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    Need help installing AMD drivers

    Hello, I recently moved from windows on my new pc gaming build. I was able to find a gpu near msrp on stock x for $600. I just received it, its an AMD 6700XT. I am having problems installing the drivers. I downloaded the package from AMD's site. Unzipped the archive and from that directory. I...
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    Why is Microcenter scalping people.

    Geeezus man, my local Microcenter in Denver is scalping too. They are selling an AMD 6700XT for $999. Amazon has them for $1200. I just found one of these on Stock...
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    USB disconnection issues on Windows 10.

    Ok I have been having some major issues with USB disconnection. I am building a brand new system. Both the mouse and keyboard are affected.. I had a AMD 3600 and Asus TUF X570. Members here told me that there was a known issue on X570 chipset. Did some research and did find out that the...
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    Lian li Lancool II power supply mount

    Hello, I just got a Lian Li Lancool II (non mesh), The power supply mount holes are upside down. The only way I can mount the power supply is with the fan down. This is not good for airflow for the PSU. Does anybody else have this case? Why did they design it this way?
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    Weird issue with USB ports on Asus TUF Gaming X570

    I have a new build. Just got the Asus TUF Gaming X570. With a Ryzen 5 3600. I'm having a problem with USB ports. Both mouse and keyboard I get hesitation where the mouse stops moving momentarily. Very odd issue. Did some research and found a thread on reddit about AMD X570 USB hesitation...
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    I think my motherboard is toast

    Man I've been banging my head against the wall this past week. I have an AMD MSI X470AC mobo. Ryzen 3600 2x16GB Patrilot memory Radeon x560 video card. Corsair RM850 power supply. I can't get it to post. I don't get any display out. No beeps or anything when turned on, power button on the case...
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    Looking for a home NAS

    Hey everyone, I am looking to add a NAS on my home network. Was looking at the synology 4 bay and QNAP 4 bay with 4TB Seagate ironwolf drives. I plan on using this as network shares, backup, and media server. I know nothing about these things. Do they have a web GUI to configure them? Is it...
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    Souljaboy is making another fake chinese console

    Oh boy he's at it again. When this mofo gonna learn. Maybe this time he goes to jail for copying Nintendo.
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    I just ruined my LG 4k 32" monitor

    Today I was moving my LG 4k 32" 32UD99-W ...and I dropped it. It is now TOAST. (turns on but has lines all over it) So mad at my self, only had it 1.5yrs paid $750. Any suggestions for a replacement. Should I get the new LG offerings. I would like IPS 32" 4k. Budget is $500 - 600. Thanks.
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    Phanteks LUX new Ryzen build

    Here are some pics of my new build. AMD Ryzen 2700X 4.30Ghz 1.40v MSI X470 Gaming M7 \ 16G Vengeance ProRGB 3600 Cooling: TT Ring Plus RGB 280mm Case: Phanteks Enthoo LUX / PSU: Corsair RM850x MSI Duke GTX1080ti, 32" LG 4k Monitor
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    New gear for home

    Yo wassup my fellow hardcore networking experts. I just had a bad experience with Unifi USG, AP Pro, and US-8 switch. Purchased all brand new, and now I am returning to newegg for refund. Don't ask for details. Lets just say I spent 4-5 hours of fighting with this gear, endless amounts of...
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    My credit card was comprimised on Steam

    Well yesterday I get an email from my bank notifying me of suspicious activity. I log into my bank account and I see 8 separate $100 charges totaling $800. WTF? Are you serious. I called my bank had the card canceled immediately. I submitted a support case with Steam. Then today I get a...
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    My friend is getting burned out on ESO, need suggestions

    Ok so my friend plays ESO daily (I also play but only 3 times a week) and he is getting burned out it. We need some suggestions of another MMO to play. Or an RPG that has coop. What y'all got....
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    Wall mounted PC case

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a PC gaming ATX case that I can mount on a wall. I have no idea what to get, open or closed? any suggestions is appreciated.
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    LG V40 ThinQ - OMG this thing is crazy cool

    Yesterday I just got the LG V40 ThinQ at Verizon for $980. Ouch I know this is very expensive, its the most expensive phone I have ever bought. This phone is just lovely, the 4k OLED display, wow! The 5 separate camera's, wow! So today I'm playing around with it and I find out it has the most...
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    Asus Crosshair VII price?

    Last year when I got the CH6 (with the 1700) I paid $199 at MC. Unfortunately I had to sell that system due to financial reasons. So this year I am building another AMD system, and I am shocked at the CH7's price is $100 more? WTF is it even worth it? Did that add gold sockets to the CPU...
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    Streaming services build noob questions

    Hello everyone. I'm a complete noob to streaming solutions, so forgive my ignorance. I am very skilled with building PC's gaming, etc. with only a little linux knowledge, but can do basics. I've been doing some researching on streaming movies and my collection of audio cd's. Watched some...
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    Chrome update is hammering my cpu at 99%

    I have Version 63.0.3239.108 of chrome, and its trying to update, but its been hammering my cpu at 99% for more than an hour. WTF Google, is anyone else having issues with the latest update?
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    Crazy network job, corp, stories

    Ok everyone, lets here all your craziest stories you have related to networks at your jobs, at enterprises, etc. Today I was thinking, whats the worst network job I've had? Hmm one certainly comes in mind. It was about 8 years ago. I started this new job, the company manufactured/sold Soy...
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    Did my EVGA G2 go bad?

    I just got a new case, the BeQuiet Dark Base Pro. I have the Asus CH6 mobo. I just finished installing everything into the new case, and everything was working fine in the old case. I have the EVGA G2 850. And the system won't power on, no mobo lights, nothing. I'm an experienced builder, so...
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    How do you pronounce Ubiquiti?

    I'm not joking. Its just such a weird name I can barely spell it, yet pronounce it. LOL
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    Be quiet Dark Base pro 900 RGB lights question

    Hey everyone, I just got the be quiet Dark Base Pro 900 case. It has the RGB lighting. Theres a panel on the back that has 2 RGB ports for the LED strips that came with it. And I will be using both RGB strips to the case. I'm thinking about replacing the Thermaltake ring series RGB fan to the...
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    Best 32" 2560x1440 gaming monitor?

    Ok so right now I have a two year old Samsung S32D850T . I like it, but I want a better refresh rate, this Samsung is only 60hz. Also would like an IPS panel. Budget is around $600-$800 I appreciate any suggestions...
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    Problem creating Windows 7 KVM RHEL6

    Hello Linux gurus, I'm having a problem trying to create a Windows 7 KVM on my IBM work laptop. I have Redhat EL6. After I create the Windows 7 KVM, it says it was successful. But when I try to launch it for the first time, it can't find a boot device. I get this error. I have tried at least...
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    Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One DLC Dec 6

    EA released some gameplay footage of the new Rogue One DLC coming Dec 6th.
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    God of War 3 remastered button mashing

    I just got God of War 3 remastered. It was on sale on Sony store for my PS4 Pro. I never played any God of War games, and I always wanted to. So I get it yesterday. WTF is with the button mashing, and requiring certain sequemces. Tapping the O really fast. Then I ran into the tapping R1 and L1...
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    Need a good RPG

    I really enjoyed the Witcher 3, although it was too long and I never finished it. Any good RPGs out recently, or soon to be released? btw don't like turn-based combat.
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    Titanfall 2

    I didn't see any threads on this? Looks like the PC version is releasing on 10/28. It looks pretty cool, saw some youtube videos on it. Some nice change from the some ol "guy with a gun" FPS. The single player campaign has some story elements to it. Multiplayer looks good also. I will probably...
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    Windows update killed my pc

    I just updated my gaming pc with the latest Win 10 anniversary update, and it killed it. Won't boot now, just freezes on boot screen. Tried everything and I can't even restore it from previous versions. WTF? It can't find a system image to restore, no recovery options work. Now I have to try...
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    MSI 1070 8GB Gaming X now taking preorders

    At Amazon for $449.00, same price as founders editions. Interesting. Buying Choices: MSI Computer Graphics Card (GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G)
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    Exciting times

    Wow, with the recent release of new Intel Broadwell E processors. New video cards from both AMD & Nvidia. And a host of great PC games being released this year. I can hardly contain myself!
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    iRacing - Help me understand charges

    Geeeezus christ. So I sign up for iRacing, plan to race in some Nascar leagues. The fees are ridiculous! Its says the membership comes with 14 tracks, including Phoenix Intl Raceway. Well not so much. I just found out there are two versions of Phoenix, and I need to purchase it in on order to...
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    New camera

    I just got myself a sweet new camera. The Canon Rebel SL1 in white. Still trying to figure it out, but I took some photos of my model railroad.
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    Annoying issues after latest Win 10 update

    Goddamit, why the fuck did all my settings change after the update. When my laptop is in sleep mode, I don't want to enter the password/PIN for the power settings. But now after the update, password on wakup is enabled, and I can't change it. And another annoying issue, is I have to left...
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    Why does the XFX 300 series cards come with free Dirt Rally?

    Why are only the XFX 300 series video cards come with free copy of Dirt Rally? Yet Asus, MSI, and others don't? I'm PO'd right now because I just got a new MSI 390x and no Dirt Rally.
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    Not happy with my 2 month old SAMSUNG S32D850T

    Come on Samsung. A $700 display with power issues. Not happy with my purchase. When I first got it, there was a time when the display port wasn't being detected no video. This is when the PC would be powered on. I hit the power button, but still nothing. Un-plugged the power cord from the...
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    Laptop stickers rant

    Why the FRICK do every laptop manufacturer insist on putting the goddamn stickers all over the keyboard rest. And make them impossible to remove.You have to get a jackhammer and pound it off your brand new laptop. Then... once you get a back-hoe to lift it off. It leaves the nasty glue...
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    NZXT Kraken x41

    I just replaced my old Corsair H80 AIO cooler with the Kraken x41. WOW!!! This thing is so much better than the H80. I have my new build with the 5820k OC'd to 4.4Ghz. With the H80 at idle would hover around 67-70C and with OCCT testing at 100% CPU usage it would sometimes reach 90C. When I...
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    Just got my new MSI 290x lightning - Wow!

    Holy shit batman, this card is kickass! I just installed it my new X99S build. First of all, when it was delivered from Amazon, the box was super heavy. I was like what the hell is their a dead body in there? LOL Seriously this thing is at least 8-10lbs. I had to get a forklift to drop it in...
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    MSI XPower AC extra ATX power supply connectors

    I just got this board, and I've been building my new system. It has an extra set of ATX power supply 4-pin connector. What the hell? I don't even have an extra cable for it. I'm already using the two 4-pin power cables on the board. I have no idea why this has/needs another 4-pin power...