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    Keyboard recommendations

    Hi guys, What's the best wireless keyboard? What's the best USB/PS2 keyboard? I'm doing some gaming and a lot of typing in terms of Word/OneNote and want something comfortable to type on. I REALLY like chiclet/macbook/laptop style keyboards. Any recommendations?
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    RMA on EVGA 9800GT -- Expect what?

    EVGA graciously approved an RMA on an out of warranty (didn't register pre-30days) 9800gt. What can I expect to receive? edit: wanted to add: evga just a customer for life
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    24" Monitor w/ Component inputs (and relatively cheap)

    Can anyone suggest something that looks decent (with a respectable stand) and has component input? If my thread is a duplicated, please point me to some others.
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    Pownce Invites

    I have 6 invites I'd like to share with you. It's a very rudimentary application at this point, but I guess it could become big. Anywho, PM your emails.
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    Dell Corporate Discount Page

    Does anyone have a link to the site? My dad has a government ID. So...Any help?
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    Score: Bad Axe + X6800

    The devs here got them here. Guess who's building it :D I'll let you all know if I can OC it in there. Can't wait. edit: I work at Intel btw.
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    X1800XT or 7900GT?

    From what I've seen, the 1800 is better than the 7800GTX by quite a bit, and sicne the 7900GT is practically at 7800GTX equivalent, would the 1800 be a better buy? And so, would 512mb be beneficial if I only play at 1280*1024?
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    Motherboard for ES Pentium D

    So, as you can read, I need a good mobo for an Engineering sample Pentium D. Thanks in advance.