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    Fallout 4

    Okay, here is what I'm learning. The game will crash 100% of the time unless I "Reset" the graphical settings and let it auto-detect. If I do that, and run in borderless windowed, it will launch. If I change any graphical setting though, it will start crashing. The problem with this is that it...
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    Fallout 4

    I think that might have worked. Thanks. e: sigh, never mind, it's doing it again. Something to do with me changing the graphics settings. It seems like if I change something - anything - it'll work for a few times. But then it'll stop working, even if i don't change anything. Then I'll go back...
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    Fallout 4

    Is there a known problem for immediately crashing to desktop after launch? R9 280. Windows 10. After hitting Play in the launcher, the screen will go black for a couple seconds, flicker a bit, then I'm back at desktop. Sometimes it will launch successfully, maybe 1 out of every 20 tries...
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    ASUS R9 280X DirectCU II TOP Video Card Review @ [H]

    + My computer is currently w/o a video card, so I need one of these asap. Nothing on Newegg except 290 notifications.
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    Used MSI OC Genie, now the throttle is stuck

    On my new MSI board I enabled their OC Genie, which put me at 4.0 for my 4670K - right about where I wanted it. Problem is, now the ratio never throttles down at idle, so it's always running at 100x40. CPU-Z still has my multiplier listed as (8-40), it just never leaves x40, even when the...
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    Mounting video cards vertically

    And you never noticed any sort of rise in temps from you graphics card or anything (assuming it has heat pipes and you had it mounted horizontally at one point)? Thanks, guys.
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    Mounting video cards vertically

    I just purchased a SilverStone FT03 in where the video cards are mounted vertically. I was wondering if this caused any issues on cards with heat pipes - if the vertical orientation prohibited the conduction of the liquid. Any tests ran on this?
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    FarCry 3 Mouse Sensitivity?

    I've had this problem for years - through various game, mice and drivers. It always seems to be to be with cross-platform games, or shoddy ports. I've taken it as developers just don't really care about mice anymore. Sometimes setting the in-game to 0 or 1 will make it playable. Sometimes I...
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    Windows 7 - Upgrade or Full Version

    If you buy an OEM version (1 pack) will the license still work during reactivation if you change hardware? I'm hearing mixed answers. And since it seems MS made it so easy to work-around using the Upgrade version w/o having a prior OS installed, what's the difference between Upgrade retail and...
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    Is there a term for measuring skill?

    What happened to this forum?
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    How is PowerColor? Looking at the 6850.

    Okay, okay, you got me. Ordered. In the end that's only $5 more than I was ready to pay, and for a vastly faster card. Merry fuckin' christmas to Soy.
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    How is PowerColor? Looking at the 6850.

    Wow, that is a good deal. The 5870 is a beast. Any idea as to how long that promo is going to last? I hate MIR, but that's hard to pass up.
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    How is PowerColor? Looking at the 6850.

    So I'm ready to purchase a 6850 and I have been eying both the new Sapphire Toxic and the PowerColor PCS+ one. Both the exact same price with the same overclocks. Now, I've always been a huge fan of the Sapphire Vapor-X/Toxic cards - beefy overclocks with dead silent cooling. But I'm not that...
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    Storm Of War - IL2 successor

    haha. Storm Of War. That's right up there with Duke Nukem Forever.
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    Recommend overclock software

    Just picked up an EVGA 460, and it's been awhile since I've ran Nvidia. Unfortunately the Nvidia drivers are pretty bare bones and don't offer any performance adjustments. What do you guys recommend for doing this? Something simple would be preferable. I remember back in the day running...
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    Bobby NOW wants to sell in-game cinematics as stand-alones...

    Guilt by association? Or is this just your average, everyday gamer angst?
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    Halo: Reach reviews starting to come in

    Are you not merciful!?
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    Forza 3

    Isn't there someone you could call?
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    So where is the PSN Thread?

    You're in it.
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    post your games shelf

    Wait a second, are you proposing that there are a lot of teenagers that play video games???
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    WoW auction house is now online

    Same thing happened to be awhile ago. I hadn't played for months, then all of a sudden I get an email from Blizzard saying I've been banned or something. Oh well.
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    And I suppose to be absolutely clear, that cave troglodyte living in the basement is not me, nor is that my shit. It's the old renter.
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    Video editing - Vegas Movie Studio 9 or Premiere Elements 8?

    Just purchased a camcorder for home movies, baby, vacations, etc... and was just wondering which software would be best for basic editing. Looking for something with ease of use, but at the same time giving me room to learn and grow. I use Photoshop and Bridge a lot for photography, so I have...
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    CPU upgrade - video encoding

    The Q9550 Yorkfield is $180 at Microcenter - $100 less than Newegg. I might just go that route just to get me into quad core and squeeze a little more life out of my LGA 775 setup. Thanks Eagle for showing me Microcenters prices.
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    CPU upgrade - video encoding

    So 1156 is the socket to get these days?? I mean, it's not going to be abandoned 4 months from now, right? RIGHT??
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    CPU upgrade - video encoding

    lol. Only on [H]ard could I come here asking for cpu upgrade advice and walk away with "build a new rig!". I just had a baby - funds are tight.
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    CPU upgrade - video encoding

    Jesus, I can't believe what I'm seeing. I've always though Newegg was the end-all, be-all lowest price you could find. But you're right, Microcenter has the 860 for $80 cheaper than the Egg. Unbelievable. I've only ever used Microcenter for emergency part runs.
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    CPU upgrade - video encoding

    I know, but I just get sick of upgrading sockets and RAM all the time. Seems like Intel goes through sockets like underwear. I realize the i5 would be better, but is it worth the additional cost of a motherboard (~$140) and DDR3 (~$200)? That's more than doubling my upgrade cost right there. I...
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    CPU upgrade - video encoding

    So I recently purchased a camcorder for home movies and expect to start getting into some video encoding, and I figure now is the time I finally get into a quad-core. My planned software is Adobe Premiere Elements 8. I'm currently running a Wolfdale E8400 at 3.6Ghz. What I would like to...
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    Just Cause 2...It's already over?

    This game, while true, is fun as hell, is a completeists absolute nightmare. Has anybody here actually gotten 100% on all the islands??
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    WOW shamans reaction to mages getting imp. hero/bloodlust

    It's a trend they started years ago.
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    New Longbow game

    I'll have to check this out when the beta is released in 2016
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    New Ubisoft DRM. Will you buy a game that uses it?

    Because it's very much a niche title. Steam still isn't showing the price - but if it's $60 I'll have to laugh.
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    New Ubisoft DRM. Will you buy a game that uses it?

    lol. I agree... but that's entirely not the point. I haven't really been keeping track of AC2 for PC, so I didn't realize it was another $60 PC game. Now this is a conviction I can stand behind, and refuse to ever support it. I can only assume at this point they realize they could never get...
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    New Ubisoft DRM. Will you buy a game that uses it?

    I have more important things in life to get all righteous about - and I don't see this affecting my ability to play and enjoy a game. My computer is always online and I can't remember the last time my internet has gone down. Looking forward to Silent Hunter V! I guess in my opinion the...
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    In search for a good Strategy/Tactics game turn based

    Although not very "modern", Silent Storm is still probably one of the best turn-based tactics games I've played on the PC. Ignore the expansion pack.
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    Bad Company 2 Beta - thoughts, opinions?

    It was a good try.
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    Anyone Check Out Silent Hunter 5?

    I'm all over this - but like most Silent Hunters, it's usually best to wait a patch or three before playing it. Right now is the perfect time to play SH4. It's still pretty, and there are a ton of great mods to let you play how you want.