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  1. N4CR

    Would it be naïve to sell my Vega 56 for $$$ to buy a better card "when" prices fall again?

    I'm also considering jumping to a 6600xt or 6700xt. So, WTT? V64 ref, late production run, excellent undervolter, never OCD and under 2k hours game time at~120-160w typically. Spent a year off and unused while I was overseas. Yet to clean dust out it's due I'd assume so will do for buyer.
  2. N4CR

    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    1 system, ten years. Sataball? ToW (when you can't get FPS working on a horrible old FPS engine) is still nowhere to be found, two years after being a 'quick job for a 6 man team' that 'wouldn't take resources away from game development', after a failed playtest. It has now been (drumroll)...
  3. N4CR

    Worst possible microphone

    Lmao! Even better results when you put the ear buds/crappy Mic under a thick, woolen blanket. Source: I recorded some black metal songs back in the earlier aeons.
  4. N4CR

    The Samsung QLED q90a will be released in a 43" model.

    Have a new q90 55" at my flat, pity it doesn't have Dp or I'd give it a hoon for y'all.
  5. N4CR

    Players found cheating in Call of Duty games may now find themselves banned from the entire franchise, including all previous games and future titles

    This is like how Camomo admins rust servers. Screw up once, even on your alt, you're gone if they see you cheated in past.
  6. N4CR

    Windows 11 Will Soon Block All Default Browser Workarounds

    Lol does anyone actually care about w11? Aside from the few $MSFT holders here? I'm still not on w10, so can safely say the next rig will be Linux and if I can't emulate and somehow need this cancerous malware of an O$, it'll be a dual boot.
  7. N4CR

    Ford and Purdue develop new EV charging cables

    Fracking is cuddly until a pipe casing goes and the toxic muck or oil gets into your ground water. Are you Steve/Mixedgas?
  8. N4CR

    Never played F.Fantasy. Where to start?

    Oooh, not heard much of ff9 let alone from someone who prefers FF8, thanks for the heads up. Slowly chipping away at FF7 remake and enjoying the fresh take, i'd love to see re-done art for ff7 and 8 one day. And agreed the FF8 story is quite a ride, I also find it very captivating.
  9. N4CR

    Never played F.Fantasy. Where to start?

    Lot of people love ff8 as well. I found the story more relatable and plausible than ff7, as with most character modeling. Very relaxing. The soundtrack is probably the best of the lot, too.
  10. N4CR

    Outdated game mechanics.

    Deadspace. Freaky janky shit lol.
  11. N4CR

    For the purpose of insurance claim, does a PC game has depreciate value?

    Only if it's not graded by certain 'people' at WATA while being re-sold constantly to the owner at Auction every few years to inflate the price and create a speculative bubble market.
  12. N4CR

    500TB in silica glass about the size of CD.

    Un-doped YAG yes but the rest usually isn't as the doped stuff can have some pretty colours in large boules. Rarest one I've held was cerium doped, just the end bit was ~20k usd haha, fluro yellowy colour with the slightest light on it, thanks to one of the FLIR lads ;) Have also spent a lot of...
  13. N4CR

    Latest GPU Market Sales Indicate that NVIDIA Indeed Halted RTX 30 Series Production

    Why would they stockpile if the issue is over-production? Honestly I don't see them stopping production, maybe certain models only.
  14. N4CR

    LHR for current gen cards are a horrible idea

    Lol I basically read in this thread "It's okay guys, mining is exempt from electron migration and our cards are worth more than ex-gaming cards because we know tech". The crypto cult is strong lol.
  15. N4CR

    AMD shows off 3.0 GHz Barcelona with 3x2900 XT?

    nice job History did repeat. Unfortunately for Intel they just played the Presshot 3.0GHz and have another few years of purgatory to go.
  16. N4CR

    LG 48CX

    I was meaning for VR use. For lithographic processes the microLED will not be beaten by OLED. Sure OLED can be as fast (actually it's much slower, LEDs can have 10ns rise time) but the real advantage is massive heatsinking and power density possibilities (e.g. crazy HDR/contrast levels) via...
  17. N4CR

    The core i9 12900K used 2.3x power than the Ryzen 5950x in official benchmark

    When doesn't Intel hobble AMD chips in their tes ts?
  18. N4CR

    Rumor: Nvidia allegedly halting RTX 3000 production this October to keep prices as high as possible until 1H22

    TSMC said they thought there was evidence of this occurring, someone (cough nvidia or darling thugs Intel) buying excess wafer capacity to shut out competitors. So that could give this news some credibility... Of course nvintel wouldn't do this..
  19. N4CR

    LG 48CX

    I see microLED doing better than vastly better than OLED especially on VR headsets where the size is manageable. Sure you can print OLED but the heatsinking, density, brightness and speed of the microLED (already at 1KHz/1000fps) will stomp OLED. And I am damn sad I'm not in USA right now. I...
  20. N4CR

    Hitler finds out his PC can't run Windows 11

    What a load of wank. It will be required by export law to have backdoors in it for Govt, who is the main issue with privacy and your data. Not some random Estonian guy.
  21. N4CR

    Dozens of Drones drop from the sky in China

    What I heard is a local competitor jammed the signal (jammers are easy to get over there) to cause failsafe autoland to kick in.
  22. N4CR

    SW Squadrons is free on Amazon Prime Gaming

    Damn, you can sign up for 7 days free trial as long as you cancel it they won't charge. It worked and I'm not even in USA - thanks so much OFaceSIG ! edit: Even at $8 it's still a steal. There is also Ghostrunner and plenty of other games and packs, World of Warships stuff, Apex, Genshin etc etc.
  23. N4CR

    FF VII Remake Combat

    I feel the real time mode works best with the new game. But you have the option :) Still want to see FF8 remade in high resolution, this way [FF7 remake] would be cool as well.
  24. N4CR

    Is there a hardware solution for switching between speakers and headphones?

    This. The only downside to switch boxes is you'll have to reduce your audio output level, in order to not blow your ears IF you run line out at max volume to your stereo.
  25. N4CR

    Proton gaining easy anti cheat and battle eye support

    Cute. It's like bringing a WW1 tank into a modern battlefield. These engines do nothing against machine learning cheats that don't even run on your OS/PC. The ones the good streamers use, you know, shroud and co with their physically impossible reaction times that nutswingers vouch for because...
  26. N4CR

    China declares all crypto transactions illegal

    Told my cryptobros a few years back it just takes one govt to start doing this on this scale (and with this size govt) to cause some massive issues to crypto. As long as GPUs are cheaper and the kosher banks are worried still I don't mind.
  27. N4CR

    Apple not recalling M1 due to screens cracking

    This has been a long time coming, they've been moving to more and more reliance on the rigidity of a plastic LCD panel backing (the internal part) as opposed to spending that money you give them on a fucking frame and chassis for the panel. Why people still pay for this junk... I don't know.
  28. N4CR

    Best phones with LCD screens?

    I think the V20 still has LCD but there is potential to have BGA issues on them and the V10s if you are not very handy at hot air soldering/re-BGA then stay away.
  29. N4CR

    IGN Best Video Game of All Time Tournament

    Didn't Sean Murray work on that (before Hello Games)? HL2 taking an L so early is hilarious if not disappointing.
  30. N4CR

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

    How is the best way (are there improvement mods etc) to play KOTOR these days? Looks like some interesting stuff on Nexus but assuming it won't work on Steam.
  31. N4CR

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

    Oh well, there goes my hope. Getting that soy-bitch to re-write it, is like asking China to write a movie about the origins of Taiwan. Great youtube comment on this: edit: Ladies and Gentlemen, the final boss has been found already: 'Knights of The Woke Republic'
  32. N4CR

    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    I'm an OLED fan but also have seen enough evidence to believe what Wix33 is saying is likely correct. The uneven burn in of different sub-pixels in OLED is why they are different sizes to begin with, to accommodate for the degrading output over time. When shrinking this process, you still have...
  33. N4CR

    Judge Says an AI Can’t Be an Inventor on a Patent Because It’s Not a Person

    Huge ruling for in future. Glad it went this way.
  34. N4CR

    Diablo II Resurrected: Offical Thread

    LOL. Old ass game engine W10 only, well there goes my order. You can take your w10 and TCP-IP removal and shove it, Blizzard.
  35. N4CR

    Microsoft broke Windows 11 injecting ads

    So I get to skip win 10 and win 11? Thank you for making that easier again, Microsoft.
  36. N4CR

    The last train of Microsoft

    With what they did with windows defender, I'm going to say gtfo microsoft. They just joined the WhatsApp and facebook shitlist. They'd force it win 10/11/xbox only and at this rate I'll mitigate to Linux before that joke. I see Chinese microled headsets ruling the roost in a decade. They won't...
  37. N4CR

    Intel 12900K benchmarks leaked

    Uhh so it's not faster than AMD except single core then? What shitty journalism again, probably get the good Intel shekels for marketing as usual.
  38. N4CR

    Recommendations for audio card for listening to Classical Music?

    There are power isolators for USB DACs that make a big difference for noise floor. Mate runs one of these with a power isolator (external supply so USB isn't subject to noise from pc power). It's similar to dac in a lgv30 which is considered one of the best portable music devices under 400usd...
  39. N4CR

    Hardware Unboxed puts an LG OLED TV through their monitor tests. RTINGS shows up in the comments.

    I still remember the first time cranking my monitor up to 90hz in quake 2... I wonder if oled will come close to the clarity of crt when I finally get one.