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    Should I upgrade or wait?

    My PC is getting very, VERY long in the tooth: Motherboard: ASUS MVA78-32 EMH-HDMI 780G (Terrible buy, lots of problems) CPU: AMD Phenom 9600 2.3ghz (TLB-disabled, still bad) Memory: G.SKILL 2x2GB DDR2 800 Hard Drives: Seagate Sata/300 1TB/750, Western Digital Sata 5400 250 GB Video Card...
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    Can't find second hard drive in Windows

    Alrite here is my problem. Windows XP SP2 is not assigning a drive letter to my second hard drive. The BIOS and Windows itself both recognize its there (Its recognized in Disk Management and Device Manager) but it won't give it a drive letter. In Disk Management, I attempted to right click on...
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    HOT! XFX 8800 GTX $531 8800 GTS $381 Free Shipping @ Dell

    kevinv21 posted this on slickdeals, relaying it here: $531 8800 GTX: $381 8800 GTS: You add it to cart to...
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    Boot problem, possibly motherboard?

    System specs: AMD Sempron 3000+ @ 2.15 Ghz ECS N-Force 3-A >_> Generic DDR400 1.5 Gigs total RAM BFG Geforce 6800NU Western Digital 240 GB HD SATA 7200 Maxtor 80 GB HD IDE 7200 Antec Truepower 400w Alrite, my problem is I came home after an hour of errands and found my computer off...
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    Warm or mildly hot? eVGA Geforce 7900GS $171.63 Shipped [$20 MIR] The rebate: $185.99-$20.00 MIR=$165.99 Its not the HDCP version, other then that, pretty good deal I'd say.