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    Windows 7 Upgrade Now Available $49.99 / $99.99 6/26/09-7/11/09

    Ah, my mistake. I haven't done a clean install to a reformatted drive since XP. All my Vista installs have just been clean over an existing XP or Vista install. Let's hope the SD FAQ is legit and they'll just let you put in a CD from a full version :D
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    Windows 7 Upgrade Now Available $49.99 / $99.99 6/26/09-7/11/09

    I could be mistaken, but wouldn't it just restart your system and boot into the OS installation like normal? I think from there, you can go about doing a clean install (formatting/partitioning/etc), and the initial OS boot is just a formality. I haven't done a clean install to a formatted drive...
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    Hospital Prepares to Tweet First Transplant Surgery

    Children's Medical Center and UT Southwestern are hardly small hospitals :p
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    Hospital Prepares to Tweet First Transplant Surgery

    The article quotes the mother as saying she went and researched Twitter before joining, so you can probably infer that she gave her consent. A guess, sure, but hardly "asinine." "'I couldn't be with both my boys during surgery so it will help me feel connected to Chris' surgery, which will...
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    Shure SE115 Headphones $71.33 + free shipping

    The Shure SE115 headphones are $71.33 with free shipping on Amazon. They're also $72.77 with free shipping on
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    Ten Technologies About to Go Extinct

    I disagree with #s 1, 3, and 5. They won't become extinct, but they'll become more niche. Landlines are still useful in areas with poor cell reception, and it's useful to have a phone that will still work during an extended power outage or that goes directly to a 911 dispatcher with your...
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    Band Of Brothers Blue-Ray $35 @ Amazon

    I picked it up on Amazon a few weeks ago for $37, and it was worth every penny. It's an absolute steal at $35, and nobody who has a blu-ray player should skip this one.
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    Band of Brothers on blu-ray, $37.49 @ Best Buy,

    Best Buy will do a straight price match if you haven't bought it yet and a price match plus 10% of the difference if you bought it within the past 30 days.
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    Band of Brothers on blu-ray, $37.49 @ Best Buy,

    Spotted it in today's ad. EDIT: Same price on too. Makes for a nice Christmas gift to myself :D Links:
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    Planet Earth DVD Set for $24.99 or BluRay for $34.99

    I'm guessing it's not the BBC version since it's being sold on the Discovery website.
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    In for 1. Thanks Galaxy!
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    1 TB Western Digital External HD, USB 2.0/eSATA/Firewire - $119.99 Fry's B&M Bottom right corner.
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    1 TB Western Digital External HD, USB 2.0/eSATA/Firewire - $119.99 Fry's B&M

    It was on the back of today's sports page in the LA Times. There's no picture, but it's right below the My Book Essential Edition, on the lower right side of the ad.
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    1 TB Western Digital External HD, USB 2.0/eSATA/Firewire - $119.99 Fry's B&M

    Western Digital My Book Home Edition, SKU #5532940. I checked their online price, which showed up as $199.99, so I'm assuming this is in-store only. Best Buy has the same drive for $229.99, so if you can get them to do the price-match plus 10%, you can it for $108.99...
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    Guns N' Roses: Appetite For Destruction $2.99 MP3 Album

    Didn't you hear? Chinese Democracy is going to be official the soundtrack for Duke Nukem Forever =P Awesome price for an awesome album.
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    For those of you who bought an HD-DVD player from Best Buy - $50 gift card free

    It's a nice gesture on Best Buy's part, seeing as how you get to keep your player, but it's not completely hands-off. Check out the fine print: [/b] The majority of people are probably going to have to call Best Buy to get their cards.
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    Rainbow Six Vegas 2, $39.99 DFW Fry's on Thursday!!

    Try getting them price matched at another store. The last time Fry's had Assassin's Creed and Mario Galaxy for $39.99, I just got them price matched at Best Buy. I had both games on the Tuesday they came out, even though the Fry's ad said "available by Thursday." Of course, ymmv.
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    Rainbow Six Vegas 2, $39.99 DFW Fry's on Thursday!!

    It's also in the Fry's ad on the back of the sports page of Sunday's LA Times.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    I'm in for one =D
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    Warm? Panasonic 42" 1080p Plasma and Blu-Ray Player for $1299 at Fry's

    I missed this in Friday's ad because of the way Fry's advertises ($1799 before savings), but they have the Panasonic TH-42PZ77U and a free Panasonic Blu-Ray player for $1299. Sales tax kind of hurts the deal, but if you're in the market for a new TV, Panasonic plasmas are hard to beat. The...
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    Did Microsoft redesign the power supply for the 360?

    I sent my 360 in for repair after it red ringed on me, and when it came back, there was a new power supply in the box. It looks the same as the old one, except that it has 2 pronged connectors without a ground (both where the cable connects to the unit and where it connects to the wall), instead...
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    Iphone (with Old ATT Plan) /misc questions.

    is your SIM card blue with "AT&T wireless" on it? if it is, you'll have to upgrade to a new plan to use the iPhone. either that, or you'll have to unlock it. the unlock is hardware only at the moment, but is promising to release their software unlock on monday.
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    Problems syncing iPhone in Vista

    i think i might have figured out a way around the problem, although i still don't know what causes it. the way i've always managed my music was to create .m3u playlists in my main music player, then import those playlists into iTunes. then i would sync my iPods (3G regular and 2G nano) to...
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    Problems syncing iPhone in Vista

    i haven't been able to sync my music to my iPhone, and it's driving me nuts. i've completely disabled DEP, but when i try to sync my playlist, the iPhone and iTunes will say that they're syncing, then it craps out with an error saying that it cannot copy to the disk because it could not be read...
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    iPhone activation with another AT&T SIM

    i just saw that. haha, too bad i returned my iPhone yesterday. i'm gonna drop by the apple store later today and see if i can buy it back =P
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    iPhone activation with another AT&T SIM

    AT&T has honored our plan, but i don't know whether or not they will in the future. apart from the iPhone, there's no compelling reason to switch until we absolutely have to. as for the $1000/yr, that number might've been a little high. right now we're paying ~100/month for our plan, and an...
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    iPhone activation with another AT&T SIM

    yeah, so far AT&T has honored our plan, but they've been after us legacy blue customers for years, trying to get us to switch, but we just haven't found a good enough reason (the money we've saved is way more than the cost of new phones every 2 years). i wouldn't say that technology is passing...
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    iPhone activation with another AT&T SIM

    yup. i wouldn't call it a master plan, but right now we have a family plan that has ~2000 minutes and 4 lines for about $100, we only pay for outgoing text messages (paying for incoming adds up when you're texting family members on the plan), and our nights and weekends start at 7PM, not...
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    iPhone activation with another AT&T SIM

    so i'm an AT&T customer, but i can't use the iPhone on my current plan because i'm a legacy blue (pre-cingular) customer. what i'm thinking about doing is activating an iPhone with DVD jon's method while i wait for a true SIM unlock. i know that if you activate an iPhone and then replace the...
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    Free Vista Business / Office 2k7 pro (part deux)

    i just got my copy of vista today. gonna put it on my new thinkpad when it arrives =D
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    Westinghouse LVM37w3 1099.99 Free Ship

    that's a pretty good deal for the westinghouse. i got mine for 1040 plus tax at sam's last year. they make sweet monitors, but depending on how close you're sitting, you'll notice the dot pitch a little more since they're really meant to be used as TVs. usually the first thing people say...
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    Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive for $99 YMMV!!!

    if you haven't had any luck and have an attractive friend or sister, call in a favor and have them give it a shot. i went to 2 best buys and 2 circuit city stores, including one that a joystiq reader said gave the price match, but i didn't have any luck. i asked my sister to give it a shot...
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    XP Pro not keeping file associations

    try reinstalling quicktime, then adjusting the quicktime options so that it doesn't automatically restore file associations.
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    Heading to college on 17th, 360 worth it?

    QFT. i'd also look at the setup of your dorms. if your living room isn't closed off suite style, you might wanna pass on the 360. people get all sorts of shit stolen in college. also, you have to make sure that you won't mind everybody and their mothers asking to play your system. my...
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    Star wars x-wing/tie fighter/x-wing alliance

    shame, those were some of the best stars wars games, period. i'd suggest looking for a cheap non-USB joystick. i played tie fighter a few months ago with my old ass 2 button CH flight stick, plugged into the gameport expansion of my audigy 2 ZS.
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    microphone, speakers echoing my voice.

    mute the mic in the windows volume control. the high-pitched noise is feedback that you're getting when your mic gets too close to your speakers. muting it should solve both of your problems.
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    Which would I prefer? Ds Lite, or Psp?

    the battery on the DS lite completely destroys the PSP battery life, mostly because there are no moving parts, and the LCDs are lower resolution. if you're a fan of nintendo games, the DS lite is a much better purchase. i don't really see enough good games out for the PSP yet, but the DS is...