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    How do I determine if my CPU is a Chinese Fake?

    I was recently given an Asus X58 Sabertooth motherboard with what I assume to be a fake Xeon X5680 It had no ram or video card (Excuse me GPU LoL) I used some spare DDR 3 and an old Nvidia GT53o to test it. It posts and say the CPU is an Xeon X5680 but I took the giant heatsink/fan (Zanman...
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    HDMI "Faker"

    I have a quick question I need an HDMI "Faker" as in have it think my TV is on all of the time using my Ryzen 7 3700X with my GT1030 (In signature line) and when I turn off the TV both screens default back to 1080P instead of my "4K" (Not really 4K LoL damn marketing people) both displays...
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    Steel Series Software

    Anyone know the last version of the software Steel Sereies engine before it became a giant bloated SteelSeries GG crap? I just use it for my SteelSeries Apex I only use it to customize the lighting and buttons so I don't need the other crap! I want to find the last version of the engine and then...
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    Is a Dell 1100W Server 12V Power Supply Useful for anything else?

    I have a chance to get These 1100W Dell server power supplies for around $2 - $5 each but they have what looks to be a giant card edge connector 2 big traces which I assume is +12V and ground and some smaller ones which I assume are for control and signals to the server. Can I use these for...
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    R8500 Antenna Came Apart How to fix?

    Posted this is the Netgear Communities forum but no useful replies yet so I'm trying here Hi there long time Netgear user (My first newly bought router was my WNDR4500) anyway I bought a used R8500 router online and it was packed too well as in I was unwrapping it from it's bubble wrap (in a...
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    OK at a chance of getting laughed at, what do you use your "Retro PC" for?

    I finally got my "Retro' PC done as I got the proper stand-offs for the newer CoolerMaster N400. The Specs are as follows "and I quite stink stank stunk" LoL (Lets see who can tell me what that quote is from! Anyway MSI Nforce 2 Motherboard AMD Athlon XP 2000+ 2.5GB of DDR 333 (2 x 1 + a 512MB...
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    Windows 10 not allowing me to login

    I was trying to allow remote registry access! Probably what caused this or maybe not? Anyway I clicked on Computer after and it would not allow me with some explorer.exe error, so I killed the explorer process and tried to open another one which failed. I went to restart also failed so I...
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    How do I replace the connector on this cheap 3C2V coaxial type cable?

    I bought a cheap eBay special rotatable TV antenna (200 miles yeah right!) and the cable is integrated into the antenna and it is the cheap 3C-2V crap and the end is bad I can move it and have the picture freeze or have my tuner say "No Signal" move it again and it gets better, so the end is...
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    Is there a way to block Popups (Not the usual kind)

    I can block the 'usual' popups but the new kind of ones are starting to irk me! They are the ones that say "20% off" Or "Free Shipping" or other kind of BS! I am not interested in their BS so how can I block these? Thanks
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    Can we get the old top button back?

    I'm talking about the old one that took me to my watched threads. All I see now is the "New Posts" button Thanks
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    Where to get a connector like this?

    While not exactly PC power supply related this does need a power supply cord I had a friend who bought a used Chevrolet Caprice (1996 9C1 AKA Ex police car!) anyway he stripped it of the aftermarket head unit and other junk that the previous (not the PD it was a second owner after them) and he...
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    Why Microsoft Why?

    OK this sucks I got a 500 GB SSD for Windows also had a 256GB SSD for "Hackintosh" use well I needed that for other uses well I take it out from the PC and now Windows will not boot? why I put Windows on the bigger one so I put it back in and it boots run start up repair "No problems found"...
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    How can I find out what is waking the PC up?

    I am using my Dell Precision T1700 as a bedroom HTPC put it in Standby mode when not in use so I can use my wireless keyboard to wake it (I'm lazy and sometimes I don't want to get off my ass). Sometime a minute or even an hour or even right away I see it turn back on! I don't know the...
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    Need a decent PCI-Express Low Profile Sound card.

    I got Dell Precision T1700 (SFF) that is now serving bedroom (HTPC Netflix and music) duty. I'm using a Carver HR-722 with a pair of JBL Northridge (I forget the # but the plastic out door ones) anyway the Dell has a cheap RealTek 2-Channel on board audio chipset that sucks (Well it is a...
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    Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge downloads continually fail.

    Anytime I try to download a bigger file hell even a 100MB file the download fails! This has been going on a few weeks now and is starting to annoy me! This is only happening with a web browser torrents work fine so does my YouTube video down loader. This is occurring on all devices with a web...
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    Private Messaging New email is now blank except for I have a new message

    Private Messaging New email is now blank except for I have a new message. This has been happening for a week or 2, they look like this now Before I used to be able to see the whole sent message and not just a link to view it. Is this on my end or anything I did? Thanks .
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    Quick Windows 10 Settings Application question

    Yes not "app" it is an application! Anyway I have this extra information panel on my main PC (FMTC) this is my only one that I can see this extra top panel they are all running Windows 10 Professional and are all on the current version (20H2) how can I get this to show on my other PC's? I like...
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    M.2 NVMe question 2x vs. 4x speed question.

    I replaced my Inland 256GB drive that I got for my new Ryzen 7 3700X build back in March with a KINGSTON RBUSNS8154P3256GJ3 that I pulled from my new Asus F512DA to replace with a 1TB one anyway the Inland one only showed up as "PCIe SSD" but the transfer mode stated "PCIe 3.0 x4 | PCIe 3.0 x4...
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    Quick Question about BIOS (UEFI) Flashing

    I have a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite (No WiFi) I got it back in March before the world went to Shit and PC parts became unobtainum for retail MSRP (Non-scalper prices) anyway I think it had BIOS version F4 (don't exactly remember) my question is how many times can the BIOS chip be reprogrammed or...
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    RANT: Why Dell Why?

    <RANT> I bought a Dell Precision T1700 to replace my older OptiPlex 7010 the power supplies are physically the same size but the T1700 only has one output and that is 12VDC only WTF it now appears the drives are powerd from a "special" harness that attaches to the motherboard of course I did...
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    I keep getting these Access Violation Error what does it mean

    I keep getting these Access Violation Error what does it mean? I use MediaMonkey (I have been using this since it was known as "SongsDB" Gold I click the "OK" box it goes away but pops up again. The music files play fine Is the hard drive failing or memory modules? (I hope not the computer is...
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    Rebuilding a ReQuest Intelligent Media Client can it be done?

    Hi all. I bought a used ReQuest Intelligent Media Client on eBay that the seller could not test it because he had no cords AKA he knew it did not work as who does not have an extra IEC 60320 C13 cord me I have a whole milk crate filled with them. Anyway it does not work It is just a regular PC...
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    Re: Question about the "Manage Subscribed Threads" page.

    OK I did the suggested and it did delete all of my watched threads. Oh well I guess I had many years of them and may have been dead for years now now that I only have a few left I see I was supposed to click the box on bottom that says "With Selected" and not the "managed watched threads" button.
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    Question about the "Manage Subscribed Threads" page.

    I have been going to each thread to manually unsubscribe from watching because I don't want to unsubscribe to all by accident because I have a lot of them so will checking one or more box do all of them or just the ones selected as the popup is misleading (to me at-least) Thanks
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    Windows 10 Pro Vs. 10 Pro for Workstations

    I went on eBay and bought two keys that I thought were just Windows 10 Pro but when I activated it it changed to Windows 10 Pro for workstations. Is there any difference and can said "license" be redacted at Microsoft's discretion even though I linked it to my Microsoft account? Thanks
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    Alarming amount of outbound data on my DD-WRT WAN page

    I have a Netgear R7500v2 flashed with DD-WRT firmware and the past coupple of days there has been a very high amount of outbound (uploaded) data. I have not connected any new devices to my network or gave anyone my WiFi password nor do I see any devices I don't recognize on my network. I also...
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    Can a Windows 10 Pro key be transferred to different hardware?

    I got a new Asus F512DA-EB51 cheap yesterday VIA Amazon Prime day. My current Asus S500CA-US71T has a Windows 10 Pro key attached to the hardware (I bought that key on eBay for $8) so not a big loss but I am cheap. What I remember doing in this in the past with my same Microsoft account and one...
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    Why does this happen? Oops! we ran into some problems

    Why does this happen? Oops! we ran into some problems The requested thread could not be found. This is in reference to This thread link did the thread get removed? or the original poster banned? Thanks this is the first time in my 19 years on this forum seeing this message.
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    How do I get CDDB to work with EAC now?

    Now that CDDB shut down their legacy (that must have happened recently) servers and is now MusicBrainz I cannot get the CD information into Exact Audio Copy (AKA EAC). I have entered the new server information into EAC but that does not work, what can I be doing wrong?
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    Gom Player opens a link to buy the paid version after I close the free version,

    Gom Player opens a link to buy the paid version after I close the free version of the program after a counted (I have never counted that myself but their seems to be a counter somewhere) amount of times closed. Does anyone know how to get this madness to end? short of using another program or...
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    Awesome deal (not) on an Intel core i9-7900X

    eBay seller trying to sell a broken CPU for $479.99 what an awesome deal! not.
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    SSD Life Dropping Fast! What gives?

    I built my Ryzen 7 3700X build back in the end of March 2020. I got the final part on 03/29/2020. Luckily before the surge of PC parts being sold out everywhere, it is fine to buy it if you are going to use it yourself but not if you are one of those heartless scalpers who buy and markup...
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    Asus MG28UQ 4K Gaming Monitor (Auto Input Switch) disable

    I recently got a new Asus MG28UQ 4K gaming monitor to replace my faithful Benq GL2760H that replaced an Asus VH236H (now I know why I got the Benq instead of another Asus but I forgot at the time of this purchase why) Anyway I searched all night and day for an answer to this question to no...
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    Fractal Design Define R4 (Does anyone know what case this is?)

    I saw this cool looking case on the local craigslist for an overpriced 4th generation Core processor system (the seller wanted to much for a i3 with an 8 series chipset $650) I did ask the seller but they were being a ass turd and would not tell me unless I planed to buy it. Which I don't as...
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    Program to make a disk image and/or clone a disk (regardless of partition type/format)

    I have a Moxi DVR 3012 (Charter Communication AKA Spectrum) DVR device that has a failing HDD (WDC WD1600AVJS-63WNA0WD) being a cable DVR the hard drive is of an unknown format (no surprise there). I have tried Acronis but it does not recognize the disk. I don't have a newer version of Norton...
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    New Slimline Teac Blu-ray drive model # BD-C24SS-A93

    eBay buy it now I bought one it came to $21.37 with tax and shipping. I should get it tomorrow (provided the Post Office does not close due to the COVID-19 Pandemic😢) I think it also burns Blu-ray discs but I am not 100% sure on that still cheap for a Blu-ray drive now on to find a new laptop...
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    Dell Optiplex 7010 How do I determine SATA port speed?

    I picked up a Dell Optiplex 7010 (Desktop form factor) at a Goodwill while on vacation in Vermont (for Thanksgiving) I then bought a SSD and I was wondering if there an easy way to determine which ports are SATA 3 and which one is SATA 2. The spec sheet and the service manual say nothing about...
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    DMX ProFusion iS Media Manager Can I hack it?

    I found ($2 thrift-store find but worth more then that in parts) a DMX ProFusion Digital Media Manager (by Mood Media) and I was wondering if anybody has hacked one of these before? When I say hack I am not talking about free service. I want to re-purpose the hardware to a traditional...
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    OS Save State Software

    I help out a community center with their IT needs (Keyword being help so I do not get paid). Anyway they have three computers there and the people that use them are constantly leaving the computers a mess (software wise). I know how to lock down the user account but I remember a piece of...
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    Unknown (Rogue?) Access Point on my home network

    I just reinstalled Windows 10 Pro because I got a new NVMe SSD and I am now seeing a PACE 4111N "Pace Access Point" access point on my network. I have cable internet and I am connected VIA ethernet however I do have an enabled WiFi adapter but that is not connected to any network My router is...