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    Looking for a case manufacturer from 15-20 years ago

    Does anyone remember this Japanese? company in the early aughts that made aluminum computer cases? They were beautiful and colorful, and incredibly expensive. Not Lian Li. Thank you!
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    Gigabit ethernet wireless router with DD-WRT?

    Not to be TOO specific... :D But I currently have a Linksys E3200 I bought in a moment of weakness after an evening of being pissed off at bricking my old WRT610N. (soft bricked, but I'm beyond screwing with it) There's nothing *wrong* with it, but I am interested in something that either...
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    Toshiba laptop power adapters: quick release adapter?

    So I have a Portege Z835. The power adapter plugs into the rear of the laptop and sticks straight out. It scares me. I'm afraid something is some day going to happen that causes it to get ripped out and take the little pin inside the laptop end with it. Or something. I know I can't have a...
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    Toshiba Portege Z835 - my impressions

    Haven't seen any posts on impressions of this ultrabook, so thought I'd post mine. The wife fell in love with it at Best Buy, since we were looking for one anyway (previous laptop died a few weeks ago), picked it up. -Only an i3. We don't plan on doing any heavy lifiting on this laptop, as long...
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    Windows 7 laptop forgets it's a laptop: can't change screen brightness

    HP Pavilion dv3510nr 13" laptop, about a year old GeForce 9300M Windows 7 Pro 64-bit A couple days ago, I lost the ability to change my screen brightness. It's not available through Win+X or in the power options. I tried a system restore to a couple days ago, installed the latest drivers...
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    Incredible has been rooted

    ##IncredibleRoot on freenode is where this happened, a forum thread on xda (with pics), and instructions here. It's not too hard but it involves a lot of luck and patience. As the instructions say, this is for lucky power users. Emphasis on lucky. This was only achieved within the last 12...
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    Convert coax to component/DVI/HDMI?

    Is it possible to convert a coax cable input into basically anything else? Component/DVI/HDMI, whatever. Thanks!
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    Network speed: Sprint vs Verizon, with TMo on the side

    I'm currently on Sprint with a BB 8330. I live in southwestern Michigan, don't travel a lot currently but I plan on going OTR (truck driving) sometime in the next year or two, and also traveling to Israel for several months in the next year or two. I was planning on switching to Verizon...
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    How can I rename a network location in Windows 7?

    In Windows 7, in the Network and Sharing Center, there's the three icons at the top showing your computer, the network location, and the internet. In Vista, it's possible to rename the network location via the "Manage network connections" option on the tasks menu on the left. In 7, that...
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    Subdued but classy cases?

    G'morning all, I have a Lian Li PC-B25B. (stock photo) When I got it, I wasn't sold on the door, but over time it's grown on me. I like how it makes the case look so very clean. The ring has a nice soft glow, and I hooked it up to a rheobus so I can dim it if I want to. Lian Li updated the...
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    Morrowind & Oblivion coming to Steam!

    Proof is in the pudding ::hyperventilate:: I've been playing Morrowind almost every night lately, but on Steam... w00t. EDIT: Thread on Steam forums, looks like they posted the stuff on accident but the internet struck again.
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    Wireless media mouse?

    G'morning all, I picked up a Logitech MediaPlay last year and while it's REALLY nice, the range is like six feet. Which is not enough to reach from my bed to my computer. I have the Windows MCE remote, and while nice, I can't really watch Hulu with it. :p So does BlueTooth have long...
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    High capacity drag-and-drop MP3 player?

    G'morning all, I'm looking for a drag-and-drop DAP with a minimum of 30GB storage. 40GB+ would be better. Currently I have an iRiver H360 with Rockbox and I love it to death, but I've gone through three of them and I'm tired of buying used. I would much rather prefer to buy something new...
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    Why does my Westy have a bruise? (pics)

    G'morning all, For several months, maybe even pushing a year?, now, my Westinghouse 37" LVM-37W3 has shown something that I call a bruise on the right half of the monitor. It's most noticeable on shades of grey, such as on [H] or Steam, but it does show up less strongly on some other colors...
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    Win 7: Why are my taskbar buttons over here?

    And when I try to drag them over to the left next to the Start Orb, they just slide back to the right there. WTF? I can't find any options or anything I did that changed it.
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    Laptop doesn't detect bootable flash drive containing Windows 7

    G'morning all, I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ140E laptop that's about a year old or thereabouts. It came with, and has, Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I'm trying to install the 64-bit Windows 7 beta. Maximum PC had an article on how to create a bootable USB flash drive to install Windows 7 from. I...
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    Start Steam offline without being online first?

    Sure, Steam has an offline mode. But you have to be online first. What happens if Steam is closed, and I lose my internet connection for whatever reason. Now I can't open Steam because it wasn't put in Offline mode first. Am I wrong? Is there any way around this without putting Steam...
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    BB Curve- turn off that beep?

    G'morning all, I have a BB Curve through Sprint. If I'm on the phone and someone calls me, the phone makes this little beep THAT CUTS OFF THE OTHER PERSON. GOD DAMN THAT'S STUPID! Can I turn that beep off somehow? Thanks all.
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    Will 3GHz C2Qs ever come down to $250 or $200?

    G'morning all, Will we ever see $250 or $200 for a ~3GHz Core 2 Quad? I see the Q9550 at 2.83GHz is at $315 right now on Newegg, but will we get better pricing closer to EOL, now that Core i7 is out, or no change, or... what? Reason is, I'd eventually like to upgrade my 3GHz C2D to a 3GHz...
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    Logitech G15 v1 randomly dies for a few seconds

    G'morning all, My G15 will randomly turn off for 10-15 seconds and then turn back on. I thought it might be a problem with the USB ports on my mobo, because this didn't occur on my previous ASUS A8N-SLI Premium, but maybe the timing is just coincidence? I've never noticed this happening...
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    HP Officejet Pro L7680 doesn't work as network printer

    G'morning all, This is on XP computers through a Linksys WRT610N router and some Netgear switch. We got an HP Officejet Pro L7680 AIO that I'd much prefer to hook up via ethernet rather than USB due to location. When we first got it, ~10 days ago, it worked fine. After I set it up I left...
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    Dead Space hint to those complaining about lack of 180° button

    Rotate the camera to whichever way you want Isaac to face, then aim (i.e. right-click) and he'll snap around. I don't know how so many people seem to miss this.
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    Anyone gotten this error message with FEAR?

    This started a couple days ago but I wasn't that interested in playing then so I can't remember if I did anything right before it started happening. Every time I try to launch the game, nothing happens. FEAR.exe and run32.dll or whatever show up in Process Explorer, but nothing happens. If I...
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    What do you map your mouse buttons to?

    So we all use the left and right buttons. But what if we have one or two thumb buttons, left and right-leaning wheels, another two or three buttons between the left and right buttons... On my G5, I use the big thumb button for Win+D (yay uberoptions), the mouse wheel left/right for Home/End...
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    Can download gigabytes from the internet, can't copy worth a darn on the LAN

    So yeah. I can download gigabytes upon gigabytes with Firefox, IE, uTorrent, what the hell ever. But as soon as I try to copy files from my computer onto the LAN, it's impossible? I know why, it's because I'm on a wireless network a couple hundred feet from the router (with a repeater in...
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    Excel file size increasing for no apparent reason? (from 15MB to 500MB+)

    G'morning all, We're all using Excel 2003 and Windows XP. I have a shared Excel file that's been about 15MB. It's accessed daily by three computers. We recycle it every week, so data basically only gets replaced, never added. Since Monday, the file size has increased to 700MB. I have no...
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    Can I use the Vista Ultimate DVD to install Vista Home Basic?

    G'morning all, I have a laptop with Home Basic on it that I want to reformat it but my dad has no idea where any of the CDs that came with it are. Can I use my 32-bit Vista Ultimate CD to reformat and install Home Basic? I'm pretty sure I can but most Google results are for upgrading Vista...
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    Make an application think I only have 2GB of RAM?

    G'morning all, I have VU 64-bit with 4GB of RAM. Is there anything I can do on the software side to make applications think I have less than 4GB of RAM? I'm thinking of Empire at War: Forces of Corruption and Act of War: High Treason, both of which will not run with 4GB of RAM. I know I...
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    Thinking about the Sharp Aquos line

    G'morning all, I have a 37" Westy and it's got a few burn-in issues, to the point where I forgot and I left WiC running during supper last night and when I got back it had burnt some images into the screen. It seems like they're gone now... But I still have some vague burning issues that are...
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    Windows Network Search: Index network locations?

    G'morning all, I'm running Vista Ultimate 64-bit with SP1. Is there anything I can do to get Windows Desktop Search 4 to index network locations? Google says there is "issues" with GDS and 64-bit OSes... anyone have issues, or is it safe to install? Thanks. :)
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    Going into standby when plugged in, then unplugging...

    G'morning all, What happens if a laptop is set to never hibernate while it's plugged in, it goes into standby, and then I unplug it? Does it detect that it's been unplugged, and switch to the "on battery" setting, i.e. will go into hibernate at appropriate time? Or does it not know that it's...
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    Zune Fall Update in August?

    Has anybody heard anything? I was listening to Leo Laporte's TWiT (#153, IIRC) and he mentioned that Audible was probably going to add support of audiobooks on the Zune next month. Now, on all the other players I've seen that support Audible audiobooks, they have their own menu option. A...
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    Podcast player recommendations?

    G'morning all, I'm in the process of selling my 80GB Zune (just gotta ship it :D) and I'm looking for a new DAP. The primary function will be to play podcasts. Right now I'm looking at a flash-based Zune, or maybe a iPod nano. But Creative's ZEN Stones are kinda cool looking...
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    EA Eliminates Periodic Check-in from Mass Effect, Spore

    EA Loosens Spore, Mass Effect DRM
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    Zune software v2.5 released- smart playlists return, gapless playback, and more...

    Gizmodo's overview A few highlights: Available for download from the Zune site or Windows Update... Yesterday I bought a H320 off of eBay. Nice timing. :D (Not sure if I'm going to keep my 80GB Zune yet or not.)
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    Program that converts old style icons to Vista style icons?

    G'morning all, I really don't remember much more than the title. I remember coming across a program that said it converted old style icons that looked bad in Vista to something that looks better, but I can't remember how or anything else. If anyone could link to that it would be great, I'm...
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    Where to buy LEDs? And how is this fan controller?

    G'morning all, I just bought this fan controller. First, does anyone else have one? Any problems with it? My fans pretty much turn off at the half-way point. Either my fans (two stock Lian Li 120mms plus two Noctua 120mm NF-P12-1300s) don't respond well to undervolting or...? (It's not a big...