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    KEF X300A best 2 way computer speakers?

    These are ranked as the best 2 way "computer speakers" ? Someone said they are a level above the B&W MM-1 for example. Anyone know if they are magnetically shielded? (Nothing about it on KEF site I could find for X300A, whereas it's listed as a feature for their C series speakers, so I'm...
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    New Vizio TVs

    With their aggressive push on local dimming and pricing, some of these might be interesting as monitors...
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    NOS M13

    Found this when doing one of my periodic searches for Model M keyboards on eBay...
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    Nvidia 3d Vision Support for CRT

    Hi Everyone. What is the latest on CRT support for Nvidia 3D Vision? I have a GTX 680 and a GDM-F520 CRT, whose excellent blacks and dynamic range, I really don't want to lose. (It's also quite sharp for a CRT.) I've read, belatedly, that 3D support for CRT has been dropped from...
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    Haven't tried to play Blu-Rays for a while on my Sony CRT monitor. Downloaded a Blu-Ray player and got the rude shock of it refusing to play on an analog connection. Feel a little weird about buying an expensive part for my CRT at this point, because I'd imagined I would have an SED or OLED...
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    For anyone having Halo: Combat Evolved (PC) and it's crashing...

    I may be the only one who didn't finish this game way back when. In case, I'm not alone, and you find it crashing with your nNividia graphics card -- try turning "Threaded optimization" off... (That's what it was with mine...)
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    Does anybody have a: 22" iZ3D 3D Monitor?

    Was just wondering...especially if 2D text quality is as good as on a normal LCD?
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    X-Fi and Gears of War on XP -- No rear speaker sound

    Has anybody running Gears of War on XP been able to get their rear speakers to work? Best I can tell, Gears requires OpenAL, which I've installed. However, Gears keeps choosing "Generic Software" as the device, instead of my X-Fi card, when it loads up. (I assume this is my problem, but I...
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    Given the interest in CRT displayed in some of the threads... (I'm not familiar with the seller, but his feedback rating looks strong...)...
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    CRT -- slight shadowing of black bordered objects?

    When I'm displaying a black bordered object against, especially, a gray background, there's light vertical lines to the right of the image right after the black border. An example would be editing a word document with the white page with its thick black right edge border against the gray...