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    Remastering an Anime Classic – AKIRA and Blu-Ray

    I hated the new voice-overs when they remastered it for DVD. The original english script was already really good. Doubt I'll be buying this again in Blu-ray.
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    HDMI Cable for my HTPC build....

    "Deep Color" (48-bit color) is part of the HDMI 1.3 standard and the 10.2GBps link should be capable of 1080p @ 120Hz, though nothing broadcasts at this rate today. If you purchase a 1.3 compliant cable, any 1.3 compliant cable, you should be good to go. Don't worry about any extra things...
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    BlackBerry 8900 - Curve replacement

    I got to play with this phone a few weeks back. What an amazing device - perfect size, full keyboard, amazing screen (actually better resolution than the BOLD in a smaller screen). The lack of 3G really makes me a sad panda, since I do use the BOLD to tether from time-to-time and the...
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    Hands On: Got my Blackberry Bold (9000)

    Provided your GPS isn't locked out by the provider, I find that it's faster to lock on the satellites via the GPS menu in Setup as opposed to using BB Maps. I would avoid BB Maps entirely and use Google Maps. The only problem with Google Maps is it can't manipulate the GPS hardware at all (you...
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    Apple Sues School For Using An Apple Logo

    Don't mistaken charity for strategic positioning. I would be willing to place money on the fact that MS gives away their products to schools (and offer deep discounts to students) in the hopes that as the graduates enter the work force and enter decision making roles, they select their product...
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    Blackberry Thunder/Touchscreen

    Yeah I hear ya Mr. W. No 3G on the Javelin is a deal breaker for me. No 3G on the new Pearl 8220 either. I wonder what RIM is thinking?
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    What phone do you have?

    I have no special connections or anything, it's been out in Canada for several weeks. Quite possibly the only thing we get in Canada before the US does... Overall I'm very happy with the phone. Here's a list of pros and cons from my perspective: Pros: - The screen. Wow. With the...
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    What phone do you have?

    Ouch. I get the hint. I'll post pics when I get home tonight. LoL. Edit: Pics as promised!!! Bold w/ Reflex 2.0 Today Plus Theme: Browsing [H]: Left side: Right Side: Faux Leather Back:
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    What phone do you have?

    Just recently upgraded to the Blackberry Bold (9000).
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    Nero 8 Ultra questions... who's using this? Are you happy?

    I have Nero 8 Ultra on Vista 64. It works I guess. Never tried Lightscribe even though my drives support it. Actually, only reason I bought it was because none of my burning software from XP worked on Vista64. But I primarily only use it for data backup.
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    Using driving games to learn manual transmission?

    Hand brake is used to specifically classify the emergency/park brakes that are hand pulled. I think emergency step brakes are only found in trucks and vans. Unfortunately the step brake can't be used in the same way a hand brake can to prevent rolling during start up on a hill. Not that it...
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    Using driving games to learn manual transmission?

    There was a time in North America when manual was mandatory for getting your operator's license. They should've never changed it, since you're right, if you can drive manual, you can drive auto, but not vice-versa. You can always use the hand brake trick on a hill. Riding your friction point...
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    Is a Tablet PC a good solution for art and painting?

    Make sure you pick up a convertible tablet. Outside of drawing, you would really miss the keyboard.
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    Question for European members about GPS units

    If you have a GPS-enabled smartphone and a half-decent data plan you can use something like Mapquest Navigator. It's a server-based navigation system. You won't need to worry about downloading and keeping maps up-to-date as they are pulled from the server real time. The down-side is that it...
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    Diablo: Hellfire

    Blizzard gave the rights to a 3rd party to make the expansion.
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    Official: Diablo 3 is Coming!

    My biggest grip with D1 was the shameless reuse of sprites. Coloring a Succubus red, purple, black, white, yellow and etc doesn't a different monster make! "Oh look! Weak little succubi! Let's teleport in and clear the room with my uber chain lightning... No wait! These are the yellow and blue...
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    Crysis Warhead First Look

    Yeah, no kidding. I'm surprised they don't market this as the "performance edition". Ironically, hardware companies have been doing this for ages. Putting artificial locks on things like processors and flash devices to prevent them from operating faster and marketting them as the "entry...
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    Crysis Warhead First Look

    It's pretty hard to calculate how much is lost due to piracy even if you know exactly how many copies were pirated. Just because someone pirates a copy doesn't mean they would have purchased a copy if they couldn't get a freeby version.
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    Official: Diablo 3 is Coming!

    No, that's for the new Protoss class they are introducing in D3.
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    question about controllers

    Yeah it's supported as a 3-axis 14 button controller. I don't remember having to download drivers for it.
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    Geforce GTX 280 Pics

    Wow, a 6+8 pin plug? Will that mean we're looking at recommending a 1600W PSU for tri-SLI?
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    Best gamepad for PC?

    It supports up to the same number of peripherals as the 360, so 4 wireless game pads and 4 wireless headsets at the same time.
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    Duel monitors while gaming

    You have to run windowed mode if you want to scroll your mouse over without minimizing the game. Even in windowed mode there are some quirks. 1) Sometimes games confine the pointer within the context of the window when the game has focus, so you have to alt-tab anyways. 2) Sometimes games...
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    evga 790i + zalman cpu cooler?

    I have a XFX 790i board and am running the Zalman 9700 fine. I assume that since both the XFX and eVGA are nVidia reference boards, what works on one should also on the other. Sorry no pictures, don't really have convenient access to a digicam.
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    Stardock preparing to complete with Steam via "Impulse"

    I'm a huge fan of Stardock and their anti-DRM stance. It's a shame they don't have many titles because of it. I've purchased many games through Stardock Central.
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    Using HTPC as a normal PC?

    My understanding also was the burn-in for plasma's are the thing of the past. I thought new plasma's have some mechanism that elimates burn in. Too lazy to look it up now though.
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    How is Direct 2 Drive?

    Any particular reason? Just curious because I don't have much experience with them and the experience I do have is pretty good. Especially how they handle pre-loading of pre-orders. In terms of price, both pre-orders were $10 under MSRP, so more or less what you would pay at a major retailer...
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    How is Direct 2 Drive?

    There are definitely no hardware limitations. I have a couple of games I purchased on my old rig and since installed on the current one. As far as install limits, I haven't really bumped into one yet, though I heard it is 5 installs and you need to call or e-mail them to bump it past that...
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    Why do PC Games need to be installed anymore?

    I hear you. I haven't bought a game at a physical store for the last year and a half. Between Direct2Drive, Steam, and other online retailers (EA, EB online, Metaboli, etc), I really don't need to go to a store. I really like the fact that I have a backup stored on a network drive which...
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    Why do PC Games need to be installed anymore?

    Agreed. Modern consoles really have very little differences than modern PCs. They all run general purpose processors and a dedicated GPU, except having components slotted, everything is embedded. Even modern PC's have moved to a more integrated topology, because in reality, when you buy a PC...
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    Sid Meier going to consoles...

    As long as that does not mean the death of the flagship product, I really don't care if they come out with a consolized version to appeal to that demographic. I rather them focus on a separate product line specifically for consoles and another for PC rather than trying to consolize the PC version.
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    Why do PC Games need to be installed anymore?

    I do symphathize with the OP to a certain degree. There is no reason that games today don't have a single "quick install" button on the autoload window that automatically installs things into default directories at default settings, with maybe a single dialog box for entering a product key...
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    Guild Wars has sold more than 5 million copies

    Does that 5 million include all expansions or just the base game?
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    A new enhanced version of "The Withcer" coming in May

    I found the game got significantly better after you get out of the outskirts and act I. It took me a while to get into it as well the first time. It turned out to be one of the best RPG's I played in a long time.
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    Is 2008 shaping up to be a dry year for PC gaming?

    Somehow I don't think Starcraft 2 is going to make it out this year. Given Blizzard's track record and all. Some time 2009 is more likely IMO.
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    Diablo 1 Windowed Mode

    Does D1 run under DOS? I really can't remember. If so, you can run it with dosbox, which is free. Or run it under any virtualization software (Virtual PC or VMWare) with an install of Windows95.
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    Best 30 inch LCD?

    Funny thing is... I used to think the exact same thing with my 2405, I thought it looked fantastic - likewise with the dual Samsung 173P's I ran before that. Then I picked up the 3007WFP. Running the 2405 as my second monitor and having it side-by-side, it looks like complete and utter crud...
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    The Witcher

    Bah, the only purpose manuals serve is to give you something to read when you're installing the game. More emphasis should be placed on in-game tutorials and providing game background in the game itself.
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    Hellgate London out Tomorrow!.

    Can't you just buy the digital download from the EA store?
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    The Witcher

    Yeah unfortunately if you want a digital distribution of the International version :(