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  1. boss99

    Borderlands 3 Steam 50% off "pre-order"

    Man oh man, I may have to bite the bullet and buy it finally.
  2. boss99

    I Need an Action+Story Driven Game for the Wife

    There's not as much combat, but Mirror's Edge has the adventury running and such. Otherwise, Tomb Raider for sure.
  3. boss99

    Worst games of 2017

    XCom 2 - WotC was one of the best expansions of a game that I've ever played. Wildlands was a good distraction for a while too.
  4. boss99

    How big is your Gaming screen?

    1920x1200 on a 24", i need to pass this setup down to my kids so i can upgrade dammit
  5. boss99

    Four-Player Co-Op Game GTFO Announced

    True, good weapons and decent level design, but maybe DLC'd to death? Who knew that the concept of 4 players vs mobs could be so fun? If only a certain company genre could come forward and make this game, instead of their fans being left 4 dead.
  6. boss99

    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

    Thanks for this, now my library of official modern xcom games is complete!
  7. boss99

    Computer Glitch Keeps Inmate in Prison for Five Extra Months Statistically, many who do get out have a significant chance to reoffend, but there are so many factors that weigh into whether or not that happens.
  8. boss99

    Xbox One’s First Original Xbox Backwards Compatible Games Now Available

    Having played both the PC and XBox versions of that game, I preferred the PC version. That they should put on Steam.
  9. boss99

    Your favorite Old School OS

    MS Bob
  10. boss99

    How many of u not even getting current gen console at all, & just sticking to PC gaming ?

    As long as they keep making NBA 2K for PC, it'll be my primary gaming method. I do own a PS3, PS4, Wii, and an Xbox 360, but a majority of the gaming in our house is done on PC.
  11. boss99

    How many of u not even getting current gen console at all, & just sticking to PC gaming ?

    I think also more people overseas in Asia and Europe play on PC than console.
  12. boss99

    Verizon and AT&T Slow Due To Unlimited Data Plans

    I have VZW and my wifal unit noticed that her internet speed on 4g isn't as zippy as it was when we had a 6GB plan.
  13. boss99

    is it possible to access plex content via the cloud outside your network?

    Yeah, if I'm not mistaken, just configure a port forward on your router to your plex box IP via TCP/32400 (default) and you should be good.
  14. boss99

    Review the game you finished recently.

    Red Dead Redemption (PS3) Graphics/Realization: 8/10 Story/Atmosphere: 10/10 Gameplay/Controls: 8/10 Overall impression: 8.5/10 When I first started this game, I had just gotten out of the hospital for some seizures and mentally, I was just getting my feet under me again. Between the...
  15. boss99

    Kodi Add-Ons are Feeling the Heat

    Will ipv6 kill off most forms of piracy as a whole? Unless there's a way to proxy the connections, I don't think anonymity would be possible with it.
  16. boss99

    Lust for the old

    I have a 8800 GT that I've been thinking about basing an old skool build around.
  17. boss99

    Gots our own Brand of Lebsiam pR0n here in Texas

    Here in Cali we loves us some porm!
  18. boss99

    Steam Link.. Yay?

    I haven't really tried twitch shooters, but NBA2k16 is pretty fast and it keeps up with the action pretty well. I've played XCOM2 on it as well and it was great. Again, all my experience has been over gig ethernet though.
  19. boss99

    For those with families: How much game time do you get?

    During the week, a couple hours scattered throughout the afternoon through 8 PM, from there I have to fit in a shower, reading and getting to sleep. Friday and Saturday, I game if I'm not hanging out with the family or cooking/grilling/smoking.
  20. boss99

    ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 1 with Free Case $249

    Is the mobo on sale? I can't tell if that's discounted or regular price.
  21. boss99

    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Untangle runs on a Linksys WRT1900ACS now:
  22. boss99

    A list of do it youself *nix router distros

    Thanks for the recommendation, I think I'll give this a spin. It's much prettier than pf's standard interface.
  23. boss99

    hl3 NOT confirmed again

    Isn't JJ Abrams working on a Portal and/or a HL movie right now?
  24. boss99

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries announced!

    Think of it this way kid, you get to keep all the money.
  25. boss99

    Overwatch On Sale For $35

    Overwatch doesn't require Origin, it needs the Blizzard client.
  26. boss99

    Overwatch On Sale For $35

    It's being marketed to my son and he's in the 5th grade because there was some overwatch poster type stuff in the scholastic pamphlet last month, which he ordered.
  27. boss99

    Overwatch On Sale For $35

    At first, yes. He did a lot of watching us at first then we left him on his own and he was good about staying in single player. A deathmatch type game where teamwork is less important would probably be a good start and Overwatch would be a good place to start, especially if you disable...
  28. boss99

    Overwatch On Sale For $35

    My son has been playing L4D2 since he was younger than that, so it really depends on your kid. I muted anyone trying to talk to him and told him only to play singleplayer until he got older, but then again, minecraft wasn't the monster it was now. I'd start with Minecraft and see how'd he do...
  29. boss99

    Review the game you finished recently.

    GTA V - 7.5/10 I just completed the single player campaign and while it was a step above GTA IV, it felt much shorter. The world was more alive and brighter than the bleak rainy world in Liberty City, but it feels like there's a lot of unexplored opportunities, probably visited in the...
  30. boss99

    Recommend some Steam games for an 8 year old?

    Lego games for sure Toki Tori Spelunky Burnout Paradise Scribblenauts Portal 1 and 2 5 nights at freddy's Also Turbo Dismount
  31. boss99

    Can't connect to another computer on network

    Yes, because in a non-domain situation, your local creds are passed to the other device for authentication. Since all your other workstations are logged in locally with the same username/password, it makes sense that the one box that's one off can't authenticate to the remote box. You can try...
  32. boss99

    Can't connect to another computer on network

    Can the remote PC access other shares on that computer?
  33. boss99

    Can't connect to another computer on network

    is the user name and password present on the computer you're having a problem with?
  34. boss99

    Can't connect to another computer on network

    Firewall on the remote computer? Can you ping the other computer's IP address?
  35. boss99

    2 wired networks on one computer?

    Be sure not to bridge the networks, that could be disastrous.
  36. boss99

    X-COM 2 Looks really good. Is it worth the $60

    Great game, still a bit unoptimized, so prepare for some slowness from time to time or graphical weirdness. I just went through a full playthrough and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I need some time to reflect and think about whether or not I like it more than XCOM: EU/W, but it was a blast...
  37. boss99

    The Cord-Cutter’s Guide To Watching Super Bowl 50

    Everyone geeks out about something, some happen to do so about sports.
  38. boss99

    Anyone here play either Doom or Wolfenstein 3D when they first came out?

    My first PC was a AST 486SX/25 with 2 MB of RAM. At first it didn't play Doom, but after a $75 upgrade, I was able to play either just fine. There were a few games I couldn't play because of the lack of math coprocessor (DX CPU), but otherwise, I had a great time.
  39. boss99

    No More Pirated Games In Two Years

    I stopped pirating when I really started learning about NetSec, and also when I learned that if you wait long enough, steam will sell a game that will actually reach my threshold of what I would spend. Competition in the marketplace for both vendors and content makers is a good thing.
  40. boss99

    I am looking for a new old game to play

    Unreal Tournament (Pick your flavor, I liked them all) No One Lives Forever (1 and 2) Whiplash (I loved this racing game) Die By The Sword Freespace: Descent (1 and 2)