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    HW firewall for home that supports IPV6 PD of /48 or /56 with DHCPV6

    OpenWRT supports all the IPv6 stuff you're asking for in the latest release. Buy any router supported by that version of OpenWRT. Personally I use an alix 2d13, works great.
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    Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (PC Game) $4.99

    Got one too, thanks!
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    LF perfect DIY router. (ALIX, Soekris, Routerboard, something else?)

    I've done benchmarks previously. With OpenWRT it'll do around 50k packets/sec at 64 byte frame sizes. It will do line rate at higher (100meg) at larger frame sizes.
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    LF perfect DIY router. (ALIX, Soekris, Routerboard, something else?)

    I've got several alix 2d13 boards. Rock solid. They run OpenWRT extremely well. A little light on memory for anything else. pfSense will run but the OS timers are not fast enough to do decent QoS on it. On Linux it smokes.
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    Ten Minute Watch Dogs 101 Trailer

    So, this is GTA with hacking?
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    Bonjour, Inter-VLAN routing and tears...

    This is not an "Apple" problem. This is a Bonjour protocol implementation detail. It's for local subnets, it's broadcast based, and uses multicast. You should look into wide-area discovery, this link, , has some information on it. could just have one...
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    Xbox One update removes the dreaded sharpening filter.

    Before and after pictures?
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    Looking For New ISP. Time Warner/Comcast Business

    Have Time Warner business class at home through work at 50/5. Always been very impressed with their customer and technical support. Not sure I'd pay those prices for it though, wow.
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    How to Block Social Networking Sites in Asus Router

    Of course it doesn't. If you change it to or then you aren't using OpenDNS any longer. You can either: 1. stop users from changing the DNS servers on the PC or 2. block requests to unknown DNS servers from getting out to the internet. i don't know if you router can do that.
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    How to Block Social Networking Sites in Asus Router

    In that instance why not just use OpenDNS? It works.
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    Amazon: Sound Blaster Z - $86.56

    Too bad Creative's drivers are absolutely shitty and always have been. Since the beginning of time. I didn't think people still bought stand alone sound cards.
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    How does a L2 dwitch use DNS?

    Those look like management settings to me. So, a "dumb switch" like this could use DNS to: 1. check for software updates 2. use for NTP server sync 3. any number of other management related tasks It wouldn't use any DNS to do anything regarding actually switching traffic.
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    How does a L2 dwitch use DNS?

    L2 switch won't use DNS unless the switch itself has a management IP address.
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    Intel NIC Drivers Without Proset (Bloat?)

    Seems like asking for trouble to me. Do those extra PROset tabs add a bunch of bloat? I've been using the entire package for eons now and have never had any problems with them.
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    To me this is no different than anything else I do with my card on a daily basis. All the gas pumps and other swipers I run the card through are no more or less secure. Not to mention the dozen or so websites that have it and the waiters that take it at restaurants, etc. Any of those is an...
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    Downside of running Cisco router w/o firewall

    Honestly you'd probably have better luck using OpenWRT at home over a Cisco widget. I used an 871 for years at home. It simply isn't a great home router. The DHCP server is mediocre at best, the DNS resolver does only the most basic functions, it does VPN, AnyConnect and IPsec, but those clients...
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    Open VPN stuck at "waiting for server reply"

    Do you have any other devices that can run OpenVPN? It would be useful to test with another client just for comparison purposes.
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    Prevent torrent traffic if VPN drops?

    Except no one actually does that if they aren't doing something they shouldn't be. "Oh sure, let me push all my torrent traffic through a VPN so I can get slower transfer rates, waste my money, AND deal with the hassle of configuring the VPN client just for shits and grins." - said no one ever.
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    Prevent torrent traffic if VPN drops?

    Fail to understand any legitimate reason why you'd need to hide your torrent activity unless you're doing something illegal with it. No need to hide the torrents of Linux .iso downloads.
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    Open VPN stuck at "waiting for server reply"

    Looks like something is blocking your traffic.
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    Open VPN stuck at "waiting for server reply"

    Bummer. If it was me I'd get a tcpdump from the OpenVPN server to see if it's even getting any traffic.
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    Open VPN stuck at "waiting for server reply"

    If you're using your phone why not disable WiFi and connect through your cellular data connection? That's an excellent way to troubleshoot whether or not its the local network you're on.
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    Passed CCIE R&S Written

    I studied 3 - 4 hours a day, every day, for 3 months. When I got close to the lab, as in within 3 weeks, I did full lab run throughs starting at 2pm and going until I configured everything possible every weekend.
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    Windows 7 Genuine Authentication Fails, but Browser says im Good?

    Just use the phone option. It's an automated system. You type in 6 or 8 blocks of numbers, it asks you how many PCs the copy is installed on, you answer, and it reads you back a bunch more blocks of numbers. Takes 5 minutes.
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    WNDR3700 - Best Alternative Firmware?

    It won't automatically upgrade. You'd need to download a new image and upload it yourself. Upgrades will keep your settings though. Use the "sysupgrade" images if you do an upgrade. The "factory" image is only for going from the Netgear firmware to OpenWRT. If you're savvy you can compile your...
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    WNDR3700 - Best Alternative Firmware?

    The trunk rarely, if ever, has show stopping bugs. I've been running it for months and months. There's also several important improvements in there. Stick with the trunk version.
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    WNDR3700 - Best Alternative Firmware?

    The default image comes with CLI interface only. To install Luci: 1. telnet to the router, There's no password initially. 2. opkg update 3. opkg install luci-ssl 4. /etc/init.d/uhttpd enable 5. reboot When it comes back up you should be able to get the webUI via...
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    WNDR3700 - Best Alternative Firmware?

    I'm pretty sure there's newer versions listed later on in the thread. Don't read just the first post. Anyway, if you want the latest trunk build you can pick it up from here: The file you want for upgrading from the Netgear firmware is one...
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    Managed switch for home network??

    If you can get by with just a few ports you should checkout the Mikrotik RB260. $40 for five 10/100/1000 ports. Does VLANs, trunking, port mirroring, all that stuff.
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    WNDR3700 - Best Alternative Firmware?

    OpenWRT is top notch. Use the trunk version, there's a lot of wireless fixes and such in there. It's really quite stable. I use it on an alix 2D13 for my main router and also on a WNDR3800 acting as an AP. There's a full featured community build for the 3700 here...
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    Hiding MAC Address / Devices From Network

    Not necessarily. NAT routers will typically decrease the IP TTL value so it's still possible to reasonably detect NAT.
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    DKIM, who is using it?

    The policy block-list is a pain in the ass. If you're hosting locally the best bet is to relay through your ISP's SMTP server. The PBL contains static / dynamic IPs for a bunch of service providers, even if their TOS doesn't prohibit servers (i.e. TWC). It's just easier to use the ISP's SMTP...
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    DKIM, who is using it?

    Good to see some other folks using it as well. I do have SPF turned on to go along with it. Though, I have to route all my outgoing email through my ISP's SMTP server. I simply added their server as the SPF record.
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    DKIM, who is using it?

    Just spend a couple hours figuring out DKIM integration on my OSX Mountain Lion mail server. It was relatively easy to setup. I got the DNS records in place and all that is looking good. It makes me wonder though, how many folks running mail servers are actually signing things with DKIM?
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    sipgate closing down on me

    Same here. I ported my home number from AT&T ages ago. It routes directly to my ATA, no PBX required. I was using a Linksys SPA2102 but it died on Saturday. A new ObiHai 202 showed up today and now I'm using that.
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    sipgate closing down on me

    +1 for CallCentric, been with them for years, works great!
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    T1 PRI to SIP gateway recommendations

    Cisco 2911 + PVDM3 DSPs + VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1=.
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    Stop 124 errors overclocking Haswell

    As far as I know 124 errors are voltage related. Try setting your cache voltage to 1.150v. My 4770k requires 1.235v vCore and 1.150v vCache to be stable at 4.3ghz. I'm using an Asus Z87-Pro.
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    Take apart H110 fans?

    Just wanted to follow up on this thread. I contacted Corsair and they replaced the noisy fan with no questions asked. Top notch service! Also, my Noctua NF-A14 PWMs showed up and the performance is great. As good or better than the stock Corsair fans with a lot less noise. Highly recommended!