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    Dell U2515H

    If you're talking about a pencil-sharp dot in each corner, that's probably something to do with the anti-glare coating. I'm talking about a white spot, but at the bottom on the panel itself. Barely noticeable. Will definitely be RMAing, last thing I want is to buy a second unit that whines as...
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    Dell U2515H

    Hi all, I received my U2515H yesterday, and truth be told have no major gripes with its performance. Only issue is a slightly white dot at the bottom due to the backlight diffuser, however that's not enough of an issue itself to send it back. However, my unit does have a quiet, but definitely...
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    Selling my iMac and purchasing this case purely for the purpose of building a ... Honestly, it's to the point now that if you're patient and are willing to wait a couple of days for reports on updates to trickle through, it's a viable choice.
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    Wow. Looks even better than expected. Definitely need to look into a short cable kit. How much space is there behind the graphics card and the power supply?
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    I see what dondan means about tall graphics cards and having a clip in that position now. The screws at the bottom, while not the "nicest" solution, definitely is the best keeping the dimensions the same. This case will certainly be even smaller than it appears in pictures. If your scaling is...
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    Definitely agree. The bottom separated band on the first one just doesn't look right at all. Will we see any test figures released for temperatures of graphics cards with non-reference coolers? With the separated sections we of course don't expect other temperatures to be affected however it...
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    The silver is stunning. Guaranteed buyer here. Personally prefer the matching side panel version, but that's just me. Really interested to see some numbers!
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    Ah, I was looking at the pictures previously posted completely incorrectly, thank you for the clarification. Honestly, I still think that having horizontal push-pins along with the extra 1.4mm length is the neatest solution. None of this pushing the side panels up and adjusting their fitment...
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    I've been following this project for a couple of weeks, looks utterly stunning and will absolutely be jumping at the chance to buy one. In relation to the above two posts, from what I'm following it appears that the reason for adding screws to the bottom was to ensure a more flush fit of the...
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    Taking the plunge, hard.

    Was the box damaged? If not, could have been damaged in manufacturing. Unfortunate but it happens. Just thought I'd provide a suggestion, Moom is the best app that I've found for window management in OS X. HyperDock also offers some basic Windows management features in addition to the dock...
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    Anybody Returning their iPhone 5?

    While the scuff problems are really taking the piss (I'm on the sixth device now I think, five and six are with me at the moment, six is a brand new retail boxed replacement, number five only has one mark but has a very loud vibrate motor and dust under the glass), I'm definitely keeping the...
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    Worth It to move from high end PC to iMac?

    If all you're going to do is browse, why the need for so much power? A MacBook Air (if you want something portable) or a base Mac mini would be a better choice, along with your current monitor. Would be cheaper with no true disadvantages (provided you really aren't going to play games at all).
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    Retina display - worth it?

    Very vague question, that entirely depends on the needs of the user. The majority will be absolutely fine with the Air, and it'll likely stay as the most popular model. This said, if I were buying now, I'd probably pay the extra to get the "retina" model.
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    Looking for some ideas

    Forget it to be honest. For storage it would use too much power, and for anything else it would be too slow.
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    Why doens't Apple make a ruggedized iPhone?

    Rugged phone - designed to be tough and take a beating. Rugged case over phone - designed to protect the phone and take a beating instead of the phone. Nobody wants their phone to be scratched or damaged.
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    Second Mac questions

    Your best bet is to use Migration Assistant to do this, the end result will be akin to swapping drives, with none of the drawbacks.
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    Alternatives for iCloud for contacts storage

    In your case, I'd just stick with Google, honestly. The only reason that one might claim that they "must" use iCloud is to take advantage of the custom labels for Siri, that's it.
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    Is it possible that I can use a software purchased once only for two apple product

    He's talking about the iPhone and iPad, not full computers :) To the OP, yes, you can install apps on as many iOS devices as you want, and use them however you'd like to.
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    Any opinions on the ipod classic and ipod touch?

    I'd classify the iTouch sound quality, from the perspective of mobile devices, as "good". The classic, in comparison, I would describe as poor. In short, the former sounds pretty balanced, with okay bass response and a more open sound. The classic sounds constrained, separation is poor, bass...
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    2011 27" iMac

    You can run up to three monitors including the internal, no matter the way they are connected. It's because the iMac 27 has two Thunderbolt ports but only one controller (in essence not giving it any advantage over the lower end models with regards to performance).
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    Video formats and power questions

    Hi guys, I'm looking at either building a PC (unlikely) or buying a base 2011 Mac mini (preferred) for use as a file server and basic music server for my hi-fi. While any old system would be good enough for these purposes, the chances are that its uses will be expanded in the future to include...
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    MacBook Pro battery cycle rate

    It's "supposed" to be 80% after 1000 charge cycles; it's presumed that this is what the battery health percentage means. To be honest though, I'd ignore it. Concentrate on battery life instead; after all, isn't that what the battery is for? :)
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    New Ipad (3) - will screen protector reduce image quality

    Any scratches that you get with the iPad will likely be on the oleophobic coating rather than the glass. Screen protectors are a matter of personal choice beyond protecting the coating. I use them on my iPhone because they feel similar and don't hamper the usability of the phone at all.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    True...but 99% of users don't run virtual machines...;) I really was referring the average home user, that said. I wasn't saying that SSDs don't have a place, merely that their speed isn't currently a huge advantage for most. I also retract my statement about weight, the SSD and hard drive...
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    Advice on purchase: iMac vs Pro vs Air

    No it isn't better. It is a higher resolution display, but that doesn't make it better. Colour gamut on the MBA is far, far worse than that of the MBP, and the difference is, for some, huge. This made me go for the MBP. The MBA display was just too washed out for my eyes, and I really, really...
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    Why do you hate Apple? (intelligent discussion)

    Just as an opposing perspective, I have seen more people who are high-horse and anti-Mac than the other way round, all of which cannot prove that their Windows systems are "superior", as such. I personally keep it prefer what you prefer, and you buy what you can afford. The Mac...
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    Any reason why Apple would call their next phone iPhone 5 instead of iPhone 6?

    No way. The iMac, like all Macs, is a product that is more dependent on the software changes than the hardware. Yes, the iMac comes out with different display sizes, different physical designs, but the biggest changes in user experience still depend on the software more than the hardware. We...
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    Any reason why Apple would call their next phone iPhone 5 instead of iPhone 6?

    Apple look at it more like this: iPhone (1st gen) iPhone 3G (1st gen, V2) iPhone 3GS (2nd gen) iPhone 4 (3rd gen) iPhone 4S (4th gen) Reason being, the "2G" and the 3G were pretty much the same phone internally, same hardware inside, aside from the 3G capability of the latter...
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    Last thing I will say on the matter, there is a difference between what the consumer needs, and what technology progress will bring us. My perspective was simple; Safari, Word, and Mail all open virtually immediately, and an SSD won't make much difference at all. Not saying you're wrong...
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    I think it's pretty safe to say that the only true advantages that SSDs have for 99% of users right now are battery life and weight. Thanks! It's a bit messy right now to be honest, Apple boxes everywhere! I personally think it pales in comparison to most of the other setups here...! EDIT...
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

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    Post Your Mac Setup!

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    Google talk app that doesn't suck?

    Note that if you only need Google Talk and no other protocols, that you can get Beejive for Gtalk that only provides Google Talk alone. Only minor gripe is that it doesn't support Chat State Notifications, so it won't tell you when the other person is typing. EDIT: Had a look at other...
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    Google talk app that doesn't suck?

    I've genuinely tried them all, and the overall best in my experience, if you only need text chat and want a free app, is Meebo. The connection is stable, push always works, and the interface is clean (though the colours are quite pale). The rest all have problems in one way or another, though I...
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

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    Post Your Mac Setup!

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    New to Apple, just got iTouch 32GB

    Nimbuzz is the most popular IM client around now, and it is easy to see why to be honest. It has a clean interface, it is fast and light, and it just works! There does seem to be a bug where messages you send don't appear until you click out and click back in of the current chat, but apart from...
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    Did the i5 iMacs ever ship with Snow Leopard?

    Lion works absolutely fine. They did ship with Lion, but if it was purchased from the Apple Store in mid-late August I'd be very surprised it shipped with SL! Early August...depends where, but it is possible. Unless this is an absolutely cracking deal, I would look at buying elsewhere...
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    Any opinions on the wifi time capsule unit?

    I'd say that it is a clean solution that...can easily be beaten. Honestly, your best bet is to buy a cheap NAS box that is compatible with Time Machine and just plugging that into an Airport Extreme, if you want external storage, or a USB drive to an Airport Extreme. I see no reason why anybody...
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    MBP refresh worth the hassle?

    Worth a try. If you get a system that is better for no more cash, why not? The extra space can't be a bad thing! And PITA for the employee? Not really, and it's their job to provide a service to the customer.