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    Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

    Rejoice! A replacement for my dead MX Revolution. I am so happy. Will purchase ASAP.
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    Pictures Of Your Dually Rigs!

    44gb...the horror.
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    Finally joined the apple ecosystem

    I have owned the very first white MacBook (bought it on release day). Then bought the aluminum MacBook Pro 13 inch. Now have the retina. With those, I have always maintained a desktop PC running Windows (Core Duo, Core 2 Quad, now Core i7). I've never felt like I have been sucked into one...
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    Finally joined the apple ecosystem

    Trust me... After having a 2012 rMBP since it came out, I can guarantee the $2300 I spent on this machine was worth it. I love this thing to bits. It's so solid of a machine and I don't regret it one bit. I've never had issues and its been a joy to use.
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    LogMeIn No Longer Free

    MANNNN....and I was going to setup my HTPC with logmein, too. Crud. Is the VNC scene still pretty much UltraVNC and RealVNC?
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    Is XBMC for me?

    Mediacentermaster is great once you have it configured. It's a bit kludgy, but it works wonders for managing your metadata.
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    R9 280x or GTX-770 4gb (same price)???

    My 280x has terrible driver issues. Games will just lock right up. I'm tired of it.
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    [GamingTitans] Battlefield 4 - $48

    I bought BF3 1 day after release for $35. I say wait a bit for the importers to get their copies.
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    Your CPU progression

    Pentium 4 660 Pentium D somewhere in here Core Duo T2400 (Socket 479) Intel C2Q Q6600 Intel i5 4670k All except the last two were engineering samples. I had a lot before the 660, but I can't remember them. Mostly same gen 478 engineering samples.
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    Fractal Design R4 $60

    $69 is still a fantastic price for this case. I absolutely love mine.
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    i7 4770k - $279.99, Combo Deal @ Microcenter

    Santa Clara....
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    Battlefield 3 for $10. Premium for $20 and more @Gamersgate.

    It's on your end dude....even BF1942 has people playing.
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    BUMP! Arkham City for $10!
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    RMBP: Stability issues

    Maybe you should wait a little bit for software to get updated? You're using some software that will probably benefit from an update or two.
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    RMBP: Stability issues

    Take it to Apple if it keeps happening. I bought a Gen 1 Week 1 Day 1 white MacBook in 2006 and had to take it back to them 3 times in 3 months. This is normal for a new gen stuff.
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    Can it be done....

    VMWare Fusion FTW. I run it alongside OS X during school to take notes on OneNote. Overkill? Sure, but it gets the job done. Parallels is crap compared to VMWare. Mucks up OS X and Windows after install and was generally unstable.
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    Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand DLC $11.96

    Which will never happen...BF3 is stuck to Origin.
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    Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand DLC $11.96

    Code is dead :(
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    Macbook replacement parts

    Sorry, brother. The good thing is that the top case is relatively simple to replace. Here's to hoping you don't get ripped off!
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    Macbook replacement parts

    Very true! $140 installed probably, too. Save some headache.
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    Macbook replacement parts
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    Mac Pro G5 2.5GHz install OS X, recovery discs shot

    dude you're not out yet. go to step 5.
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    Mac Pro G5 2.5GHz install OS X, recovery discs shot

    The PPC macs should be able to boot from firewire. Get a firewire drive, burn the iso to it and boot off that...hurray! (also, if you have a mac with firewire, you can make a partition and write the iso to it and boot in target mode (hold-T) and select the imaged drive)
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    Mid-2009 13in Macbook Pro SSD Upgrade

    I'm enjoying Lion. So far, the beta of Spotify caused a kernel panic and that's it. I expect that from a beta.
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    Mid-2009 13in Macbook Pro SSD Upgrade

    I never used it in college because I could still manage paper notes in notebooks. In medical school, I find it to be the best solution. All the professors use powerpoint and they're all rather speedy during lecture. Trying to write everything down is a fool's errand and definitely not for me...
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    Mid-2009 13in Macbook Pro SSD Upgrade

    Hey! More OneNote fans! I run Windows 7 in VMWare exclusively for OneNote. I'm considering an SSD right now just because I want the performance bump. I just keep hearing everyone GUSH over it.
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    Need headphone suggestions, for docked phone mainly

    Kipsch S4i - if you will never, ever be doing any working out/exercising - get some Comply tips for even better sound. Klipsch S5i - if you need something more rugged.
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    Keyboard recommendations

    Hi guys, What's the best wireless keyboard? What's the best USB/PS2 keyboard? I'm doing some gaming and a lot of typing in terms of Word/OneNote and want something comfortable to type on. I REALLY like chiclet/macbook/laptop style keyboards. Any recommendations?
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    BF3 On older GTS250

    GTS 450 1920x1080 with automatic settings (high & medium throughout) and it runs fine.
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    Which virtualization solution has a better client support package?

    I've been using VMWare Fusion 3 and will soon be upgrading to 4. I really like 3. Parallels was REALLY intrusive both OS X and Windows wise, but VMWare has kept everything pretty virgin. I really like it.
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    iPhone 4S and iPad 2 on iOS5 jailbroken

    Don't forget BiteSMS! It's quite possibly my favorite SMS app. I also love all the silly tweaks and customizations. It makes my phone more personal and like me. Jailbreaking is really awesome.
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    Battlefield 3 - $32.99 (Last Chance to Pre-order!)

    Back to $34.99! GOGOGO!
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    High quality iPhone 4 earphones/mic

    Klipsch S5i
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    Do you use a case on your iPhone 4?

    Switcheasy Capsule Rebel. My favorite.