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    ASUS Prime Z370-A 9th Gen Intel CPU Compatible BIOS?

    One of my Z370 systems has an ASUS Prime Z370-A mobo and I’m wondering if the 9/29/18 1412 BIOS will work with a 9th Gen K proc. My Z370 Hero X is very obvious in its descriptions that it supports the new CPUs - this board...
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    Overclocking the 9900K..

    Have a couple 8086Ks right now and am swapping 1 or both to 9900Ks. The 8086Ks are dead easy 5.0Core/5.0AVX overclockers without delids. What do you all think we’ll see the soldered 9900Ks do? Do you think 5.0Core/5.0AVX is a slam dunk? Or do you think matching AVX @5.0 could be a challenge...
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    W10 1809 Broke Edge Browser

    I just installed 1809 on 3 separate PCs. Edge is now broken on all 3. Anybody else? FIXED: Known issue. The upgrade disabled IPv6 on 3 of my systems. I turned it back on and Edge works. Lots of google hits on this one.
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    OLED iPad Pro..

    When is Apple going to put an OLED screen in the iPad Pro? I’ve got a Pro 10.5 and going between the new iP XS and iPad Pro screens really shows just how bad the backlight is for night time close up viewing on the newest iPad. Thing is, they’d have to figure out how to keep the 120hz Smooth...
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    Picked up an iP XS yesterday...

    Freakin awesome phone. Came from a 7. Major step up. The OLED screen is tits. The XS Max is a beautiful device too - jaw dropping. Too big for me, but if you’re a big-phone person, it’s a beauty. Anybody get a new iP yesterday?
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    Any new RTS like SupCom or Planetary Annihilation coming out?

    Anybody aware of existing or future games like these two? I’m still somewhat addicted, embarrassing to admit, to both of these after so many years, but I need a refresh in a bad way. Titans held me for quite awhile, despite its awful bugs. The Homeworld remasteres were fun. I think I’m out of...
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    When's the 9900K shipping again?

    Need one, got $$$ burning hole.
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    Brand new Seasonic 750W Titanium goes tits up..

    I’ve owned a LOT of Seasonics for the past ~15 years. I finally got what looks to be a bad one. Brand new one for a brand new build randomly shuts off after 3-15m. Sometimes fails to power on. Luckily I have like 3 other Seasonic PSUs laying around and no such issues with them. Seasonic used to...
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    Intel 900p Optane ...WOW

    This thing is no joke. Cloned a 512GB NVMe 960 Pro to this 900p (280GB U2). Low-QD Random Read is where it’s at folks. The hype is real. This drive is disgusting fast for an OS drive. Got it on sale at NewEgg too. Really wished I would’ve grabbed another for another box. Highly recommended...
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    IPad Air 2 > iPad Pro 10.5 today...

    So Best Buy knocked off $100 on the 64gb Pro 10.5s today. I couldn’t help myself as I’ve been wanting a Pro 10.5 bad for months now. I was worried the upgrade would not be worth it. Was wrong. This thing freakin rocks. Super snappy in everything, great screen, great everything. Pro Motion 120hz...
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    64GB Optanes

    ETA? Really need a R0 array with 2 of these. I could do a 128GB boot drive, but 64GB just isn't big enough. Since these are designed as cache, has anybody even heard if intel will be releasing bigger ones or will they just wait and release their Optane storage drives? ETA on those? Think the...
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    Do the GTX 950/960 have HDMI 2.0a or just HDMI 2.0?

    Anybody know if these two cards have the 2.0(a) HDR spec? Cannot find a definitive answer anywhere..
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    WMC / Windows 10 - anybody do the upgrade?

    I know WMC is dead in W10. Just wondering if anybody has done an in-place W10 upgrade on a PC that's running WMC. If so, what happened? It took a long time to do the upgrade and when it finally booted into W10 for the last time, WMC was just... gone? That pretty much cover it?
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    980ti - when?

    If I buy an eVGA 980, or 2 980s, do you think the 980tis will drop within my 90 day step-up window?
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    WTH are all the 4K monitors at?

    My wife's trooper Sammy 305T just $hit the bed. This means my HP Z30i goes to her and I get a brand new shiny, big (32-40") PROPER 4K unit. Wonderful - can't wait. SO WHERE ARE THEY???? I looked on Newegg, Amazon, DELL and everywhere else and there's crap for selection. I thought the...
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    New Samsung Magician is out...

    Support for 850 EVO and improved RAPID.
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    Single 780ti / 1600p Benchmark request (Heaven 4.0)

    So, I'm thinkin' of swapping out my 2 670FTWs for a single 780ti, with the thought of getting another in a few months if there's a price drop. I need somebody with a 30" 2560x1600 display and with a proc (preferably 4770K) 4.4GHz. Please don't bother if you've got a different setup than...
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    ACX cooler vs. traditional blower for SLi?

    Which of these will keep that top card cooler? I'm not a fan of the ACX coolers not exhausting all of their heat, but I know, all else being equal, they could cool better. I also know nVs latest blowers are very well done. Quiet, fairly cool vs. blowers of ol'. In reality, how do these...
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    2 GTX670FTWs vs single GTX780ti

    Being as the 670FTW cards were pretty much 680s in performance that would mean 2 are still faster than a single 780ti, according to much combings of benchmark reviews trying to compare 680s to 780s. What say you all? Would I lose performance going to a single 780ti? What is a safe, quiet...
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    Anybody use a promo code successfully at

    I'm buyin a big item and nowhere during the checkout process do I see the ability to plugin a promo code. What am I missing here?
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    So, how long does Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra last? (Delid)

    I've heard everything from this stuff hardening up and losing its ability to transfer heat to it being fine over a year later. This weekend I want to delid my 4770K and I bought a tube of the Ultra stuff. Am I going to have to reapply this stuff a year from now? 6 months from now?
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    HOT: Samsung 840 Pro 128 $119.99 FS @ NewEgg

    I've got 3 of these and 2 of the 256s - they rock. Good price.
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    Case recommendations

    I have some specific needs for a case replacement. I need a case with the best front and rear air intake I can find. I cannot use a top or side intake or exhaust as this case fits into a desk. The best case I have found is the Antec 1200 I've been using for two years now. It has 3x120s in the...
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    Will today's LGA1155 air coolers work with Haswell's LGA1150 socket?

    From Wikipedia: "Based on the supposed leak of an Intel document, cooling solutions for LGA 1155 and LGA 1156 sockets are compatible with LGA 1150, due to them having the same distance of 75 mm between each screw hole, however Intel has not confirmed this." Has any new info come out...
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    Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Case Availability

    I really, really want this case for a build. There have been quite a few US-based reviews of the case already. Does anybody have any idea when/who/where this thing will be available? I've sent Nanoxia an email and haven't received a reply yet...
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    Cyber Monday

    Any guesses on what CM will hold? BF wknd has kicked my arse and cleaned me out. I don't think I have anything left for tomorrow.
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    A couple of Z77 questions to owners...

    There are 2 things on my P67 that piss me off. *The occasional well-known COLD BOOT issues P67/SB have. *Sleep issues. Never have been able to have sleep work correctly with a 4.6-4.8 OC. In your experience, have these problems been fixed with IB/Z77? Board I'm looking at picking up is an...
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    Actual PCI-e 2.0 vs. 3.0 Benches?

    Sorry if this has been covered, but can someone point me to some benches where there's been tests done between 2.0 & 3.0? Same CPU, same GPU(s), just different mobo? There should be virtually ZERO differences with today's GPUs, right? Specifically 2 GTX670's?
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    Love my new 'Pad .... but how long...

    ..before all the app devs get their retina stuff done? I remeber the 3GS/4 switch and waiting even 6 months for quite a few apps to get the retina "treatment". Some were quick though. And the general support for the iPad is nothing compared to the phones... so my guess is it might be a while.
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    Do the 2TB Samsung F4 drives do well in RAID 5?

    I've got 4 of the 2TB Samsung F4 drives running in R10 off my P67 PCH right now - nice and fast, problem is it's a horribly inneffiicient use of space. I tried using intel's onboard R5 and it was horrible on write performance. Software RAID just cannot handle parity. So I'm planning on...
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    Need help finding a cheap but fast RAID 5 SATA controller card.

    So I've got 4 Samsung 2TB drives I've been running in R10 on my P67's onboard intel controller. R10 because I found out using the onboard R5 was absolutely freaking HORRIBLE. Write speeds were in the toilet. We're talking 1/5 - 1/6 of single drive write performance, which I quickly found was...
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    No Dolby in Windows 8

    So, what impact, if any, does this have for our HTPCs? What if a TV program is coming in with Dolby 5.1, does that mean there's no 5.1 joy? What about BD playback?
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    Is WD ever going to release a 2TB Blue?

    Not interested in the heat, noise and price of the Black, but I need 5 2TB drives.
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    Please help a BD encoding n00b...

    So my storage is toast - I filled it all up in a matter of days. 3TB Gone. All BD rips from my collection via AnyDVD HD. Is there a way to encode these into a LOSSLESS format while maintaing the lossless TrueHD/DTS tracks as well? I do not wish to compress anything. Is there anything to...
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    nVidia Overscan issue with DLP - should I just buy an ATi card?

    So I'm running a Samsung DLP unit with the new HTPC I just built. Using an nVidia GT520 with the latest WHQL Forceware. After much research online I'm experiencing a major show-stopping issue that many others are with DLP TV's / nVidia graphics cards. This topic pretty much sums up my...
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    TMT 5 is $59.99 on sale for today only!!

    FYI... Excellent price!
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    New to HTPCs, but just bought a crapload of parts... have some questions...

    Trying to do this right and could use some advice. Here's what Ive got comin in the mail... Some may be overkill or not enough. I realize I couldve gone the Zacate route and saved a bit wattage, but want this thing to be very fast in every way. Silverstone HD05B ASUS P8P67-M Intel i3 2100...
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    Thinkin' about a WD1002FAEX's to replace my WD6400AAKS's...

    Anybody have experience with these? The WD6400AAKS's have just been rock-solid fast drives, but I need more space. I've heard of a LOT of failures on the 1TB Blacks, but that may be simply because so many folks have them, thus the higher failure rate. In comparison the WD6400AAKS's, how...
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    Overclocking memory question...

    So I've got my G.Skill Ripjaws X 1600/C8 stuff running at stock clocks. Does anybody have experience OC'ing this stuff? Is there a nice OC that I could do that I wouldn't have to crank up the volts to much thus getting the DIMMs hotter? Wondering if I ould get a little more "snap" feeling...
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    Vertex 3 120 RAID0 Results...

    2x Vertex 3 120GB RAID0 on P67 intel 6G Ports (128k Stripe size) These things feel real good - got the OS loaded a few hours ago and it's snappy as hell.