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    Vector Art/Files

    Anyone know of any sites that have vector art for in their original formats? (e.g. not converted to raster jpg/png). Free is nice but I'd be willing to pay a bit also (to download the and use the artwork for personal use).
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    NAS - Where to begin?

    I am looking to getting storage order and I am thinking NAS. I have quite a few hard drives (assorted 1.5TB, 2TB, 3TB) which I have been lazily using via an SATA dock but it's getting tedious and even via USB, the process can be buggy (sometimes drives don't show up on the first power on or...
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    Laptop Suggestions - 15" - 17"

    I am a current and perhaps soon to be former Microsoft Surface 3 Pro user. It lasted me a couple of years through my schooling so far but it's becoming an old dog. Even a format hasn't seem to restore some of it's luster but my last term really showed some of it's weaknesses. Some of the...
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    Gigabyte P35K Issue - Boots to BIOS automatically

    Having trouble fixing an issue for a family member. Their Gigabyte P35K boots to the BIOS instantly. The BIOS itself is pretty limited in options but I have checked all of them, boot order, boot option menus themselves and I can't get past the BIOS. We've tried another msata drive, we've...
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    Looking for new headphone suggestions

    My Grado SR-225s (not the I) are hitting the shitter. The original cables "cracked" over time, so I rewired them myself. I was getting the Grado "grattle", which I have temporarily remedied several times and now the headband adjustment point is falling apart. Bottom line is, I don't really...
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    SMPlayer help

    I recently switched to SMPlayer as my video player due to some issues I've had with VLC and MPC-HC. In VLC I was getting audio blips every once in awhile and it became distracting, whereas MPC-HC was giving me video sttuters every now and then but only with certain file types. But now I have...
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    Rage is awesome

    Since there are plenty of "Rage sucks/blows/liptstick on a pig/ate my children and abused me while I was asleep" threads, I figured I'd post one for people who like the game and care to bring out the brighter points of the game. Think it's only fair because if I went based off what some people...
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    Steam Quakecon Pack

    You get every ID/Bethesda game for only $69.99. Or, $54.99 if you pre-order Rage or Skyrim. Or $39.99 if you pre-order both. Some great games to be had! I'm sure a lot of people have most of the Quake/DOOM stuff but there are other games in there to sweeten the deal (Morrowind, Oblivion...
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    USB 3.0 extension/adapter?

    Does anyone know of a place to get a USB 3.0 extension cable of sorts that is capable of accepting the 20-pin motherboard connector and the other end can plug in to a back IO USB 3.0 port? Trying to do this as a sort of work-around since my mobo doesn't have a header for the front IO ports.
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    Weird 5850 fan blip

    It's not really a major issue but I am very curious as to why it occurs. Feel like I am oblivious or something but anyway. What is happening is that whenever I open up Microsoft Outlook, the GPU fan cycles down about 20% (example, 54% speed down to 34%) and does that rapidly a few times...
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    eSATA so difficult?

    I am honestly getting frustrated with eSATA. Through multiple mobos/chipsets/controllers, I have never been able to get it to work without issue. :mad: With the Sil 3132 add-on card, I can't do a "Safely Remove" at all. With my current mobo and my last one (ASUS P5B), it doesn't matter if...
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    Budget HTPC - which way?

    I am looking to make a HTPC for a family member but while I know the options available for cube build, it has also been suggested to me that I could use a laptop. I am basically looking for this HTPC to do and/or have the following: -Capable of playing 1080p content smoothly -Will be used...
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    BlacX/HDD Issue

    I was swapping some files around with my BlacX docking station and when I plugged on of my hard drives back in (WD15EADS) it failed to be recognize and got a pop up saying the drive needed to be formatted (???). I thought maybe I didn't seat it well enough so I turned it off and reseated it...
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    Need help picking an LCD

    I am looking to sidegrade from my current monitor (a sharp AQUOS 32 inch HDTV (720p)). The reasoning being that I want to scale down the actual size, since it's affecting my vision from the distance I am sitting, but I also want to have a higher resolution. Though I generally understand the...
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    Compaq S3300NX Woes

    So I got this computer handed to me the other day to fix and I cannot figure out what is wrong with it, persay. Basically, it boots up to the Safe Mode/Last Known Good Config/Start Normally menu and that's about as far as it can really get. I initially had thoughts that it might be a corrupted...
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    9800GT Overclocking

    Hey guys, I've had my 8800 GTS 640 running for quite awhile and recently jumped on the BFG offer to get a BFG 9800GT OC with trade in of the an old AGP card. Anyhow, I haven't been keeping track of overclocking results of anything beyond my 8800 GTS and I am curious what I can expect (on...
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    SPDIF troubles

    I am trying to get SPDIF/optical to work correctly. It does not want to transmit DTS/DD when an actual media file is playing but it will work when I run the Playback Devices DTS/DD tests, through all channels. But when I play the media files themselves, they just play in stereo mode. I have...
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    What phone do you have?

    Post what phone you use and why you like it. You can also post your phone history if you'd like. I'll start. I never really liked cell phones and finally got one when I was 22. This is my second phone to date (had a Motorola V180 before). Sony Ericsson W610i It's perfect for me...
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    PC Camera Systems

    I don't really know too much about it so I thought I'd ask here incase anyone had experience with them. I'm looking into getting a security surveillance that can hook up to a PC. More importantly, having a decent software suite to go along with it. Things of importance: - PC-based camera...
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    Feedback on the forums per the update

    The upgrade you guys did is really nice. Before I would have to wait about 3-6 seconds on average when clicking through but now it is usually within the first second. Haven't noticed any problems so far; just the nice performance.
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    Unknown issue with PC

    So initially my crash dump files were pointing to my mouse being the culprit (I tried uninstalling the Habu software and using another mouse, btw, just to doubel check) but now my system isn't even producing crash dumps because it immediately freezes. It does not respond to anything but a...
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    Mouse Suggestions

    So what's new and good in the gamer mouse section these days? I am on my second Microsoft Habu (second being that they replaced the first one which died to the infamous wire problem) and it seems to be acting up. Keeps crashing my computer (I have determined this because a crash dump is...
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    Figured it out

    I have been continuously having FILE_IO_ERRORs with SMP Client which will basically mean I would constantly have to reset the client after every work unit was done. I tried various overclock settings and stock. Basically, I figured out it was NOD32 AMON (realtime file system protection) that...
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    RivaTuner / Vista x64 Woes

    For the life of me I cannot get it to work right. I tried installing it normally (v2.06) and letting it update during the install process, I also tried to update it manually afterwards with the RTU file included. I tried to update it with the 2.03 signed drivers from techpower; as well, I...
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    ATiTool - Reliable?

    I know alot of people run things like 3DMark and whatnot on loop for hours on end to test stability, as well as looking for visual artifacts. Though recently I gave ATiTool a run, because some people were raving about it's artifact scanner. I am curious to know what the general concensus is on...
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    Windows Update Issues

    Not sure if anyone else has experienced the 'problem' but today when I loaded up Windows Update (Vista Ultimate x64) and checked for updates, it said there was an update to Windows Update itself. Anyhow, after that, 7 new updates appeared, though some of them seemed old. Like the Bitlock...
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    Vista x64 + Aureon 7.1 Universe

    I recently changed to Vista and I have been too busy to finish installing things. So I just got to installing soundcard drivers today for my Terratec Aureon 7.1 Universe; they only have some beta drivers it appears. Now when I load up the Control Panel software, I notice that there is a field...
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    Project Offset Bought By Intel

    Wonder if we'll see it sooner than later :confused:
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    I am switching to Vista 64-Bit (from Windows XP Professional) and I am curious if there is anything I need to be aware of. I figure if I copy the F@H directory it should say my current WU progress, no?
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    Excel problem

    So, I was working on an Excel sheet that I keep inventory with (not work related) and it's been fine until recently. Basically, this excel file has multiple worksheets and when I was editing something on the first worksheet, it started to transfer over in the exact same row number. Is there...
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    Getting my feet wet again

    I tried F@H a long time ago and was going for awhile but could not continue due to heat issues (did not have A/C and the like). I recently saw the front page post and decided to try again. I am basically up and running now I guess. I skimmed the setup faq at hardfolding, using the command line...
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    NOD32 going whacky?

    I am just curious if anyone else has noticed the extreme amount of 'program module' updates today. Or if it's just my client in some update loop, because I have seen it update the 'program module' like 7 times today.
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    "Soundcard" Issue

    I use quotes because it's more related to the audio end but also has to do with the video card. Every time I scroll (be it keyboard or moose) or there is video playback, my sound has interference coming through. Gets more noticeable the higher the volume. Now, from what I can tell, it has...
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    Virtual Console Games

    I have some Wii Points left over and I am looking for some suggestions of games to try. I don't know if it's my browsing method but for the most part I don't know the games. I currently have: SFII Turbo Ninja Gaiden Punch-Out Ft Mr. Dream Pac-Man Anyway, if anyone would like to...
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    E6400 Overclock

    Howdy, I got myself a new set of RAM (OCZ PC2-6400 Platinum Rev 2; two kits of 2x1024MB) to replace my old Value Select 667 from Corsair. I was sitting at about 2.66GHz. Anyway, I have been tweaking things with my new pairs and I have been able to boot into Windows with the settings...
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    P5B (Vanilla) Questions

    I bought my E6400 / Asus P5B back in Nov. 2006. At the time, I could only really afford Corsair Value Select VS2GBKIT667D2. Fast forward to today and I do not think I am getting the most out of my CPU. I am able boot into Windows at 3.2 GHz (FSB400/800DDR2) and all seems well and dandy except...
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    UPS questions

    So I recently bought a TrippLite OMNI1000LCD (1000VA/500W) UPS and I am just curious about a few things before I put it to use. Now, I heard it's not good to use surge/power bars before the UPS or from one of it's outputs but there were some grey areas - seemingly because of bad choice of...
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    Case Suggestions/Opinions

    Bottom line is that I need a new case; preferably a full-sized / server tower. Not only to deal with space issues but to get a more efficient design, both in cable and internal component management. Air flow design is also something I am looking to as my current mid-size with all its...
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    RivaTuner Problems

    So long story short, I seem to be in bizzaro world. I've never had problems using RivaTuner in the past and I know my general limits. Anyhow, prior to using RivaTuner over the recent days, I decided to give nTune a go. It was ok but the custom rules area didn't seem to want to restore my OC...
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    Need opinions (Headphones)

    Howdy, I am apparently going to need to buy another set of headphones since my current ones have been falling apart for some time (the wonders of tape) and now finally one can has ceased to operate altogether. I started some years ago with the Grado SR-80s. They were great on sound but I had...