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    Online retailers that mount the CPU & sink

    What it says on the tin. I have a guy that wants to build a computer but is afraid to deal with the CPU or heatsink. I recall that some online sellers will premount the CPU & heatsink at you ask, and I recall once dealing with one that did it even after I asked them not to. So I know some...
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    Vista, no format /s option, what to do?

    How do I make a blank hard drive bootable if I'm running Vista? Some genius at MS apparently removed the /s switch from format... Oddly, I can make a bootable USB key easily enough (HP utility + Win 98 boot disk files). :p Yeah, my google-fu is weak today. But I have a lot to do (end of...
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    Head-fi'ers: Need your help - Hornet and gaming?

    Well, amps generally want analog input. So it would go computer >> external DAC >> amp >> headphones/speakers. A non-portable amp tends to easily beat a portable amp provided they have roughly the same quality. It's better to go with a full sized amp in general, but we would need to discuss...
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    A little help with LCD technologies?

    How bad is the picture quality of a modern TN screen, *really*? I see a lot of "S-IPS or GTFO" threads, but I don't really care about how oversaturated the color gamut is so long as it does sRGB well. I've seen some poor TN screens that had horrible color reproduction - but what about better...
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    PM "huh what?"

    It temporarily said "Your private message box is 100% full" (or something close to that). It went away (and the cap is elsewhere listed as 300). What gives, and should I care? Do you need to care? Who knows, but I thought I'd share in case it was symptomatic of something going boom that...
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    Corsair VX 550W, $75 AR

    Like the title says.
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    Newegg $250 WD GP 1TB lives again

    No limit or code this time! See the previous thread for a discussion of this drive. Prices on 1TB drives are coming down, but I wouldn't expect this deal to outlast the weekend. If you use Fatwallet, Newegg's rate is up to...
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    WD GP 1TB $250 (Newegg, limit 1)

    This is for the Western Digital "Greenpower" 1TB hard drive. It is not the fastest 1TB drive around (that honor falls to Hitachi currently) and has some unspecified RPM between 5400 and 7200 such that it meets WD's optimization criteria (I assume this takes into account data density, platter...
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    2-3" available behind PC, need cabling solution

    Due to various reasons (rear mounted radiator) I have a clearance of only 2-3" behind my computer. I've got it set up so I can connect one cable just fine, but I want to hook up a second display! I'm searching with only limited success for something like a low profile cable or right-angle...
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    Frys/Outpost - OCZ 2x2GB SODIMM $169.99 shipped, $139.99 AR Product Page. OCZ standard lifetime warranty. Free shipping if you select ground or pickup. Tax may be a factor, since Fry's has that nice chain of stores you can actually walk around in. Rebate good through Sunday, October 7th. Not scorching, but a good $15-30 off the rates I'm...
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    Westy Weirdness with Deviant DVI Detection

    I just finished building a new rig, and I hooked it up to my Westinghouse 37" to start installing things. It detected a signal on DVI2 when I started up the computer, but then changed its mind a second later and displayed a DVI2 - No Signal message. First thought, I had a missed connection or...
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    Java installation woes

    I need to install the Java SDK, I currently have the JRE only installed. When I attempt to uninstall the JRE, I get the error "Error 1327.Invalid Drive: Q:\" where Q is an old volume I used to have installed. It was used for storage and I don't recall ever telling Java to do anything...
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    EVGA offers Lifetime Warranty
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    Help me make 9800Pro's video-out behave

    I'm trying connect the S-Video output on a 9800Pro to the corresponding input on my 2405FPW, and use it as a source for the picture-in-picture mode. So far I can only get CCC to use the video-out OR the CRT connected to the system in question. I would dearly like to make it run both in clone...
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    Thermaltake ripoff picture?

    I had a copy of this neato picture someone posted a while ago with a bunch of different products by Thermaltake next to the ones they'd been ripped off from, but I inadvertantly deleted it. Can't find it anywhere now, could someone please post a copy for me? Thanks. :D
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    Explain why this affects my ping so much

    IP/subnet/gateway set to auto config vs defined manually is the only change. Ping time to my DNS server is 40ms on auto config, 100+ on manual. Best I can tell the settings are the same both times. WHY is this causing this result???
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    Need a new UPS, recommendations?

    Not a PSU but related. My UPS died on me and I need a new one. How good (or bad, or mediocre) is this one? OPTI-UPS Enhanced Series ES1500C 1400VA/980W. If you have other recommendations, pipe up. I'd prefer to keep it around $100ish unless there's a significant difference to warrant the...
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    Epox - have they improved, or are they still crap?

    I've been hearing good things about Epox recently, starting to think they're a good low-cost motherboard choice. Anyone have any input to either direction? They used to suck, do they still or have they gotten their act together?
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    Another Newegg refurb - DFI UT nF4 Ultra-D $86 shipped

    Refurb DFI UT nF4 Ultra-D at the Egg. Usual luck of the draw rules apply for bundled "extras".
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    Refurb Raptor 74GB $154 shipped

    Link And please for the love of god, just get one. Anyone that gets two for a RAID will be shot, and then ridiculed. Or maybe the other way around.
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    Cheap case I/O panel hell

    Got this cheap piece of junk case that I'm trying to stick a motherboard in for a friend. I/O bracket won't stay put for the life of me. Any recommendations on how to fix the cheap POS other than resorting to a little sledgehammer action? (after seeing IceWind's thread earlier, it's very...
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    Input devices stop responding

    System was working fine, haven't made any changes since this morning and that was a couple reboots ago. Went to run a full system scan since I hadn't yet, and a few minutes later my mouse stops moving. Keyboard won't respond either. Weird thing is, everything else keeps running and the HD...
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    nVidia multi-monitor question

    Most games don't handle it very well when both my monitors are active, is there a way to set it to automatically switch configurations when I launch a game (insert full-screen 3D app here) so that only one monitor is active?
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    New feature in Windows Server software

    Check it out, new feature with Microsoft once again demonstrating why anyone picking a server OS should definately go with them.
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    Make new accounts unable to start [H]ot|DEALS threads?

    Set it up so accounts under X age and with less than X posts can't post to [H]ot|DEALS. Think it'd kill a fair amount of the referral threads?
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    Seeking distro for OC testing

    Are there any existing live-CD distros of Linux intended for use with overclocking & testing a new system? I could always work something out with BartPE, but I'm hoping one of you will know of an existing solution.
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    Where to find screws?

    Most vendors carry decorative thumbscrews, and alot have fan screws. Where can you find other types of computer screws - and not get gouged?
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    XFX 6800 refurb for $205

    Nice for you refurb-tolerant types. XFX 6800 refurb, $205