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    Need advice on 1080 purchase

    I am currently out of town working, but was offered an Asus Rog Strix 8gb GTX 1080 that has not been mined and was purchased in 2018 for $380 through a friend. It appears they sell for more than that on ebay and I think here, but I honestly have limited time to look into it to see if its...
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    Return to Newegg or RMA through ASRock

    I know, avoid Newegg as much as possible. In this case the deals were just too good. My Asrock board will only recognize channel a memory, so I think it has to go back. Is it preferable to exchange with Newegg or RMA via Asrock? (I am aware of the new egg issues and am prepared to...
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    Used 7970 or new 7950?

    Obviously for a used 7970 I am taking whats offered, typically reference designs to keep the prices similar to a new 7950 (maybe Gigabyte triple fan) Thoughts? Is it worth the hassle and possible warranty issues?
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    BF3 + Joystick + n52te SOLVED

    Finally got my Logitech Freedom flight stick working in BF3, so I thought I would share. First off, deleting all the bindings did not work for me, the game would not recognized any movements in game but Windows was fine. My problem was that that I have 2 devices, the Belkin n52te and the...
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    5850 Temps with new cooler

    Sorry guys, I see a lot of information on overclocking temps not too much on stock. I have not overclocked my card or done anything to it as it plays the games I like well enough to please me and my time these days is limited. My 5850 fan started grinding so I fired up Hardware Monitor to...
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    4850CF to replace my 8800GTS G92 ?

    Thinking about picking up a pair of 4850's, benchmarks show it as being comparable to a 5850, but about $100 less. How much more power would this consume, cant find an exact benchmark? Seems like it would be a worthy upgrade for me, BC2 really lags if I am near a mortor strike. Should I...
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    Moving platters from one drive to another

    So, 1 of 2 500gb hd's failed in my buds Maxtor raid 0 array and he didnt have any other backup, and is willing to try anything. My boss says he has moved the platters of one drive to the other and been able to get it going long enough to get the data off so I have a few questions about it...
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    Maxtor OneTouch III raid configuration question

    My buddy has one of these Yeah, look at the reviews. Appears to be raid 0 or 1, would I be able to throw the individual drives in on a mobo raid controller...
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    Dual core or quad core?

    Building a system for a buddy, and I have been going back and forth on whether to get him a 3Ghz dual core or a 2.5Ghz quad core processor due to some limitations. He needs to run XP due to a Corel x3 plugin for his business, which pretty much screws everything up as far as ram and multi cpu...
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    woot Everglide S-500 $25 Shipped

    seems like a descent deal, there was a deal going around a while ago pretty good reviews all around from what I saw, price was the main concern but for $25 its not a factor do I really need a link?
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    Netgear WPN824NA Max Range Wireless G Router $20 + Ship

    Go Here Seems like a pretty good price Newegg sells the same one for $79.99
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    Zenith Digital RG6 Compression Tools $10

    Good deal, I spent 2x that for mine. ThingFling
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    [H]OT! Memorex 50 8x DL DVD+R $39.99 or less with GC

    Linky Extremely good deal, I paid $32 and change after tax and $10GC, making them about $0.66 per disc.
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    BFG 8800GTS $279 AR ($30) + Ship Newegg

    Couldnt edit the title of my last thread, so heres a new one.
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    BFG 8800GTS $299 AR ($30) Free Ship Newegg Pretty good deal.
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    Western Digital Passport Portable 120GB $89.95 Shipped

    Found this for a friend, its a good deal.
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    Clean Install Vista Upgrade without reinstalling

    I havent tried it yet, but if you need to do a clean install of Vista from your upgrade cd this looks to be a pretty good solution. Could be helpful if you OS has crashed or something, and makes it so you dont have to install and OS just to upgrade it...
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    I DID install OEM Vista on a diff. pc than XP

    Title says it all Bought XP MCE awhile back with the Vista upgrade. Decided to upgrade my system, got a new motherboard, cpu, and video card. Did a "clean" install of the Vista upgrade, and activated it. Its not supposed to work, but certainly did. Just thought I would share...
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    Vista & 2 Sets Of Dual Channel RAM

    After much troubleshooting, and help from [H], I figured out that I need to remove 3 of my 4 dimms to get Vista to even install. Problem is it wont even run with all 4 in, it will just lock up no matter how they are installed. Runs perfect using either of the sets, but not both together. Any...
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    Can I use Vista Upgrade on a diff. PC

    I know I read it somewhere in here, but cant seem to relocate it. I decided to upgrade my hardware, if im not going to use the MCE2005 that I purchased anymore, will I be able to register the new hardware to the Vista upgrade? Thanks for any help, if I find that answer I will post back...
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    X-Fi Platinum $89.28 AR im getting the non plat version posted earlier, but this is a good deal too (if you need the extra i/o)
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    Anybody ever hear of a GPU blowing a PSU?

    short story short buds PC quit booting (at all) replaced PSU, ran fine for 2 days, then died bought a PSU tester and both PSU's were jacked (one did nothing, the other measured strange readings across the board) warrantied the PSU, replaced the mobo and CPU fan, tested the ram for...