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    It is corrosion??

    So I woke up this morning and saw this. Should I take flush and take everything apart? I'm running distilled water and deadwater. The water looks clean and I hate to take everything apart after only 3 months. :(
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    Wanting to take my 290x for a swim...

    Hey all, I wanting to go underwater with my two 290x and cpu and I have around $1000 to spend. Here are some of the parts I've been thinking about without fittings, dye, and Dual Link Bridge with this loop layout in mind I want to get some input before I take the plunge. What brand...
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    R9 290X CrossFire performance....

    Wow! :eek: Almost 2x scaling on some games. Take it with a grain of salt still. :cool: Read more from VC WCCFT I'm seriously considering to get two if the frame pacing issue will be resolved for eyefinity when the card launch. :)
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    Mechanical keyboard for programmers.

    Hello all, I found this neat keyboard with MX Clear switches and was wondering if anybody every try using it before. I don't program but type a lot and currently using a Shine II with brown switches. Pre-order here
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    Tri-fire 6970 or wait for something else?

    Hello all, I'm getting ready for BF4 and my two 6970s is not really cutting it for me when pushing 3600x1920. I'm on a budget so the first option is get rid my mobo and grab another 6970. The second is sell my two 6970 and get two 7970s or 680s. The third option is to wait for the 8xxx /7xx...
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    Is IB worth it when compared to SB-E/IB-E

    So I jumped the gun and bought a 3570k when it first came out. It arrived today and it's sitting there unopened. I was thinking that I want to run 3-way cfx in the future and the performance of a 3570k isn't going to cut it. I saw a sweet deal at MC with 3820 and I'm thinking about ditching my...
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    6970 is it worth it?

    I'm looking for a new card to play BF3 and Skyrim with. With 7xxx cards launch year?... I'm not sure what to do. I'm selling my xfx 6850 so I chip some money off the new gpu. The problem are should I really wait for the 7xxx series or go ahead and upgrade now to play those games. I...