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    Google Is Considered A ‘School Official?’

    And yet, another reason to homeschool
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    Cord-Cutters Are Not All Young Hipsters

    I've been a cord-cutter just over a year now, and love it. OTA is awesome, even though I only get 40 channels, but that's where the internet kicks in. cut the cord = get more choices. Weird.
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    $2,700 Computer Case From China

    Now that the pics are out there. How long will it be before somebody builds one, themselves, and make it look better? Probably not long. (wish I had the skills)
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    Android Car Audio help

    I use a Sony DSX-S310BTX. Not sure of the price since I won it in a raffle at a car audio shop. Pairs up with my phone, which is android 4.2, real nice. The headunit also has a tray in it for things liek ipods, ipads, and such, but I have a 16gig usb drive in it. Love the headunit. I can...
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    Google Fiber Is Coming to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham

    One day, in the near future, I might be able to have Google Fiber in my city. I know it will eventually happen, but it's not happening fast enough. Google, or somebody, needs to put At&T, comcrap, and others, in their rightful place.
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    New Microsoft Windows 10 Preview

    I decided to give the new build a try. My system was on windows 7 ultimate before I tried this. I went to the tech preview website and downloaded a file that was something like 10k (give or take a little). When I ran this file the windows update thing loaded. From there everythign was done...
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    Comcast Is Investigating a Customer Service Call From Hell

    I just went through almost the same type of call a couple weeks ago. I decided to cut the cable tv and phone service, but keep the internet (until I can find a faster service in my area). They kept giving me the run around and tried real hard to not give me what I wanted. They kept adding...
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    Why the New Website Is Going to Work This Time

    Have not signed up for it. Will not sign up for it. It's still going to be a sham. The whole idea, from the start, was a sham. It will never work the way they want it to and will be a perfect place for thieves to get info. Nope, won't do it.
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    New York Looking to Regulate 3D Printed Firearms

    I own a few guns and do not "plan" to use them to kill anybody, unless they 1) break into my personal property, 2) attempt harm to me or my loved ones, 3) attempt harm to others in public places.
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    Ubuntu 13.10 May Ditch Firefox for Chromium

    I don't understand the Chrome Hype either. I tried it.. It sucked. Went back to FF. Is Ubuntu going to turn into GoogleOS?
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    Google+ Games Going Away On June 30

    It's been such a long time that I've been to Google+, I didn't even now it had games. And yea, FB would be 10% better without the games.
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    Microsoft Pulls Security Update

    A flaw in a patch from Microsoft? Say it ain't so. And they are breaking their track record. Usually they put out a patch, then a week or two later put out another patch to patch the first patch, and so on.
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    Google Fiber Coming to Austin?

    Wish they'd hurry and get to Jax, FL.
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    Just How Much Do People Hate Windows 8?

    I can't say I hate it as it allows me to do everything I want or need to do without too many problems. I dislike the UI and think they could have done a better job with it.
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    The Federal Reserve Hacked

    Hack the Federal Reserve. It doesn't belong to the United States anyways. It's only a privately owned company. Shut it down.
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    Microsoft Patenting Phone That Goes Silent In Movies

    People still go to the movies? What a shame
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    Lenovo Creates A Table PC

    Awesome CarPC????? In a couple years we'll see hood rat drug dealers riding around in $500 cars with these as their A/V systems.
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    China Getting Remote Control Cars

    Dang, mzs_biteme mentioned it right before I did. Oh well.
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    China Getting Remote Control Cars

    And the car also comes with a built in oil (or other substance) leak.
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    Linux Mint 13 KDE Released

    I wonder if networking will work for me now. Last version, both network and sound wouldn't work. gotta give it a try though. I really need to get away from mickeymouse windows.
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    Best and Worst Cities For Tech Jobs

    They must not have looked at Jacksonville, Florida. It is one of the worst places for Tech Jobs (or any job, for that matter). Unemployment lines around the buildings and down the street.
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    Comcast Protests “Shake Down” of Alleged Pirates

    1) It costs Comcast money to do it 2) Shouldn't be the job of any ISP 3) Comcast don't give a crap as long as we pay the bills owed However, they keep up with that attitude, we may see Comcast fade away, quickly.
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    Microsoft: 500M Will Run Windows 8 In 2013

    I will "test" Windows 8 to see if I like it. I feel it's going to be another ME, which M$ shot themselves in the foot with. Right now I have no intentions of upgrading from 7, unless Linux does something spectacular. (I know, I know, apple/oranges)
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    The $49 Android PC

    I could think of a couple uses. Libraries, for those that can't afford "normal" computers. Doctor office waiting rooms for those that would like to surf the internet while waiting to see Dr. Auto repair shop waiting rooms. Same reason as doctor offices. Hell as long as you have the...
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    Kid Pees On $36,000 Worth of MacBooks

    I never thought a little pee on an apple would cost so much.
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    Mom Uses Facebook To Discipline Daughter

    Facebook, takes place of a good ole spanking. Go figure. Wonder when home wrecking service will get involved and say Facebook punishment is unjust discipline?
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    Cable Bills Could Reach $200 A Month By 2020

    Must be Florida. Comcast took over, here in Jax, after Mediaone got ran out of the city. Hopefully something else will come along and run comcrap out of this city as well.
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    Senator: Employers Shouldn't Seek Site Passwords

    I am, kind of, expecting the company I work for to start this. So far they have required us to give them our personal cell phone numbers. They made it mandatory all the employees have an e-mail account. Now they want us to attend 6 community events a year (I work as a maintenance tech for an...
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    Walmart To Let Cash-Only Customers Shop Online

    I actually think this is a stupid idea. Walmart has prepaid visa/mastercard debit cards they sell in the stores. You buy one for $9.95 (or whatever the price is), load it, and go shopping online. I currently use a walmart debit card for everything. Even have my paychecks direct deposited on it...
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    Windows 8 Set For 4th Quarter?

    I will wait a bit before deploying 8. I'm on 7 ultimate now and have no problems at all. Besides, if they do release 8 too soon it could end up pretty much like ME or Vista. I don't want that.
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    Employers Asking for Facebook Passwords On Applications?

    I have 2 facebook accounts, just for this reason. Even though it hasn't happened, yet, I am ready. There are no friends added, no conversations, just FB game stuff. They won't get the login/password to either of the accounts though, if they ask. The company I work for did ask for my email...
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    First Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System

    2 minutes 17 seconds. Everyone in the world will be able to see aprox. 6 months into the future (their future)
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    Firefox 6 Is Now Officially Out

    I've been running FF6 since it came out. The only thing I see, which is great, is the speed. It is much faster than 5. Doesn't take any time to load and gets to the sites faster, for some reason. I did have a problem with Java. Had to install 7 to get it to run right. All the other...
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    Anonymous Takes Aim at Google+

    This may get interesting. Wannabe hackers going against Google, which, in effect, are hackers. Hmmm.. I'll place my bet on Google coming out smelling like roses and possibly some people ending up not being heard from again (preferably)
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    Apple Files Second Trade Complaint Against HTC

    Maybe we should invest in HTC stock. It should go up a quite a bit if Apple get their a$$es handed to them. I would never own an Ianything. Can't stand apples either. lol
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    Comcast To Shorten Cable Repair Time Windows

    They cut back here a little bit. Went from 5 hour window down to 3. I got a tech coming tomorrow due to the crappy service I've been getting, slow internet, on demand not working, channels wigging out. You know, the normal comcrap stuff. We'll see if this tech can fix it, supposedly it's a...
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    Beware of Skype Voice Spam

    I've got a couple of those last week. Set the privacy to only people in my contact list, problem fixed... for now. The last one I got was from "Online Notification (dramonlinenotice1)". there was one a couple days before that, but either my history doesn't go back that far, or it somehow erased...
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    Cleaning Up Japan's Radioactive Mess with Blue Goo

    If this stuff works, can we buy it and dump it on all Government facilities (white house included) to get rid of the contaminates that are ruining our country? Seriously though, I hope the stuff works like they expect it to.
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    LAPD's New High-Tech Police Cruiser

    So now the cops have a car that will make them more efficient at eating donuts. Hmmm.
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    Sony Has Been Hacked Again (Twice)

    Sony who? Oh, that company. The one that shut down a month or two ago due to getting hacked and can't get anything right since. O.k. I had to refresh my memory. All Sony brand products in my house have either been sold or in the process of being sold. PS3 was the first that went.