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    For the purpose of insurance claim, does a PC game has depreciate value?

    So while a regular piece of hardware has depreciated value, a PC game, any general PC game, say a first person shooter game, does it really have a depreciate value? Because the same type of game that we play on the arcade, is the same game that we play on a PC, and should the entertainment...
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    what is the real difference between a generic brand name doorbell camera vs. brand name like Ring?

    I just need one that I can TURN OFF the ring during most time of the day so I don't have to hear anyone ringing my door bell. So I just need one that I can wirelessly connect to it from my PC to program the doorbell I see the basic ones at ebay is only $15 whereas brand like Ring go for over...
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    where do you buy those lacquer mirror finish wood for speakers? so the 2nd photo from the top, where do you get those wood? I try to search at etsy, all I get is false result
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    Windows boots up with the detection of my flash drive everytime

    So back from 2014 to today, I have a USB 3.0 flash drive connects to the back of my old PC. Each time windows 7 boot up, it does NOT show an mesg. of Windows Explorer saying Drive G is USB 3.0 drive etc. That's an Asus dual CPU motherboard Switching over to a new PC, I still have the USB...
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    is it normal for mini display port cable NOT to have Ferrite Choke

    I don't understand why the regular display port cable c/w ferrite choke on both end, whereas the mini display port doesn't have it
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    Need serious help: No sound after installing Sound Blaster ZxR to new PC

    so my sound card is running fine on the old PC. Today, I move over to the new PC. The computer sees the card just fine, the driver install just fine, as I go to youtube, I can see the green bar on the Volume Mixer moving up / down the only problem is : there is no sound if I switch over to...
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    How do you get Firefox to create new tab at the new tab page?

    in my existing PC, firefox automatically creates new tab of website that I visited. And according to this link, there is a Setting button you can click, to customize new tab on my new PC as I'm...
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    what is the difference of an entry at HKey_Current_User/Software vs. HKey_Local_Machine\Software

    I am comparing a screen capture of a software that I have in an old machine, in which I have a few entry of that software under HKey_Local_Machine\Software But on my current PC, I don't see that same software at HKey_Local_Machine\Software rather, I see that same software at...
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    please del.
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    Lexmark color printer sucks up too much toner

    a guy had a monochrome lexmark printer last at least 7 year, it finally dies, this old monochrome toner is replaced once every 2 yr and business is really good during that time (say $240 / toner) so he upgrades to a color multi-function color laser, so happen business slows down seriously...
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    Looking for old bug fixing history on Corel word Perfect

    there is a bug on Cored Wordperfect since ver. 7 to the ver. X3 that I'm using, in which after you paste some text, and click something, the text disappear, almost as if the software interpret the click as a Re-Do. To prevent it, you have to save often. I can get WordPerfect X4 really, really...
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    Video is very dark when I play on PC, but fine on the Camera LCD display

    So it was 9 am in the morning at my front deck, I am using a Canon EOS 7D w/ a 70 to 200 L zoom lens to take 2 video of the squirrel at my deck. I use M mode at 1/60, F2.8. The LCD display on my camera is just fine, I can see the squirrel in the display just fine But when I view the video on...
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    How do you make your mouse cursor not to change to a different shape across application?

    so my screen is 43", I need a big cursor. So I have been using a giant orange cursor, otherwise it's hard to find your cursor. But on some application, such as Excel, when I move the cursor across, Excel changes my giant cursor to a white cross, and now that belongs hard to find. Is there a...
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    Why is that some VPN is several times the monthly fee vs. others? is 4X the monthly fee vs. what do I get from the extra money? Expresvpn charges a 1 time x 15 month package. But who's to say they'll be around in 15 mth.? Where can you get some unbias recommendation on the top 10 VPN and have been in business for at least 10...
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    Is there an equivalent of SuperKey / Prokey on web browser when you're on a web page?

    anyone remember in the 1980's, we have software called SuperKey or Prokey? So say you have a no. of long words that you need to type out. Superkey allows you to program your keyboard to spell the word. for e.g., say you need to type out the word "experience", and you need to type out this...
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    is there a way to stop the facebook lower left corner pop up? after doing a lot of search, it seems there is no way of stopping this. See link above. I'm at the notificaion page, they talk about Push and SMS, but they don't tell you...
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    When PCIe x1_3 & PCIe x1_4 are occupied, PCIe x16 run at x2 mode, what if ONLY ONE is occupied?

    I am just fed up w/ Asus. I bought a motherboard that c/w a few PCIe x 1 slot, and a 2nd PCIe x 16_2 slot (only run at x4 to begin with) I need that PCIe x 16_2 slot to run a x4 PCIe NVMe adapter Now, I have 2 other adapter that I need install at PCIe x 1 _3 and PCIe x 1 _4 (a sound card and...
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    which gigabyte or Asus Intel CPU based motherboard c/w Dual usb 3.0 to motherboard

    I normally install the Gigabyte Ultra Durable series, that does not c/w this port, for those who uses other motherboard, do you know any series that c/w this port inside the box...
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    Need Help: I'm 2nd guessing whether my Blu-ray writer is dying or not

    2 days ago, as I try to burn a 50GB media, the first media failed. These Verbatim media are made in Japan and I never have one that failed in the past 10+ years. So I burn a 2nd Verbatim BD-R media, this time, it works, but at 4X, it should finish in 45 min. But it took 1.5 hr., then it...
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    Looking for Blu-ray SATA Internal burner, support up to BDXL 100 GB media, that is made in Japan

    does anyone know any brand name Blu ray sata internal drive that is made in japan, I would like to buy one. I know the older model of Pioneer used to be made in Japan. But I'm hoping for suggestion of other brand
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    does 10 to 15 yr. old USB Joystick still works with any game under windows 10?

    there is a manufacturer by the name of CH Product,the USB based joystick is made in USA. But this co. hasn't make any new product for over 1 + decades. Their website has n't been updated for years. But the joystick is USB based. What would be the problems if this joystick is used on modern...
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    For video card connected to motherboard but not to monitor, does the card still wear out if it's at OC mode?

    So I got a free Asus GTX 950 w/ 2GB of Video RAM. This card was connected to a PC motherboard but no cable was ever not connected to the monitor, instead the video cable was connect to the main motherboard's VGA port. I now use this card to my new PC, and install Asus GPU Tweak II. 1) does...
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    is there any benefit to have the m.2 heatsink more than 2X the size of the thermal pad? so w/ this design, the heatsink goes in on top, and it looks like the heat sink surface area vs. the thermal pad is pretty much 3X the size. You can from the right size of the photo that the grey color pad is only about 1/3 the...
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    Co. that makes wooden mechancial keyboard, is the keys + electronics in-house or is there a great OEM keyboard co.? so these brands, I never heard of. Likewise, there are a few teenager at Etsy that also hand made wooden mechancial keyboard. So for these...
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    Need to solve the mystery of this Microsoft phone no. 800-642-7676

    there seems to be all kinds of scam associated w/ this no. w/ people cr. card debited in the hundreds of $. But the no. shows it's Microsoft phone no. What's the mystery behind this? 1 person I know says the debit on her VISA says "Microsoft", so it should be a fake, but how does VISA allows...
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    what's a good online store that sell PC games and accept paypal?

    I normally buy the game that c/w CD / DVD. I am hoping if there is 1 on line retailer that sells most of them, so I can order it via paypal, and have them mail me the CD/ DVD if not, I can go w/ an online retailer that allows download of the manufacturers' games, and accept paypal as payment...
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    what is the best contact material between the layer of m.2 SSD and its heatsink?

    I bought this brand call Jeti from new egg. The contact layer that is put on top of m.2 SSD is just a piece of rubber , then the heatsink screw in on the top. Now, w/ CPU and its heatsink, I use Arctic Cooling MX-4, so how does a piece of rubber replaces compound like MX-4?
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    any of you heard resin keycap? and they are $60 per single key I thought when I bought my Azio typewriter keyboard, that was fancy, until I see this
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    for semi-open frame case, do we really need intake / outtake cooling fan?

    the whole idea on intake fan is to bring in ambient temperature air inside the case. But the case is already semi open frame, then what's the point? likewise, do we really to suck out the air inside the case? as it should dissipate thru the semi open frame in the first place? how many of you...
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    Who is Accessory Power / Enhance ? How can they offer lifetime warranty for their mice? on the manufacturer website, they offer free extended lifetime warranty ? has anyone use this brand? and does their RGB keep changing color by itself?
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    what is a PICe Riser Cable 1X to 16X extension for GPU Mining adapter card? I am not even sure I'm reading this correctly exactly what does this thing do?
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    why would they build a floppy disk drive on a Borg Cube? well, they only make 31 of these. And at least it's not 5.25" floppy
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    Silver to Rhodium mouse, $200 to $600, what's your take? and the rhodium mouse is actually sold out
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    why is dual NVMe adapter so expensive? the fake ones that c/w 1 SATA + NVMe are cheap, but the ones that c/w dual NVME are expensive, the above is over $100 startech brand is...
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    need help: Cannot understand why this Panasonic TGA939 series handset (2014 model) is over $100 per unit

    on Dec. 2014, I bought this 2 line cord/cordless KX-TG9471B set, that comes with the based cord phone & a cordless handset. Everything works fine to this date. the handset model is TGA939T. The other week, based on internet research (see link below), I bought 3 x TGA931T, that is supposedly...
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    is there such a thing as natural material mouse pad?

    you know, the ones that the smell does NOT cause cancer. Is there such a thing?
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    Can we get CD-R made in Japan in the near future?

    so Taiyo Yuden is merged w/ JVC, and JVC is bought out by CMC. CMC CD-R are all made in Taiwan. does that mean if the old JVC is all gone, we can't get CD-R made in japan? who exactly make Cd-R in japan?
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    hey mice people, what's your take on Pointer Instruments $270 mouse? I mean, it's some money. Never seen a mouse that fancy
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    8K OLED TV is FINALLY out

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    what alternative do we have to watch CNBC, CNN via internet box instead of satellite?

    I'm paying $100 / mth. on satellite. Is there any legitimate pay service via some internet box that gives real time CNN, CNBC just like the way you watch the satellite box?