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  1. Spacy9

    Mojo Networks / AirTight Wireless Access Point C-130 with AC Power Adapter

    This unit is brand new. The box does not come sealed but the unit has never been removed. This auction is for the hardware only and does not come with a cloud license. Make me an offer.
  2. Spacy9

    FS: Cisco DX80 Video Conferencing Unit

    Thought there might be some interest on here: Cisco DX80
  3. Spacy9

    Need some advice on going either 32 or 40 4K monitor

    I currently have a GTx680 and a 25" 1080P monitor. I haven't really upgraded anything in the computer in almost 4 years (2600k at 4.6 and 16Gb ram) but I think it's time for a new monitor and graphics card. I'm looking to go with the Titan X (possibly SLI) and either a 32 or 40 4K monitor...
  4. Spacy9

    Anyone have experience with Ductless Mini Split ACs?

    My Home theater room is Approximately 14' X 18', or about 252 sq ft. It has 9 foot ceilings and is in the basement. The room has 7 seats and it does have one AC/Heater vent in the ceiling and one return. 80% of the time there are only the 4 of us, or the kids with their friends watching a...
  5. Spacy9

    What am I missing with this deal?

    This is a link to an Ebay auction. There are currently 3 of these up there. These are for a Nvidia GTX 680 2Gb card pulled from an Alienware computer. He's only asking $349 as a buy it now price. Does anyone know if these are slower than a normal GTX 680? Are they the same? Does this...
  6. Spacy9

    HELP! Media Center with My Movies stopped playing some movies

    Alright, this is going to take a bit to explain so I apologize in advance. Tonight I ripped my Prometheus Blu-Ray and loaded it up on my Synology NAS. I went into the My Movies App in Media Center (Windows 7) and tried to play it. It played fine except that it didn't have 7.1 audio showing...
  7. Spacy9

    My new Home Theater Setup

    We bought a new house in May and I finally had enough space for a dedicated Home Theater. The space is 12' 2" X 17' 4" and the hardware specs are: 7 Lane full power recline seats 110" Dragonfly screen 7.2 surround sound (HTD Mains and Surrounds, 2 X Episode 500 watt dual 8" subwoofers) Denon...
  8. Spacy9

    Large .MKV (>19GB) files have audio cut out - out of ideas, help.

    I decided to start ripping my legally owned Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs to my HTPC. I want to keep the same quality that is on the disc so I am not compressing the video, just the audio is compressed form DTS to AC3. I have done 11 discs so far and they have all played beautifully, no issues at...
  9. Spacy9

    My Benchmarking of PhysX on GTX295 and offloaded onto a 8800GT

    Alright here are the specs of my new computer: i7 920 clocked at 3.5Ghz Asus P6T (non deluxe) MB 12GB Corsair Dominator Memory running at 1403 BFG GTX295 I think those are the main specs you'd need to know, if there is anything else you'd like to know just ask. So my goal here was to...
  10. Spacy9

    Is it worth using an 8800GT for PhysX with a GTX295?

    I just built a new computer with a 920 i7 running at 3.5Ghz and a GTX295 (not overclocked). I've been reading about how you can add an 8 or 9 series card to do strictly PhysX processing. I have 2 8800GTs with 512 Ram from my old computer. So the question is would it help the fps on the GTX295...
  11. Spacy9

    Remove 'Delete' Option from Media Center

    I started another thread yesterday about a quiet hard drive for the HTPC I built for my kids. I have my own downstairs running My Movies 2 with the kids running the My Movies 2 client. The problem I'm trying to avoid is that every time you stop or finish a movie it give you the option to...
  12. Spacy9

    Need help picking out the quietest Hard Drive for HTPC

    I have a HTPC running MyMovies2 hooked up to my downstairs TV - it is in a closet so I have never noticed the HD clicking. I just built a new HTPC for the upstairs TV so my kids can watch all of the movies stored on the downstairs HTPC. This new upstairs HTPC is sitting on a shelf in the open...
  13. Spacy9

    Need help getting x264/mkv and XVid/avi to play in Vista Media Center

    I built my HTPC yesterday and I'm using Handbrake to encode my DVDs (Using AnyDVD and DVDShrink to rip them to start with). I've installed all of the codecs I thought I needed to play back x264 in mkv format and XVid in avi format, both with AC3. And to confirm this both sets of videos...
  14. Spacy9

    What do you use to encode your DVDs and what settings?

    I'm getting ready to build my first HTPC that will be hooked up to a 65" 1080P display via HDMI. I have about 700 DVDs that I am going to work at putting on the HTPC. Since I have so many DVDs, and since I have a larger TV, HD space and quality are both important. I'm not worried about the...
  15. Spacy9

    DFI LANPARTY UT SLI-DR MB issue - 4 red LEDS, no POST. HELP!

    I took my old computer and moved it to a new case for my daughters to use - it is all put together but will not boot. Here are the specs: DFI LANPARTY UT SLI-DR MB AMD 4400 X2 (939) 2GB Crucial memory BFG 7800GTX OC This all worked when it was in my case. I changed out the CPU...
  16. Spacy9

    $25 if you can fix my SLI problem

    If you are the first person to identify the problem in this thread and get my SLI working I will Paypal you $25 - no kidding! Here is the run down of what is going on. I built a new machine with the following parts: Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe MB Core 2 Due 6700 2GB G-Skill 2x BFG...
  17. Spacy9

    ASUS P5N32-SLI SE DELUXE BIOS Question on NB and SB speeds

    In the BIOS for this motherboard it has the option to adjust the Northbridge and Southbridge speeds. They are currently set at 800Mhz and can go up to 1000Mhz. This may be a noobish question, but what is the stock speed (I'm assuming 800) and should it be able to run at 1000? There are no...
  18. Spacy9

    New build keeps BSODing - what does this mean?! HELP!!!

    My new build keeps going to BSOD - did it during the build and is still doing it. Has corrupted windows several times now. The BSOD doesn't give me an error, instead it gives me a STOP message which I can't find anywhere and it is exactly the same each time: *** STOP: 0X0000008E (0x0000005...
  19. Spacy9

    DFI NF4 UT SLI-DR won't POST - out of the blue - Please help! Thanks!

    I tried to shut down my computer earlier today and it froze on the blue screen after it puts up the box stating that "Windows is now shutting down". It wouldn't let me power off the computer with the power button, so after a few minutes I hit the reset button on the computer. After I did this...
  20. Spacy9

    Why do many new demos make you reboot before playing?

    Okay, this used to tick me off a long time ago, and its doing so again. I'd install a new demo to check out the game and it would need me to reboot before I could play. I put this off as crappy coding of the game. Gradually this went away and after a while almost every new demo did not...
  21. Spacy9

    So 3DMarks is right reporting BFG 7800GTX as 500Mhz? +40Mhz in 3D for ALL 7800GTXs?

    Looking at this article it would appear that 3DMarks 05 is correct in reporting that the BFG 7800GTX OC is running at 500Mhz during 3D Marks. 460 plus the 40Mhz extra when running 3D would be 500... I'm at work right now, can anyone confirm this...
  22. Spacy9

    My BFG 7800GTX OC is here - the PCIE to 4 PIN MOLEX Power connector is not..

    Well the title about says it all. My BFG 7800GTX OC arrived today and as I went to install it in my new box I realized that they had included a 4 Pin Molex to 2 4 Pin Molexs Y Power adapter cable instead of the PCIE 8 Pin to 4 Pin Molex Power adapter cable. So when I turn the computer on it...
  23. Spacy9

    What should I do with my harddrives? SATA-II RAID or PATA RAID??

    I am building a new computer and purchased 2 Hitachi 250Gb SATA-II HDs, and already have 4 80Gb PATA Seagate Drives. I have a DFI Nforce 4 SLI board that says it can do RAID for both the SATA and PATA drives. Now my question, should I use the SATA-II drives in RAID 0, 500Gb, for the Windows...
  24. Spacy9

    X2 4400s in stock anywhere?

    I was going to purchase the X2 4400 from Newegg today - they said their ETA for a new shipment was today but now the CPU is totally off of thier site so I'm guessing they aren't getting them in today. I've looked at Tiger Direct, Monarch Computers, etc.. and none of them have them in stock...
  25. Spacy9

    What motherboards for X2s?

    Do all of the 939 motherboards automatically support the X2s? Is there a list of which motherboards will support it out of the box? I'm looking at getting an Gigabyte SLI board but it doesn't say it officially supports X2s? Thanks for any help or suggestions on the motherboard.