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    Beware of Exploding Gigabyte PSU's being Dumped by Newegg in Forced Bundles

    I'm not sure any psu manual I've read says the protection only works once, maybe something the average user is unaware of. probably better if it failed gracefully and blew a fuse on a protection event rather than powering on after some time.
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    Beware of Exploding Gigabyte PSU's being Dumped by Newegg in Forced Bundles

    well im satisfied that they demonstrated that opp doesn't work satisfactorily and shut the psu down before doing damage to itself. seems a design flaw to me, wouldnt accept one of those psu's even if it was free. gigabyte can waffle on as much as they want i dont think many people are buying...
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    Rant about lack of hard disk progress

    must resist urge to buy more 12tb elements drives, oh retailers why do you torment me with sale prices. :woot: wd got me hooked on them cheap helium drives.
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    The Elder Scrolls 6 could be heading into full production as Bethesda begins hiring spree

    lets hope they don't use the same 3 voice actors for the 100's of npc's in the game this time.
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    Gamer's Nexus reviews the RX 5700 XT Waifu edition

    well they must have plenty of people who want to buy it right?
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    Elon Musk’s defamation trial over ‘pedo guy’ tweet kicks off in Los Angeles

    an update on the court case:- I think elon musk will be coughing up some dough soon.
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    Windows 10 1909

    well my single core score in cinebench is considerably higher in 1903 compared to ltsc so they've fixed the thread scheduling before 1909, will upgrade and see if there's any more improvement.
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    Nvidia Creates New Studio To Remaster Classic Games With Raytracing

    to make older games look good wouldnt that mean reworking most of the graphics assests to make them higher res esp the textures?
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    Obsidian Entertainment: The Outer Worlds – Come to Halcyon Trailer

    well so long as its got a good story and great quests like fallount nv, i'll be happy.
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    The Mandalorian- new Disney+ Star Wars series

    the writing could be terible, nothing the trailer can give an indication of.
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    Picard Will Lead "Radically Altered" Life in New Star Trek Series

    seen the trailer doesnt look too bad, might watch.
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    Germany Bans Windows 10 and Office 365 In Schools

    lots of fines for breaking the gdpr rules :-
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    "Ghostbusters" Director Faces Backlash after Promising to "Hand Movie Back to Fans"

    i'll reserve judgement until nearer the release date. btw i think id ban the posters a few posts up for vearing totally off topic if i was a moderator.
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    Foreign Tech: National Emergency, says White House

    well theresa may wont be there long as she's singlehandedly managed to wipe out most of the tory party so i wouldnt get my hopes up if i were huawei.
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    Demand for HDDs decreasing more than previously estimated...

    nothing wrong with large hd's to strore your movies etc on, still need a fast drive for the os.
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    Research Paper Suggests 20M PC Gamers Will Switch To Consoles in 3 yrs. I call BS!

    i switched to the pc a few years ago for gaming, im not switching back. i just upgrade bit by bit when i see something cheap but better than the hardware i already have, if i think i need to upgrade. bonus i can still play most of the old pc games, if you switch consoles your lucky if they...
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    Excellent Accursed Farms video on software ownership rights and need for advocacy

    well even some offline games have online drm so your boned once the servers go away for whatever reason unless your lucky and they releases a patch to disable the drm.
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    Microsoft Blocks Windows 10 May 2019 Update on PCs That Use USB Storage or SD Cards

    well windows could do with more verbose error messages instead of some obscure code, its not like there isnt room for it nowadays, theyre not trying to jam their os into 64kb anymore.
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    Bethesda will not show Starfield or Elder Scrolls VI at E3 this year

    extra dialog tree options $5 to unlock.
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    After Insisting That EU Copyright Directive Didn't Require Filters, France Starts Promoting Filters

    well the uk will sonn be in the euro that will be a condition of revoking article 50, an eu bearaucrat lying about one of his laws im shocked :)
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    So when will the war start?

    well you either get stuff with nsa spyware built in or added after by one of thier teams intercepting your packages or buy some cheaper gear with chineses spyware embedded, pick your posion.
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    EU passes the "link tax"

    its the commision that creates the laws afaik, the mep's just rubber stamp them. still dunno how companies are going to implement this, maybe better for them to do a geo block and ignore the eu altogether.
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    The DHS Issues Medical Advisory for Medtronic Cardiac Devices you can see in the video the blue receiver/transmitter they have to place right over the icd to get a connection with it.
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    The DHS Issues Medical Advisory for Medtronic Cardiac Devices

    i think the carelink programmers only work at very close range, i dont think a defib can be reprogrammed remotely from what i remember. did look into them when the doc thought i had brugada syndrome. im not too worried.
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    Prisoners in England to Be Taught Code

    well if its like any of the training schemes i went on when i was younger it'll be a scam and they wont learn much.
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    Parents Blame Elementary School's Cell Tower after 4th Student Diagnosed with Cancer

    dont worry your braincells dont communicate wirelessly between each other, just ignore those worthless tests on braincells showing otherwise.
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    Vega 64 Black Screen like its turned off? Just started and wondering why

    mine did that too had to use ddu then reinstall, seems to work fine now (vega 56).
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    Whole Foods Cuts Workers' Hours after Amazon Introduces Minimum Wage

    so how long before whole foods is automated?
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    Philadelphia Passes Ban on Cashless Stores; Amazon Go Plans Said to Be in Jeopardy

    well i assume the amazon stores will be cashierless too i.e. no staff in them most of the time.
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    YouTube Adds Feature to Fact-Check Viral Conspiracy Videos and Fake News

    dont worry that weedkiller wont give you cancer - youtube fact checking sponsered by monsato :troll:
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    Philadelphia Passes Ban on Cashless Stores; Amazon Go Plans Said to Be in Jeopardy

    we need to go cashless asap so banks can bleed us dry with transaction fees and negative interest, cash obviously makes it hard for them to do that atm.
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    GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab 7 Is for Sale

    look at the about 8.10 mark theres a nice view of a wafer and what happens to them. its a nice video on how theyre manufactured.
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    GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab 7 Is for Sale

    oh dear just looked in my pocket and found 50p and a sticky toffee. think im a billion or so short. think i read there was a shortage of fabs, but is it economic to run and up to date.
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    UK Will Require Age Verification for Porn Sites in April

    of course not a surgeon linked to royalty isnt going to get nicked. you do sound like a religous zealot with that attitude. good old tory government becoming more authoritarian by the minute, not as though labour would be any less.
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    The Biggest Problem with Triple-A, Open-World Games: "They're Boring as Hell"

    i like exploring in open world games esp in theres lots of easter eggs/lore and nice quests to keep me interested.
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    Tim Cook: Apple Is Working on Future Products That Will "Blow You Away"

    apple gatling laser for all your gardening needs, revolutionary!
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    Intel Uses Extreme Cooling for Their "Cryoprober"

    i thought there was a shortage of helium, and that some medical places where having difficulty getting if for thier mri and other scanners.