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    best way of backing up iphone media to local PC

    I'm tired of manually copying files off my iphone via windows explorer. Is there a way to basically sync photos and videos that are currently on your iphone to a specified PC directory? I'd imagine it would be able to analyze the photos that are in both locations and only copy over the new photos.
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    do any third party smart watches support apple pay

    my work phone is a iphone 5. Want to take advantage of apple pay for the Discover Card promotion. As you all know, apple pay is only supported with iphone 6 or iphone 5+smart watch. Can I buy a third party smart watch and use apple pay? thanks
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    best bang for buck android under 200

    hello just want to know what models should I consider as a replacement phone for my wife's broken Nexus 4. We are okay with refurbished phones but we would like a straight-talk with ATT compatible phone
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    nexus 4 screen cracked not responding...

    wife's phone fell, screen cracked. The phone still works as far as powers on and phone calls and messages still get to it. But the screen is not responding at all to touch. Also the display looks perfectly fine outside of the crack... no discoloration or anything. So wife ordered a new...
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    installing office on a windows 2008 server

    this is a general server we use for various stuff... scheduled .net scripts, sql server database, IIS intranet webservices. Would it be bad practice to install office on this server just as a way to conveniently open up word docs on it? Thanks
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    how does a Xoom mx604 stack up?

    A week or so ago I jumped on a used Xoom mz604 for about $45 on arrow direct. I got the tablet the other day and everything tested out well with no defects on the screen. I bought this on whim since it looked like a great price with what other Xooms are going for. I'm happy with this purchase...
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    cheap wireless controllers

    looking for some wireless controllers to play emulator games (SNES,MAME,SEGA,etc) on my main tv. Since this is going to be for very casual and occasional use and I looking to get 3-4 of them, I dont want to spend anywhere near the price wireless xbox controllers go for. Looking on aliexpress...
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    after a <$100 cpu/mobo deal

    I bought a 8GB HyperX 1866MHz stick and a PC case on a whim for less than $10 after rebate (if tigerdirect doesnt screw me over) now Im on the lookout for an equally awesome deal on a cpu and mobo to go with it as we close in on Black Friday. I already have the other essential parts besides...
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    replacing a dying Radeon HD 4850... equivalent performance?

    just trying to get this PC rolling again, not upgrade it. Is there anything out there in the sub $75 range that has equivalent or better performance? thanks
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    troubleshooting a computer that doesnt post

    Foxconn A79A-S AM2+/AM2 AMD 790FX ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Phenom II X4 920 Quad-Core 2.8GHz Socket AM2+ 125W Processor CORSAIR XMS2 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2...
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    creating a virtual dlna server to partition my media

    all my shared media is on a Vista desktop pc. One of the devices I now stream from using a Vizio TV's built in DLNA streaming app. Problem is each time I try to use it it takes forever as it tries to scan through all my shared directories. I would like to create a separate "DLNA server...
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    windows tablet suggestions

    this will be a work purchase -must have a full windows install -must have a 4G antenna -very responsive touch screen is (will be using a windows program not completely designed to be a mobile touch app). -bigger the screen the better (would like atleast 10 inches)
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    bluray player with PC content streaming

    need a new dvd player and one of my biggest things im looking for is the ability to stream movies that are available on my PC's network share via built in wifi. Does anyone have any suggestions on a bluray player not much more than $100 that can do this? thanks
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    how to screen entry level developer applicants?

    We will be conducting interviews soon for entry level developers. I am somewhat of the lead developer of area they will be working with so I was told to be apart of the interview process. I am not too concerned with their competency as they were already given a "weed out" exam and all are...
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    will a linksys wrt54g be good enough here?

    I will be moving to a house that will be on charter 30Mbps with voip phone. House is 2 stories and over 2600 and pretty long because the 2nd floor only covers less than half of the 1st floor. Wireless devices wont be doing much heavy lifting, just browsing the web and such. So my question...
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    best phone for $200-$250 budget?

    currently wife has nokia e71 on straight talk (att network) I'm looking into getting her a new phone for Christmas because she would like a more advanced smartphone. However, I cant bring myself to spend $400+ on any phone and neither would she ever want me to. Nor do I want to be trapped...
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    sending a 150 recipient email... reduce chances of spam filter

    Im about to send out an email from gmail to about 150 people whom I never emailed before. I was curious... will tossing all of them in one big bulk BCC send increase the likelihood of it getting flagged as spam versus doing it in smaller batches? Thanks
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    how far should your PC be from your stove?

    I'm moving into a new place where I might have to put my PC in the dining room area which is about 10 feet away from the stove. Do you think thats too close? Im not so much concerned about heat as I am about grease grime that typically builds up around a stove.
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    need super easy 360 games for 5 year old.

    5 year old girl loves games but so far all on the 360 i downloaded are too hard where she calls me in the room every 2 minutes to help out. Im looking for games that are open ended where she can just roam around or a something super easy without puzzle solving where she is not going to get...
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    how robust are the video play capapilities of TVs with usb?

    specifically this hannspree model: it has a usb port that can play multimedia... curious if anyone has any ideas how good something like this is with handling various...
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    does 360 media remote make it any easier to play movies from shared drive?

    Im buying a 360 wifi adapter on craiglist. one is selling wifi for $30 another selling wifi + remote for $45 and I'm trying to see if that remote is worth the extra 5 mile drive and $15. Im thinking it could be useful if it will make it more convenient for my GF to be able to navigate and play...
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    need a super cheap wifi streaming solution

    this is for a 4 year old's 720p tv so i definitely dont need anything fancy. just looking for a way to stream movies downloading on my PC's media share to that tv at a low price. im thinking like a dvd with wifi capability?? any suggestions? thanks
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    android app: automatically sync data to central despoistory

    I am trying to investigate to feasibility of this... we have company owned android phones that we would like to sync whatever photos on the phone back to a central repository. So lets say every 15 minutes the system copies over over any new pictures taken to one of our servers. Any...
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    iphone 4: Wifi<->3G autoswitching

    one annoying problem I have with my ATT iphone4 is if you are connected to a wifi and something goes wrong where the wifi isnt working, it doesnt automatically switch to 3G but instead just hangs forever, forcing me to manually disable the wifi. Are there any work arounds to this? This is...
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    javascript function problem

    i cant figure out why my javascript function is not working. This isnt working but if i hardcode it in instead of getcss(), it works. but doing other javascript stuff works like: document.getElementById("example").innerHTML='blahblah'; any ideas? thanks <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC...
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    website with tree view functionality.

    I've been asked to investigate making a simple, yet nice looking website. Basically it will just have 2 grand totals shown side by side. And then there needs to be a way to expand each grand total to show subtotal children nodes that make up that grand total. Something like a tree view...
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    getting a Masters in CS at school thats weaker than your undergrad school?

    I'm considering going back to school for my Masters since my job has a program where they'll reimburse the tuition. However the school I got my BS degree from will most likely not have class schedules I can squeeze in between work. So I was curious how does it look getting a MS degree at a...
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    regular expression in windows file open prompt

    in this app im using it allows wildcards when selecting a file to open like: *.abc I'm trying to find a way to open all files of multiple extensions at once. Such as all files of extension abc, efg, and hij. Is there a way to do this in a windows file open prompt? thanks
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    whats a good virus scanner that can install/run in safe mode?

    im helping a friend over the phone and i dont have access to a computer right now. Basically the computer is booting into safe mode no matter what. We already checked the boot options in msconfig. I just wanted to make sure this isnt a virus doing this but MSE wont install in safe mode. So...
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    using silverlight to pretty up a basic CRUD interface

    I'm about to start on a relatively simple project of creating an interface that captures data for monthly invoices. Basically select which month and year you want and then add, edit, delete invoices to a table grid (~10 columns and a dynamic amount of rows). I was going to just whip up a form...
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    a decent Angry Birds clone

    made the mistake of showing my niece angry birds and now I have to fight to get my cellphone back. So does anyone know of a good game like angry birds on the PC? thanks btw yes I know Angry Birds is not the first game of its type
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    firefox user profiles

    I dont mind if guests browse the net on my OS account but I dont want them accessing my saved sessions (sites that I stay logged into). So I made 2 firefox profiles and used an addon called Profile Password to secure my personal profile. I guess this is sufficient but I dont like how on the...
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    hmmm so you cant stream to your 360 if you're not connect to live?

    last night my internet was out so I decided to pass time by streaming movies to my 360 from my PC. But apparently this doesnt work when you are not connect to live claiming that it needs to get a codec, even though its a movie that already had the codec downloaded. So is there a way to store...
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    pro*c host variables

    how can I convert a char32 host variable to a c string? Long story short I need to pass these host variables into some functions that use c string parameters and I cant really play around with this through trial and error. thanks
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    creating an lossless image of a text document

    I have a .doc that im trying to use as an template in another program. I cannot simply copy/paste the document into this other app, I have to recreate it using textboxes, lines, rectangles, etc and its becoming a pain to get it looking exactly like the original document. This would be so much...
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    forward texts from google voice # to an iphone app

    I love using google voice to encapsulate my real phone number, but one annoyance is using google voice through safari for texting. Its a bit cumbersome to use and you dont know if someone texts you unless you open and refresh google voice. I know there are a few work-arounds which seems to...
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    nested try blocks

    So I have a while loop that where if an exception is thrown, I dont want to go to the main catch block, but stay within the while loop. Looks like this work but something doesnt feel like, as if this is bad practice or something. Is there a better way to do this? try { while(...) {...
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    resolve ip address into a host name

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to automate resolving ip external addresses into their host name, something like: => The ip addresses are stored in a sql server 2008 database. I guess I can make some script that can call nslookup or something on the address and update...
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    can a disfunctioning usb device screw other stuff up?

    so I buy this $1 usb hub, didnt expect much out of it but it was cheap enough to give a try i thought it simply not working (and it didnt) was the worse that could happen but maybe there's worse? after i tried it, my mouse on another usb port stopped working, plugging it back in fixed that...
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    peak hours lag on first hop from router

    just trying to get my info in order before my planned assault on ATT DSL, my guess is they have too many users on this node. Also my bandwidth takes a huge crap on peak hours. peak hours: Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 1 ms <1 ms...