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  1. boss99

    ESXi 5.5 help

    I'm not sure exactly how to fix this issue, so hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction. I had an ESXi whitebox running 5.5 just fine on a USB drive attached to an AMD system. I forklifted the USB drive and drives into an Intel i5 system and at first the system was booting...
  2. boss99

    Sony Playstation Eye - free+$4.99 shipping I'm not sure what games you can play with just the eye without the PS Move controller, but hey, it's 5 bucks. I'm in for 1.
  3. boss99

    Free Abominable Snowman Turds(?) I haven't been brave enough to order some, but in case anyone has been naughty, it ships for free!
  4. boss99

    Cable flagging help?

    Hey all, I work for a state correctional department and we're getting ready to deploy some inmate related projects and some of the equipment will be touching our network infrastructure gear. Other than using red cables (which a different project is using), what can we do to differentiate the...
  5. boss99

    DynDNS shutting down free services

    I'm not sure who still uses this, but it's high time to use something else. Personally, I just purchased a domain name and use to manage my DNS.
  6. boss99

    eVGA 760 B-Stock $229

    It's in stock right now, not a bad deal: I'd think about rocking one right now if I could swing it.
  7. boss99

    Cheapest way to get quad core + DDR3 support?

    I have a HP NL40 that has been doing admirably as a ESX 5 host server but I want to host some game servers on it and the performance has been...lacking. I have cases, power supplies, hard drives, memory (2 x 8GB DDR3), and the only thing I really need is a CPU and motherboard, preferably MATX...
  8. boss99

    Starbound available for preorder!

    Hopefully they'll be able to execute their launch, unlike SimCity. I preordered a 4 pack! I figured since it was an independent and they're using humblebundle as their purchase system, it'd be okay.
  9. boss99

    What would you do?

    I'm currently contemplating an upgrade and I'm not sure if it'll be worth it. Here's my current PC specs: i7 970 6 GB RAM 128GB SSD 2 x GTX 460 768MB 1kw PSU I'm contemplating going to SLI 560tis because I'm a cheap bastard and they can be had for about 115-130 each. Or is there a...
  10. boss99

    Lego Lord of the Rings for PC only $7.49

    Basically, they just shoot you a steam code. I'm already in for two!
  11. boss99

    Usage opinion

    Hello all, I acquired a SSD (OCZ Agility 3 240GB) from a member and he said it ran for no more than 800 hours. I've been trying to trade it for a good week or so and a different member did some research on my purchase and said that it was a lot of hours on a drive and, in my opinion...
  12. boss99

    VM Documentation?

    Just out of question, how do you guys document your virutal environment? I have some VMs in my home network with the rest of my day to day stuff, some in a virtual environment which is isolated (for now), and I'm planning on implementing a DMZ with a couple web servers but I'm at a loss as far...
  13. boss99

    Video Conferencing help?

    Do we have any video conferencing experts out there? Basically, we have some Tandberg MXP endpoints at geographically diverse areas with connections that range from 500Mb Gigaman circuits and as little as a full T1 at others. We are looking at possibly increasing some of the sites lacking...
  14. boss99

    Can't install Bit Torrent client or uTorrent

    I've been thinking about this and I just can't come up with a good answer. I have a Windows 7 virtual in my ESX box and it's been running just fine for some time. The only issue I'm having is that neither the Bit Torrent client or uTorrent just flat out refuses to install. I've downloaded...
  15. boss99

    Suggest me a project for one of my static IPs

    I would cross-post this into virtual computing and GenMay, but I think this fits the best. I have Comcast Business Class internet and I'm currently using 2 of my 5 static IPs. Static IP 1 is for my house network, which my wife, kids, and gaming PC is on. Static IP 2 is connected to...
  16. boss99

    Maximum RAM upgrade?

    I know this is less a VC question, but since its for my ESXi host, I'm thinking I'm in the right place to ask this. I want to upgrade the RAM in my box to 16 GB from 8 GB but I'm shackled at the moment to my skt 775 CPU. Is there any chipsets that support a C2Q processor and more than 8 GB...
  17. boss99

    Question for the home VoIP users

    I'm planning on making the plunge and getting rid of my landline for an Obi110. Before I do so, I have some questions for those who have already bravely made the plunge into using VoIP as their home phone. What provider do you use and why? How are/did you handle 911? Are you going to...
  18. boss99

    P to V tips and/or hints?

    Hello all, I'm getting ready to replicate my client's environment virtually and he has two servers: 1. Windows 2003 Std 64 with 8 GB RAM, running Terminal Server and functions as the DC for the domain. 2. Server 2008 with 4 GB RAM, running SQL 2005 and functions as the licensing...
  19. boss99

    Need some help!

    I have a couple of Motion Computing M1400 tablets and I need the recovery CDs. Instead of paying some dude on fleabay, I'm hoping a [H] member can help me out. Please don't make me go onto that internet cesspool and spend the $40 for the recovery CDs. Thanks all for the help.
  20. boss99

    Security issues?

    I was just wondering something and wanted to hear things from some SMEs. I'm planning, for my home ESXi implementation, to use Untangle for my UTM solution, which will also be the gateway for the different networks I'm planning on implementing. So I'm planning on using 3 VLANs: VLAN...
  21. boss99

    New to virtual server management...

    After reading Sabregen's excellent write up, I felt inspired to build a small ESX lab for home to expand my knowledge. I'm a junior network engineer by trade, but I have roots in help desk and some server management, so I wanted to give it a shot. Here's my hardware setup: eVGA 680i...
  22. boss99

    EVGA B-Stock back on sale again!

    Why do they always have these stupid sales at the end of the month? Right when my wallet is at it's lightest. :( The GTX 460 FPB is 89.99 again, and me with no money.
  23. boss99

    Multiple WLANs with the same AP?

    Networking geniuses, I'm hoping you guys can help me with something. I want to run 2 separate wireless networks from the same appliance (Linksys E2000). Not just separate BSIDs or SSIDs, I want to run an N-only AP and a G-only AP. My wife's laptop is the only wireless N device and I want...
  24. boss99

    What the heck cooler is this?

    A buddy of mine gave me this and I can't figure out who made it so I can order another fan retention bracket. Have you guys seen this before? Uploaded with
  25. boss99

    Amazon Preorders?

    Their website is a bit vague about this, but when you preorder with, do you pay for the game upfront? Do you put a down payment? I'm just curious more than anything.
  26. boss99

    Color Nook owners: Let me know if you've heard this one before Most of y'all have probably have different ROMs and such on yours, but I'm running mine nootered and this is a welcome addition, as long as they actually do it. I've been reading that they've been...
  27. boss99

    Nook color owners: Does this worry you?

    I just saw this: Does it worry you at all? I figure that even if B&N does abandon this platform, I still have a kick ass tablet that I can root and put something else on, but getting PC Gamer for 1.25 an issue...
  28. boss99

    Dawn of War I and II on sale at

    It looks like THQ is ramping up for the release of Retribution by putting pretty much all their DoW library for $5 each. I'm going to take this opportunity to pick up DoW 1 for next to nothing. :D
  29. boss99

    RAS help needed

    Hey guys, I'm working on a project to replace my department's severely aged RAS solution with a T1-PRI line and a Cisco 2821 to allow for 23 modem dialup connections. It currently has a 1CE1T1-PRI HWIC installed and the T1-PRI line is ready to roll. Can someone help point me in the right...
  30. boss99

    Vista boot issue

    Hey all, I just installed Vista on my son's PC and I noticed that the boot time when the progress bar shows was a bit longer than my Q7600 box. Here are the specs of his system: C2D E6400 ECS G33 something or rather, it's a mATX mobo with all SATA and 4 RAM slots 2 GB DDR2 800 (2 x 1GB...