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    DKIM, who is using it?

    Just spend a couple hours figuring out DKIM integration on my OSX Mountain Lion mail server. It was relatively easy to setup. I got the DNS records in place and all that is looking good. It makes me wonder though, how many folks running mail servers are actually signing things with DKIM?
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    Take apart H110 fans?

    Has anyone taken apart a fan from a Corsair H110? One of mine is making some noise and I want to take it apart to see if I can clean it up and/or lubricate it a bit. I took the sticker off the back and there's no hole where the fan axle would typically be exposed. I went ahead an ordered from...
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    SSDs in raid0, best configs?

    I have a pair of Samsung 830 256gig SSD drives. I'm looking to configure these in raid0 on my Asus Maximus V Gene (Z77) motherboard using the Intel onboard raid controller. What's the best way to set these things up for optimal, long term, performance? Specifically I wondering about the...
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    2500k, overclocking and voltage?

    I'm just getting back into overclocking after a long hiatus. I can't even remember what the last CPU I overclocked was (a P4 on an Abit AI7 maybe?) Things have changed quite a bit since the last time I did this. It used to be locked multipliers and all FSB adjustments. No dynamic clocks...
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    Warranty service, who is the best?

    I'm in the market for a pair of 670s. I want to get one from a company with the best warranty / customer service. I'm even willing to pay extra if it means I won't have to deal with poor service down the road should something happen. Suggestions?
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    Switching AMD ---> Nvidia, reformat?

    I'm going to be swapping my AMD 7870 for an Nvidia 670 in the coming weeks. In years gone by, switching from AMD/ATI to Nvidia or visa versa required a reformat if you wanted things to work correctly. Is that still required today? I suspect not as I've seen people with both AMD and Nvidia cards...
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    SLI or single card?

    I'm torn. I thought I had made up my mind to get a pair of 670s and run them in SLI. Then I read about this micro stuttering issue. I haven't had an SLI setup since the Voodoo2 days (dual 8meg Voodoo2s for the win!). I don't recall there being a problem way back when. Now I'm considering getting...
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    Hot - Corsair 650D Mid-Tower Case - $122 after MIR @ Compusa / TigerDirect

    Just picked one of these up locally on Tuesday, before the rebate. DOH! Anyway, $142 without the rebate, which is a good price by itself. $122 with the MIR is even better. This is a nice case! Link:
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    Sapphire Trixx vs. AMD CCC for OC?

    Maybe this is a basic question but I can't seem to find anything on it. Why would one use the Sapphire Trixx program to overclock instead of the little overclocking tab within CCC? Don't these two do the exactly the same thing? edit: I'm using a Sapphire 7870 OC card, running at stock right now.
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    Home Email Server?

    I've been investigating setting up a home email server to tinker with. In my investigation I've found that running a home email server is problematic if your reverse dns name doesn't match the domain name of the email you're sending. Apparently this is a common anti-spam technique. I have two...
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    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo

    Has anyone played this? The demo is posted up on Xbox Live. I downloaded it over the weekend and had some good fun with the Cop career-mode. Its like Burnout + Need for Speed. I'll be picking this one up.
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    How-to: Setup an IPv6 tunnel on your Cisco box

    Yesterday I decided to try goofing around with IPv6 on my Cisco 871. I initially started by configuring some basic IPv6 addresses internally but that quickly got boring because there's not much to do with just three local machines. A few Google searches later and I set about hooking up a 6to4...
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    I wrote NAT-PMP for IOS

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd share a project I'm working on. Starting in IOS versions 15.1(1)T and later IOS now supports UDP sockets in TCL. This allows you to open a UDP socket on the router itself and then send / receive data. As a bit of a learning exercise I decided to implement NAT-PMP on...
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    Powerconnect switches?

    I'm in the market for a new switch. I'd like something with some manageability, port spans, etc. I found the Dell Powerconnect 2808. It looks decent enough, the price is right too. Unfortunately, I can't see to determine if this thing has a fan in it. Anyone know? Does anyone have any experience...
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    Decent midrange acces point?

    I'm currently using a Cisco 1130AG access point. It does a serviceable job handling my wireless needs. However, its on loan, and they are over $500+ if I want to buy one. I'm looking for a cheaper access point that can provide solid performance. I don't want a router, I already have a Cisco...
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    VMware at home?

    Anyone using a VMware box at home? If so, what are you using it for? I recently upgraded my media center PC to 8gigs of ram and put on the Windows 7 64bit RC. Everything is running great. I'm thinking of setting up some VMs on it, so I'm curious to know what other people are doing at home?
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    Prince of Persia X360 - Target - $29 YMMV

    Was at the local super Target yesterday. They had Prince of Persia for the Xbox 360 for $29.98, on clearance. Typically with Target and item on clearance will typically get cheaper and cheaper. So, if its still $44.98 (the price I first saw it at), check back in a week and it might be less...
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    Crap, Xbox rrod'ed, but now it works?

    My Xbox 360 rrod'ed last night. I was using it, I turned it off, came back an hour or so later, and it wouldn't come on. Green light on the power supply when the Xbox was on. Waited for an hour or so, tried again, still rrod. So, I called up Microsoft and I have a return box shipping out to my...
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    I just finished downloading Descent Freespace 2 from I'd taken a look at before, but never purchased anything. Once I noticed they accept paypal I went ahead and threw down an order for Freespace. For $6, how can I go wrong? It downloaded very fast on my 10meg link...
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    How far do you sit from your TV?

    I have a 50'' Sony HDTV. I sit probably 10-12 feet away from it. I was playing GTA IV this afternoon (Xbox360 version) and I find I'm having a hard time seeing the action on the screen. Running the cops is next to impossible because I find I can't see the side streets / alley ways very well from...
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    Tom Clancy's End War?

    Has anyone tried this out yet? I downloaded the 1.65gig demo on Xbox Live last night. I tried it this afternoon. I totally dig the voice control interface. Works very well, and makes controlling the game a piece of cake. I only played for a few minutes, as the demo is quite short. I hadn't...
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    Help, out of the loop, need a new motherboard.

    I used to be into building my own computers. The last one I built was an AMD X2 based machine that I put together 2.5 years ago. My wife is using that computer now and I've since bought myself a Mac Pro. I haven't paid any attention to hardware stuff since getting my Mac 1.5 years ago. Last...
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    Why is everything a TN panel?

    I'm looking for a decent 20'' screen that ISN'T a TN panel. I recently picked up a Dell E248WFP and returned it the next day because I couldn't stand the weak viewing angles and coloring shifting when turning my head. I thought instead maybe I should look at the UltraSharp 2009W, but it turns...
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    Flying this weekend...DS or PSP game?

    I'm going to be flying this weekend and I'll be out of town all next week. I like to pick up a simple game for either my DS or PSP for these occasions so I have something to keep me busy during the down time. I haven't really been keeping up with either platform, though I have both devices. Any...
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    Leopard 10.5.2 now available

    Hit software update to install the latest Leopard, 10.5.2. Loaded it here on my Mac Pro and also on my SR Macbook 2.2 and everything went fine.
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    MacHeist Bundle - $50

    I'm surprised I don't see a thread on this. MacHeist is currently selling a software bundle for $50. I jumped on this yesterday mainly for 1Passwd and Cha-Ching. I must say I'm very pleased with both applications. 1Passwd is truely fantastic. Pixelmator should be unlocked by late tomorrow...
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    Assassin's Creed

    Just got Assassin's Creed for Christmas on the Xbox 360. I must say, its a pretty entertaining game. I just made it to the second city, Acre. I never saw many threads on this, is anyone actually playing this game?
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    Orange Box Demo on Xbox Live

    Anyone able to download the new Orange Box demo on Xbox Live? I'm getting error 80153005 and it doesn't download.
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    power + heat output?

    I'm thinking about buying a cheap Dell PC to use a DVR server with my Xbox 360 as a media extender. I haven't built a PC in a while, so I'm a bit out of the loop. This machine will be on quite a bit, so I'm looking for the most energy / heat efficient processor possible. My choices at Dell...
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    SSH Client?

    What do you all use for an SSH client? I have putty, its adequate, but I don't like how it hard wraps output. When looking at Cisco router debugs its handy to have something that only soft wraps so if I maximize the window it adjusts accordingly.
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    Will this work? 360 as Extender?

    I'm getting pretty tired of my Series2 Tivo. I'd like to scrap the Tivo and use my Xbox 360 as a Media Center extender for a Vista Home Premium box. My plan is to buy/build a PC, stick it in a closet or corner somewhere with a TV tuner and use the Xbox 360 as a media center extender to program...
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    Wife ordered a Wii, which accessories?

    So the wife just ordered a Wii from CircuitCity. I know nothing of the console but it seems like there's quite a bit of accessories that one needs to get it up and running. From CircuitCity we're getting: Wii Console Wii Classic Controller Extra Wii Remote Super Paper Mario Anything...
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    How much would you sell this for?

    I have an old Shuttle system I'm looking to offload. It has: Shuttle SFF case, SN41G2b Athlon XP 1400 overclocked to 1833 512megs Crucial PC2700 40gig Seagate IDE 16x DVD-ROM Integrated Nvidia Sound Integrated Nvidia Video I was thinking around $100-125?
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    VMware Fusion available for pre-order

    VMware Fusion is now available for pre-order. Pre-order price is $40, final retail will be $80. You can buy now and get your license key immediately in the VMware Fusion betas and upcoming release candidates. See here for more info: I went ahead and...
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    LOTRO for casual players?

    How is LOTRO for casual players? I enjoyed WoW for about a year and I spent my time playing solo quests to level up my guy and get better gear. I also did the occasional group to hammer out some of the harder quests. I never really got into instances and large raids for a number of reasons...
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    VMware Fusion is great

    Just got my new Mac Pro quad 2.66 the other day. I upgraded to 2gigs of RAM and replaced the stock 250 gig drive with a 150 gig Raptor drive from my old PC. After I got all my stuff moved over I loaded up beta 3 of VMware Fusion. It really works well. I loaded up a copy of Ubuntu, which ran...
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    Bought a Mac Pro

    Just ordered me a Mac Pro. I've been waiting and waiting and I finally decided to get ahead with it. I got the 2.66ghz version, added bluetooth/airport, the extra superdrive, the X1900, and the wireless keyboard and mouse. I got an extra 1gig of memory on order from Hopefully...
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    Xbox 360 Media Extender as DVR?

    Anyone here use their Xbox 360 Media Extender as a DVR for their main TV? My series2 tivo is acting funky (artifacts appearing in recorded shows) and I'm considering just using my Xbox 360 instead. I have an older Shuttle small form factor PC that I could throw Vista Home Premium on along with...
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    Cisco 871W - atenna question

    Hi all, I know a few folks on here have an 871W. I believe the antennas are labeled. Can someone send me a picture of the back of their 871W? I need to know which antenna is the primary one. Thanks!
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    Worms - Live Arcade, when?

    I'm dying for this. Any word on when this is coming out?