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    Win 8.1/8.1 Update automatically adding keyboard

    Hi there, I am having a minor albeit frustrating problem in Win 8.1 Update which also occurred in Win 8.1. My physical keyboard is a Qwerty US ANSI layout. In Windows, I use US International and Japanese IME. However, Windows will keep on randomly adding US Qwerty as an input method...
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    Question for Corsair mouse pad owners

    Hi there! I am on the lookout for a new surface and Corsair will be releasing their MM200 Extended Edition next month in my region. However, from what I can see Corsair's cloth models do not seem to have any anti-fray stitching around their perimeter. Would any of you having owned...
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    Broforce — Contra meets The Expendables

    I discovered this title via Jesse Cox's 'The Greenlight' show on Youtube. It's basically an over the top, ultra violent, 90's action hero spoof, run and gun retro 2D platformer inspired by the likes of Contra, Metal Slug and co. The game will feature online and local 'bro-op' and many characters...
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    x86 vs. x86_64 Windows — please educate me.

    I have always been told there is no or very little reason to remain on a x86 operating system at this point in time. One of the main reasons other than addressing more RAM is that an x86_64 system offers better security, referring to Data Execution Program, Driver Signing and Kernel Patch...
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    Weird pixel issue

    Hi there, I am currently experiencing a curious phenomenon with a pixel on my monitor and I am wondering if anybody could provide some help/input. There is one pixel on the extreme top left corner on the screen which appears as dead (i.e. white) however it only seems to appear on the...
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    A little help please

    Hello, I am wondering if anybody would be able to provide assistance with a problem I am having. Ever since trying out the Nvidia 306.02 beta drivers I am encountering crashes and lockups when playing games. While I cannot say the drivers are responsible for the issues, their occurrence does...
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    Gotham City Impostors F2P

    Gotham City Impostors is now Free-to-Play on Steam. The most interesting detail in this change of business model is Monolith/Warner Bros have removed the Games for Windows Live component in favor of Steamworks. However, the question remains in regards to those having purchased content in the...
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    Valve to annouce HL3?

    This is the PDF presentation list for Gamescon 2012 — scroll down to Valve and see for yourself. Unless Valve will have a stand displaying a big flashing sign written "There is no Half-Life 3".
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    MSE detecting Malwarebytes as Trojan

    Today while I was on my gaming rig, Microsoft Security Essentials popped up warning me about a Rogue Win32/Winwebsec. I immediately removed it and restarted the computer in safe mode. I ran a full scan with Malwarebytes which did not find anything then a full scan with MSE, once again indicating...
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    Fed up with Steam DirectX redistributables taking unnecessary space?

    Many people have complained about Steam installing the DirectX redistributables every time we install a game. We know these files take up unnecessary space on our drives and there is not much we can do about Steam installing the whole package each time. However, what we can do is find the...
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    Max Payne 3 -- When Rockstar 'pushes the envelope'

    Yesterday Rockstar made public the system specifications for Max Payne 3. Let's have a look. Minimum specs: - Intel Dual Core 2.4GHz or AMD Dual Core 2.6GHz - 2GB RAM - GeForce 8600 GT 512MB or Radeon HD 3400 512 MB - 35GB HDD space 35GB of disk space?! That's crazy. Well the rest seems...
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    33% Off Alan Wake

    Hi there, Alan Wake is on sale this weekend over at Gamersgate. The standard edition is €18.73 / $20.07 / £15.38. The Collectors Edition is €21.43 / $23.44 / £18.08. Over and out!
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    Metro: Last Light Delayed

    The sequel to Metro 2033 is pushed back to 2013 because of THQ's financial situation: You can read more about THQ's situation and plans for the future here.
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    Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

    Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine is a to-be-released top down heist game described as 'Co-op Action Stealth – Pacman meets Hitman'. The title looks promising. The official website Gameplay video
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    Deus Ex 3 and Super Meat Boy 75% off

    As the title says: Deus Ex Human Revolution at Green Man Gaming for £7.49/€12.49/$12.49 Super Meat Boy at GamersGate for £2.48/€3.48/$3.73 Both games register on Steam. Over and out!
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    Gabe Newell Dota 2 Hero

    I stumbled upon this earlier on and found it to be quite funny and cool. I thought I would share. Source.
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    EA bans ongoing + can ban non-Origin EA games

    Full article at RPS. The new alarming thing here is if you follow the link to Aaron's (one of the concerned) posts on The Escapist, you can see that he can't play Bad Company 2... A game that he doesn't even have on Origin, but Steam. It seems that EA has the possibility to ban via the EA...
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    'GFWL Legacy' -- did any of you know this?

    On another forum, members and I were discussing about layered DRM (e.g. Steam + SecuROM + GFWL) on games -- this naturally lead us to talk about activation limits. After some research we found the following: In other words, games that use the GFWL Legacy allow you to install the game...
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    Steam hacking went beyond the forums

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    Rumour: Doom 4 postponed... Indefinately

    From Rock, Paper Shotgun:
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    Project Zomboid burgled

    After the other problems they had they now get this: Original post here. Things aren't going well on Twitter either:
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    THQ Week on Steam.

    Running from October 10th to 17th THQ games are going on sale. There will be a daily deal + the THQ catalog (not including Saints Row the Third and Space Marine) at a 30% discount during the sale. Monday's deal: Metro 2033 - €2.50/$5 Tuesday's deal: Titan Quest Gold Edition -...
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    Here we go again... GMG pulls EA games.

    From Edge: I hope this isn't a sign for things to come... Edit: Good news -- as reported by limitedaccess (thanks!) it turns out it was an issue with GMG's provider, Ztorm and not EA themselves. Source.
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    Portal 2 - 50% off on Steam

    Just a heads up -- this week's Midweek Madness is half off Portal 2 + DLC. Mandatory link.
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    3 million DIRT 3 Steam activation codes out in the wild.

    You can read the whole story at RPS. What's up with the industry this week? The wrong version of Dead Island is uploaded on Steam, Ubisoft forget to include the UPlay code for online play with Driver San Francisco (although that's the less surprising one) and AMD seem to have leaked out 3...
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    Batman: Arkham City won't have Gawful?

    It seems that Batman: Arkham City will not integrate GWFL after all. Source. (ROFL at all the GIFS and pics in there!) UPDATE: VG27/7, PC Gamer and RPS have reported that this information is false and the game will indeed use GFWL.
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    Gabe Newell on Valve-EA ordeal

    This seems to be the first public statement from Valve regarding the ongoing ordeal between Valve and Electronic Arts. There isn't much said, but it is all we have for the moment. Full Interview here.
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    Latest Metro: Last Light gameplay footage

    I already knew the game would look nice from the previous footage, but there is some gorgeous lighting and cloth physics going on in this video (I'm pretty confident in thinking my computer will weep when this comes out). I just hope they address the issues of 2033. Metro: Last Light E3...
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    Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

    For those who don't have it yet, The First Encounter is on sale at Get Games (Eurogamer's store) for $3.74/€3.24. Registers on Steam.
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    Bioshock texture issues/game crashing.

    Hi there! I was offered Bioshock during this week's 2K sales on Steam. At first the game would not launch but I managed to sort that out (enabling Realtek Stereo Mix in the control panel). Now the game runs but I experience the following: Texture issues - I get weird black triangles...
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    GTX 570 + H55n [Nvidia compatibility issue]

    New member here. Before proceeding to my inquiry I'd just like to say hello to the people of [H]! Some of you must be aware of the compatibility issues going on with Nvidia's Fermi cards. The thing is, I am awaiting a Gigabyte GTX 570 ordered last week that will be going in the system I am...