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    Best Widescreen LCD 20" Under $300?

    In your opinion, what is it?
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    Best Widescreen 20" Under $300

    Just a discussion as to which widescreen LCD you feel is the best under $300 on the market today.
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    Connecting Zune to Z5500's

    Oh yeah, it looks exactly like a regular headphone splitter, just that it has 3 input plugs. I have one that I use for my iPod. Good luck finding one though as they are somewhat hard to find (but I found mine at a Radioshack).
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    Best gaming headset

    Look at the Plantronics GameCom Pro 1. It's USB and about $50.
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    Connecting Zune to Z5500's

    Look for a 3-to-1 adapter at Radioshack (3 female to 1 male). Plug the orange, green, and black wires from the pod into the adapter, then the other side of the adapter into your Zune.
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    New Soundcard or USB Headset???

    I use a USB headset and I have no complaints whatsoever. I'm using the Plantronics GameCom Pro 1. The sound quality is top-notch, and I'm very particular about sound.
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    Suggestions for headphones for gaming

    Plantronics GameCom Pro 1. Best bang for the buck.
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    Headphone Amp mini-roundup

    Who's Mister X?
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    Temperatures too high?

    I don't mean to hijack or anything, but are idle temps of 39-42°C with an E6600 @ 3.15 and Tuniq Tower 120 normal? Or should I reapply some AS5?
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    HD555 and iPod....

    Alright, so I guess the general consensus is the HD595. And I don't care if they bother anyone around me. I paid for 'em, I'm gonna use 'em. :D
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    HD555 and iPod....

    Well, from reading the title you can probably tell what I want to use these headphones for/with. I would consider myself pretty picky when it comes to sound. I also have an X-Fi XtremeMusic (but that's beside the point). My main question is I am pretty sure I will need an amp, correct? I also...
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    speakers for ipod? what to buy

    What do the connectors look like that come with the speakers?
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    Logitech Z-5500s with a laptop?

    For your laptop, the sound will be pretty good but not excellent (kinda get what I'm saying?). Instead of getting that connector from Logitech, you can get an adapter from Radioshack where it's 3 to 1 meaning you can just plug a CD player or whatnot using the Z-5500's.
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    Optical w/ Z-5500

    Is it possible to use an optical cable with my Z-5500s and an X-Fi XtremeMusic soundcard? Or should I just go with the coaxial?
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    Logitech Z5500 settings.

    Where is this 'night mode'?
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    Are you playing any "old school" games?

    RollerCoaster Tycoon.
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    Dell 2007WFP vs. Samsung 226BW

    OK, straight up. You have enough for either. Which one do you buy?
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    Jack Thompson on FOX News right now

    Jack Thompson sent letter to Microsoft, blaming Bill Gates for VT shootings: Unbelievable.
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    What games have you regretted buying?

    STUNTMAN. I couldn't get past the second movie. Long load times, and way too hard. I even pre-ordered it. :mad:
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    Movies you think should be games.

    Half-Life 2
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    PC Gaming Decline, whats to blame?

    It's very simple: cost. Nowadays, if you want to play a game that looks about as good as a console game, you need a computer that can perform well enough to achieve that. It costs way too much to keep up with games when they are available on a console for a fraction of the price. Let's break...
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    What time does the GTA IV trailer start?

    You scared me for a second there. Touché.
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    Best Story

    Even though I only played through 1 of the 4 discs (disc #2 didn't work)... The Legend of Dragoon.
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    I Can't Log-in to XP

    Just a little update: Somehow everything works now like it should, and I didn't have to "repair" XP or anything. I have no clue how, but it works. And thanks to everyone's input.
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    I Can't Log-in to XP

    @ plasma Yeah, I can get into safe mode. @ alphanumeric Sweet, thanks. Now can I just use any old XP Pro disc, or do I need the one that I used to install XP with?
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    I Can't Log-in to XP

    @ Sid: Yeah, tried that. Same thing. @ sirholio & eno-on I went to, now I don't know which one to use. I have a feeling it's a HDD problem but even then, there's about 25 options. Any suggestions?
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    I Can't Log-in to XP

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    I Can't Log-in to XP

    So you're saying I will have to reformat? :(
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    I Can't Log-in to XP

    OK, I didn't really know where to put this, so hopefully this works: Well I went to start up my computer this morning and everything was going smoothly until the log-in screen for XP except nothing comes up (I have it set to the classic log-in style). Not even the mouse. It's just a blue...
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    anyone running X-Fi on a 975 chipset board

    I'm using a BX2 with the XtremeMusic card.
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    can i fix my headphones?

    Have your dad buy you a new pair.
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    Intel QX6700 Question

    Just read the instructions.
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    Choosing new Headphones.

    Nope, $150.
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    This look weird to anyone else?

    Liquid nitrogen...
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    Recommend me new headphones

    Will any of these work on my X-Fi XtremeMusic and will I need an amp for my iPod?
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    Audigy2 and Z-5500 Hum/hissing noise

    I have the same problem but I have it plugged into a surge protector. It's actually a battery backup but I haven't figured out how to get it to work. Any thoughts?
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    Recommend me new headphones

    Damn. Well what's the best I can get for that much? And are the Bose Quiet Comfort 2's any good (even out of my price range, just curious).
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    Recommend me new headphones

    Don't mean to hijack, but can I get a recommendation too? I'm looking for about $80-100. I know about frequency ranges and all that, I just don't know any good brands. Preferably a closed ear, but I'm open to suggestions (no pun intended). I also don't know about needing an amp, plus I'm...