxpass1 priv des userxpass1 My understanding is that we were going to need a...
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    New Firewalls-Currently using Fortinet

    Everyone, Anyone have any recommendations on Firewalls? We are looking for an all in one package that includes, AV, Webfiltering, etc. We have an upcoming meeting with Palo Alto Firewalls and would like to know if anyone has worked with this company before hand. I haven't worked with...
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    Large File over network from SAN to SAN

    Hello Everyone. Here is the scenario; Users are trying to copy large files roughly 10-30gb files over the WAN from Server A (county 1) to Server B,C,D (county 2) which are located in two different counties. All of these servers are virtual servers and are in a clustered environment. Our users...
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    nVidia Quadro FX 4600 768MB vs Dual 512MB PCIe x16 nVidia Quadro FX3700

    Which would you choose for a graphic artist. Im trying to make a $5,000 Dell Work station for a graphic artist that will be coming into our company... I thought he was an idiot when he requested a Dell XPS with a GTX280 and only configured a $3500 system when specifically our company...
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    asus maximus formula and asus p5e

    whats the difference? and
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    Sold old build- Need a new Build

    Ok I have been out of the hardware game for quite sometime now... and I recently sold my computer old specs e6700 at 3.5ghz xfx 7800gtx at 500mhz Asus p5b deluxe ocz platinum 2x1gb ddr2 pc 6400 etc etc etc Im looking to spend around 800-900. since my buddy works at intel, I am...
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    iphone dilema/problem-Need help

    Heres the deal, My Macbook was stolen in which I synced my iphone to it. Now all I have left is my PC Desktop and iPhone. I want to back up my contacts from my iphone to my sim card and my desktop PC without loosing any that possible? If I resync my iphone to my desktop, will...
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    Summerboard on 1.1.4 and 1.1.3...Im stuck

    I have been doing hours of googling trying to get new themes and wall paper for my iphone. I nevered figured out how to get it to work with both 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 1. Im currently using 1.1.4, so if someone could please give me step by step instructions on how to get it to work that would be...
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    ziphone 2.5 wont unlock my iphone?

    ok, so I decided to mess around and upgraded my firmware from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4. I have used ziphone to unlock my 1.1.3, but when I tried it for 1.1.4, it didnt work...anyone else having this problem?
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    iPhone_using your mp3s as ringtones?

    I figured I make another thread, since this is a different problem... how do i make my mp3s as ringtones for my iphone 1.1.3. I tried sendsong but it doesnt seem to work on 1.1.3. my other friends have it for their 1.1.2, but apparently it doesnt work for mine. is there any other...
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    iPhone_ tzone for 1.1.3

    I just bought an iPhone and it had 1.1.2 on it, but I decided to upgrade to 1.1.3...was this a mistake????? Well I decided to JB my iphone and sign up for tmobile's tzone for 7 dollars a month so that I can access my emails and browse. However I cant figure out how to get the tzone setting...
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    I need a camcorder

    I will be doing an experiment for the next 2 years and I need to order a camcorder for my department. Any suggestions?
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    Raid 5 question

    Im currently set up in a scsi RAID 5 config. I have 4 73 hard drives which allows me to have roughly 200 GB (-1 hd due to raid 5 configs). So the question is, can i just add more hard drives to tha disk array and get more space or do i have to redo everything?
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    Resolution Problem

    When i load up in windows vista and start steam, I am able to play at 900x600 resolution for the widescreen aspect. But when im in windows xp I only get 2 possible widescreen resolutions 1680 x 1050 and 168 by 900. Why is that? Im using the same exact computer, just different operating systems
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    friend is having trouble installing mouse drivers

    it askes for his windows xp cd but he cant find it... its looking for this file mouhid.sys
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    I was trying to understand things about RAID I found this on the wikipedia but I was still confused about what I was reading. Anyone care to explain...
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    sata rom drives

    is it true that you may have difficult problems booting off sata dvd rom drives? my friend was tellingme the other day that he couldnt boot off his windows xp cd when trying to reformat off his sata dvd rom drive this true?
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    scsi or sataII

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    scsi or sataII

    I can get this for really cheap. ($25 dollars) now what do i need to get this up and running? Should i set this up in my rig or should I...
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    Video card messing up? windows media is playing red

    ever since i got my harddrive back from RMAing it, i reformatted and reinstalled from a clean slate. I installed my usuals, drivers,codecs etc. I am sure that I am up to date on all of my drivers for windows and hardware. When i play my video files from windows media player 11, the...
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    backing up data

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    High temps?

    ok so my friend asked me to trade my p5n32 sli se deluxe for his p5b deluxe so he could go sli and I wanted a better Ocing mobo, so we traded... well my rig is currently intel c2d e6700 asus p5b deluxe zalman cnps 9500 cu led Artic silver 5 termal paste ocz 700 watt gamextreme psu...
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    MBP not going to sleep mode?

    I closed my laptop, went to class for 3 hours then i went to go use it agian and noticed my battery was dead. It nevered went to sleep mode, i just started having these issues lately and its liek i have to restart it for it to go on sleep mode when i use it again. how do i solve this issue?
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    p5b delux or p5n32

    which one? My dilema is I can get them both for 179.99 plus tax because of my brother friends shop. I really dont plan on doing any sli but since the p5n32sli se usually cost more which would you guys get with an e6600 build?
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    750 dollar build

    I have 750 dollars to spend on a new conroe build: I had a great deal on a e6600 and an e6700 so I picked up both. anyways I have 1500dollars to spend on a build for 2 separate computers I kind have decided on a case already so take out 250 for computer cases. So what I have left is...
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    backing up data

    Here is my friends dilema: He has 2 200 gb hard drives; 1 hard drive is totally blank and ther has many important software and files he needs to have. Well since he has 2 exactly the same harddrive he wants one drive to constantly backup the other hard drive as in making a replica...
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    need help deciding on a c2d mobo,ram,psu

    I currently have a 2 xfx 7800gtx video card to use for 2 c2d builds. Both of these gpus are not mine though, 1 is. Me and my friend are going to build e6700 builds only because we are getting the e6700s processors very close to the 6600 prices (415 out the door). well heres are dilema...
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    how to check if voltages are steady

    some said that their voltage on their psu was steady, how do i check that?