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  1. Soarin

    Right click slowness

    So for some reason a couple months ago windows 10 is having issues with slow right click. I have searched and found it to be a very vast problem and a lot of potential solutions but none have worked for me this far. I don't want to reinstall but will if I must. Has anyone else experienced...
  2. Soarin

    Raspberry pi 3 as nvr

    Okay I'm not going to explain it all but the jist is, I bought a cheaper camera system and the nvr is crap so I'm returning it. Zosi brand if you want to know. Anyways my pi 3 is laying around not being used so I was thinking of using zoneminder and 4 mid-range cameras. Thinking the reolink or...
  3. Soarin

    Mobo ore something dying I think?

    Here are my system specs folr the mobo and cpu and like I said I think one of my devices are going out Motherboard Manufacturer ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Model P8Z77-V LK (LGA1155) Version Rev X.0x Chipset Vendor Intel Chipset Model Sandy Bridge Chipset...
  4. Soarin

    Ftp server acting weird

    Basically what's going on is when I upload a file to the server into a certain directory, say ~/Music it uploads it to every directory too and I have no clue why. I'm using Filezilla on my Raspberry pi Stretch to upload the files. The server is my external hdd connected to my linksys wrt3200acm...
  5. Soarin

    Hosting apache2 server locally

    I was wondering, I'm going to be looking into learning some php and html programming as well as host a WordPress site from my raspberry pi 3+.i have a domain name already that I will be using for the site and name cheap also offered a 1$/mnth price for easy wp, and I'm going to use that as well...
  6. Soarin

    Iphone 7 plus help..

    Okay so long story short a person who I recently evicted was using my iphone 7 plus that is tied to my name on my sprint account, well the stupid cunt left it locked and wont tell me the code to unlock it and Apple support are being fucking idiots and saying they wont do it despite showing...
  7. Soarin

    Lost DHCP over wifi

    So none of my wireless devices can obtain an IP address at all. But I can set static ones in their wifi settings and it works. I tested this with my galaxy s8. None of my smart home devices are working. They all worked last night but when we got home tonight everything was offline. Now to be...
  8. Soarin

    Raspberry pi 3 as nvr replacement and media server?

    Would a raspberrypi be able to handle 4-6 ip cameras and a basic media server? I'm trying to cut costs a little and want to incorporate my server and ip cam system in one. I know that's not recommended but eh. Or is there another small pc that could?
  9. Soarin

    Networking closet

    Long story shiort my wife and I have our house back finally and can do what we want. We'll I'm making a network closet under our stairs. I plan on putting the nvr for the IP cameras in there and new router too when I get them. I I literally just out this stuff in there earlier this evening. I...
  10. Soarin

    Humble Bundle streaming Seems warm to me if you are into streaming. It includes Face Rig, an app I been wanting since they started working on it. Anyways, there it is! Enjoy.
  11. Soarin

    Clinking links to part sites not working?

    I am noticing an odd issue in chrome. When I click a link it is not going to the website at all. it isn't all sites, just ones that pchound works with? Example, this thread. When I click the newegg link it directs me to...
  12. Soarin

    [HOT] Tropico 4 free HumbleBundle

    Buy Tropico 4 from the Humble Store Just claimed for steam, looks fun.
  13. Soarin

    Best 50$ case

    I am looking to upgrade my case soon and was hoping to get opinions on the best case I can get at around 50usd. No blue led lights, the nzxt I have with it is so dman annoying.. Also top oriented front panel ports. Needs to fit ATX, and a GTX Titan x. Optical drive is not needed. Possibility for...
  14. Soarin

    Raidmax Trinity?

    Has anyone had any experience with this case? My roommate and I both need cases and Fry's has it for 20 after a MIR and instant savings with promo code. We were going to go grab a white and red case for our needs but I cannot find any reviews for them. They look nice to me and her but she also...
  15. Soarin

    Win 10 bsod help?

    SO I just upgraded to a i5 2500k, no issues, windows updated..okay. Jump to tonight, I was playing Fo4 and I got a low memory error. I avoided it, kept gaming, suddenly bsod... Could anyone figure out why? 071516-8437-01.dmp 15-Jul-16 01:21:53 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA 0x00000050...
  16. Soarin

    Warm? Thermaltake - Poseidon Z

    Bestbuy has this on Clearance for 64.99. Not sure how good of a keyboard this is, but it looks nice and for 65 bucks to boot. In store pickup only though. YMMV Thermaltake - Poseidon Z Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Black/RGB
  17. Soarin

    New CPU needed

    Thinking of snagging a g3258 or g4400 and mobo.. i have a phenom II x4 955 BE currently. The problem I am having is single core performance. Wanted a new cpu, even if a low end one.., temporarily until I can afford a better i5.. which microcenter has an i5 4590 for 150. My cpu is holding my...
  18. Soarin

    Skateboarding games?

    So I been searching around, and I know there will be mixed opinions but, why did they stop making skateboarding games? Used to love playing Tony Hawk games but now there is basically nothing out there, specifically for the PC. I know before the games for PC were ports but they still were fun I...
  19. Soarin

    Voice software, specifics inside

    So.. I need a huge favor. Today I went to the hospital and started voice therapy, was working with the tech and we were using visi pitch. Does anyone know of a program like this, but is free or low cost? here is Visi-Pitch
  20. Soarin

    Dell Oem Mobo front panel pinout

    I believe this mobo is out of a dell xps 400, its a dell 0yc523 mobo with the stupid 40 pin front panel. I found some info, but nothing that for sure states which pin is which, (100%) sure. Does anyone know which pins are the power switch? I am trying to make a headless server but cannot boot...
  21. Soarin

    Need help, seriously..

    So.. why the fuck is X using all that ram up on me?????
  22. Soarin

    Lets hack Windows 10!

    I am starting this thread for people that want a single source of tweaks and other enhancements for this new winders experience. So far what I am trying to figure out how to do involves the Alarms and Clock app. I want to set custom sounds for the damn thing and there is no option to so far...
  23. Soarin

    Google Drive and Windows 10

    Well I cannot choose a drive other then my OS drive for my sync folder location, before windows 10 I could. Well this is turning out to be a cluster fuck so far lol Wonder if dropbox will do the same
  24. Soarin

    Info to get Windows 10 direct link

    Okay since no one has seemed to post it. If you visit google and search "Windows 10 media creation tool" on a windows based PC you get this page! I assume, BUT if you visit the page on Linux you get that same page but you can choose...
  25. Soarin

    Cannot upgrade to 10

    Okay so basically, I downloaded the iso, used diskpart to make the flash drive bootable, and I am trying to extract the iso onto the drive. BUUT windows is being a bitch and taking all the rest of my SSD space to download win10 somewhere and I cannot extract the iso onto the flash drive because...
  26. Soarin

    Monitor mods?

    As the title states, monitor mods, are there any good ones out there? I want to do something with my 21.5" monitor to make it pop more and look cool. I have been googling for hours and ran across some decent stuff but what I am wondering is.. it common to mod a monitor? :D
  27. Soarin

    Win 10 upgrade app?

    I know there are threads on this already but I am not seeing the app at all. I have a legit copy of windows 7 pro, have the space and everything but no app is poping up for me to reserve it. Sucks because I wanted a copy.I do have the GWX folder and stuff, tried the script but no go. No go as...
  28. Soarin

    Gaming Windows/ Gaming Linux

    My post from the wow forums, basically exactly what it says. The games I been playing the most are WoW and WoT. Does anyone have experience with either of these games in say.. Linux Mint/Debian/Ubuntu 14.11? Want to switch to a Linux distro full time but want to make sure it will be somewhat...
  29. Soarin

    Ubiquiti Airgateway issues

    So the isp gave my cousins this device its a nifty little thing, blazing fast OS but.. I cannot for the life of me get it so my webserver can be reachable with my domain name. I have forwarded the port but it keeps bringing it back to the login for the...
  30. Soarin

    128gb Flash drive

    Thought I seen similar posted about PNY's drives, 128gb drive for 35 bucks at TigerDirect Seems like a pretty good deal to me?
  31. Soarin

    SSD- Best in range of...

    Looking to upgrade from my Intel x25-v 40gb drive. I dont need huge space and only have 60 to work with. I figured 128gb would be a nice choice. I may be able to swing up to 80 but thats pushing it. What I need to know is, the best SSD in 60-80 range and what size. I want atleast 128gb, 256...
  32. Soarin

    TriFire 290x Arch

    Bf is buying 2 more 290x cards and he has been searching all over and so far the answer we can find is that it is damn near impossible. He has Arch 64bit. Wants to triple card and triple monitor. If this is possible please explain how.
  33. Soarin

    2 routers 2 subnets

    That's what I have. Both routers have DHCP on right now. I do not want DHCP on the Router 1 because I assign the addresses myself. Router 2 I want DHCP to run because all guests connect to it. Router 1 currently runs wireless and every device connected gets an address from me. Router 2 has a...
  34. Soarin

    Spam email?

    Got this in my email saying I have a message on HardForum. I have no private messages at all. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL! *************************** Dear bigdaveberg, You have received a new private message at [H]ard|Forum from firtile, entitled "Hi!". To read the original version, respond...
  35. Soarin

    Weird CCC bug

    Okay so I just set up a second display today so I can watch a movie and IRC too. Got done doing that and want to disable the second monitor for now until next time. Go into CCC>Common display taks> disable the second monitor. All fine and dandy for about 30 seconds and bam it comes back on...
  36. Soarin

    Cant attach usb device

    Using latest Virtual box and extension software. Getting this message every time. Failed to attach the USB device Apple iPod [0002] to the virtual machine Debian. USB device 'Apple iPod' with UUID {98ddad5e-dece-4389-996d-aebbe39e4386} is busy with a previous request. Please try again...
  37. Soarin

    Couple crashes. Need help figuring out.

    Both these happened when I tried to use an application with my webcam. OBS, Skype x2 The whole system acted up. Tried to close each program with task manager and could not. I was able to create a dump file for skype through task manager but both times I had to hit the reset button to get my pc...
  38. Soarin

    Rate limiting single hostmask

    Okay so I am having issues with people on the network using netflix and not being courteous to others. Hence they are hogging the connection. When asked to watch lower quality they will not oblige and tell us to fuck off basically. Enough is enough. I been looking around and found this...
  39. Soarin

    Speedfan autostarting

    I cannot for the life of me get speedfan to start with windows. I did the registry edit. Start folder edit, everything I know of to do I did it and the program will STILL not start with windows. Anyone have any fixes to this?
  40. Soarin

    Small second display

    So I been thinking of adding in a small display to the front of my pc for readouts and stuff. Was wondering if anyone has done this with a display like this.