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    Xim4 for sale on the 28th, $124.99

    Sorry, no link - Google is your friend. I am at work and their site is blocked. I read about it on their forums this morning. They claim a much larger production run on this one. Apparently the Xim3 sold out in less than three minutes. This will be my first attempt to purchase one.
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    Had to replace a downed switch on Christmas Eve

    One of the Cisco 3750's in our Enterprise stack died last night and I am the only one on call this week, requiring me to drive back in and replace it. I hate that damned stack - seriously needs to be upgraded. They are the old 1.5u models with little ram. Anybody else have a holiday emergency?
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    How do I rename a dir full of files with powershell?

    Windows 7 Powershell. I have a dir of files that look like this: [DBNL]Dragonball_Z_-_001_-_The_new_Threat_[DR][x264][F26CC67E] I want to make them look like this: Dragonball_Z_-_001_-_The_new_Threat_[DR][x264][F26CC67E] I want to do more to their names than that, but if I can...
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    Linux and MacBook wireless issues on enterprise network?

    We are in the midst of a large wireless installation at my work. We have hit a snag and I wonder if any of you have seen this on your wireless networks. Microsoft systems and Androids have no issue with our network. I can roam all over the various buildings here while streaming anything and...
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    calling any Visual basic guru's

    I am working on a network diagram with Visio 2013 and need a way to toggle some connectors off and on. The trick is that when one layer is turned off I want the other layer to turn on. Here is what I have at the moment: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim LayersObj As Visio.Layers Dim...
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    wood refinishing advice needed

    I have a writers desk that is a simple clean design that I would like to refinish. Currently it is a brown stain that has a slick finish to it. I don't know if it is just a clear coat over a stain, but I can't feel the grain at all so I assume there is something on it. I would like to stain...
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    Supreme Commander Forged Alliance FOREVER

    If you haven't tried this, you need to. PC Gamer mentioned it in their last issue so I checked it out. This is the slickest mod I have ever tried. Basically, these guys picked up where the developers left off. They continued with the patches and fixed game play issues. They then created a...
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    Need my laptop to recognize 802.1q tagged traffic

    I install wireless PtP Motorola radios in Afghanistan. The final step in this radios configuration is to enable 802.1q tagging, assign the VLAN number, and reboot. This is all done through a web interface on the radio. Once it reboots, that web interface is no longer reachable and the rest of...
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    GNS3 problems

    The last time I used GNS3 was on Ubuntu... or Mint... I can't remember, but it was on a Linux platform and it performed flawlessly. In my current living conditions I don't have the space to run a separate Linux box so I attempted the Windows 7 64 bit installation. I can't use it. I have...
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    HTTPS issues

    I consider myself proficient in networking (it is my career), but this issue is driving me nuts. I am running Windows 7 and everything works fine, except for HTTPS sites. The browser doesn't matter as I have installed IE and Firefox to test if Chrome was flaking on me and all had the same...
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    I have 3550's...

    ...and I need to get rid of them. The thread is in the for sale subforum. I know I'm breaking the rules by posting this but I'm not getting any action with just the for sale thread. It would be a shame to throw these out since they make such great lab switches. Right, I'll show...
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    Scored free equipment

    Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time. I work in Iraq and the base I am on is being closed down. This puts me in position to capture equipment being abandoned or destroyed. A housing area was being cleared out and the Air Force found a small rack that was used for...
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    It isn't flash but it is a web game. I believe it is HTML5. My first run through got to 4042 points with a 95.6% accuracy. I am sure I can improve.
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    Network Interface Cards must be VLAN capable? WTF?

    I am having a discussion with one of my coworkers. We are both certified network administrators with several years of experience behind us. I was discussing Pfsense with him when he mentioned that the NIC in a PFSense box must be VLAN capable (when using VLANs). According to the OSI and TCP...
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    Dark Void worth $10?

    Has anybody played it? Many of the Crimson Sky team built it and I really enjoyed Crimson Sky. Impulse has it for $9.99, I am thinking of getting it.
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    Chief KTA325B triple LCD mount rocks

    American made and solid as a rock. It arrived in three boxes totaling nearly 40 pounds. Most of that weight is in the base plate. One piece arrived a little scraped up. Not a huge deal and fixable if I had a paint marker. Apologies for the horrible picture. I had to take it...
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    Portable console client needed

    I maintain a network with about 700 access, distro and core switches in less than ideal physical conditions. As a result I need to travel around and console into isolated switches on a regular basis. I have laptops for this purpose but they are beginning to break down and tend to be bulky and...
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    Network based virus scanner?

    I am running a small hotspot with about 200 customers. My partner and I do a lot of manual work watching for customers with too many connections and/or too high of a download/upload ratio to try to control virus outbreaks/p2p junkies and share the bandwidth for everyone. I need a way to...
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    PC gamers interested in playing on PS3 - have I got the controller for you.

    I am a PC gamer; I have been for over 20 years when I started copying the code out of gaming magazines to play on my trash-80. My biggest gripe about consoles was the controller. FPS's can't be properly controlled with my thumb. Maybe your thumb, but not mine. There were a lot of people...
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    PS3 LAN gaming - specifically, AvP?

    Has anyone here purchased AvP for PS3? I have a growing community of PS3 gamers here in Iraq and our internet connection is crappy. We have been playing MW2 because it supports LAN directly (somewhat crippled, but it works). I am trying to find out if AvP supports LAN play or if an internet...
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    How to measure wireless signal strength?

    Anybody know of a software package that will allow me to use a laptop as a wireless signal strength meter? I am googling but I was wondering if anyone had experience with a particular package. I am planning on replacing my current antenna with a new one and would like to have an actual...
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    COD:MW2...again. Duped into buying on PC.

    Ok, I was one of the (less verbal) upset PC gamers about COD:MW2. I didn't buy it because I wanted to see how the LAN play worked out. I saw some coworkers playing it on PS3. They each had a console and a TV and a dumb switch...a mini LAN. I watched as they setup a LAN match and played for...
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    DHCP corruption problem, need serious help

    Calling all network administrators; I've got an issue that is driving me up the wall. I have just completed standing up an AN-30 LOS shot to a remote building. Each end has a Cisco 2851 router and I have built a GRE tunnel between the two as part of the security. Naturally there are other...
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    What type of screws are used for LCD mounts?

    I can't find any information about the type of screws used for the VESA mounting holes on the back of LCDs. Does anybody know the size/threads?
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    Laser cutting equipment question

    I could have sworn that we had a subforum just for tools. Maybe I'm thinking of another forum... Anyway, I am looking at buying a small business quality laser cutter that will see use for computer building/modification as well. So far the best one I have found is from Epilog but it cannot...
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    Need a good low profile waterblock for 8800gts

    I just finished a build in my new NZXT Rogue to find that the powersupply sits very low over the top of my video card. It is so low that it is sitting on top of my waterblock where the tubes connect. I need a good replacement waterblock that will let the tubes connect within the body of the...
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    Traveling with a watercooled system

    Has anybody actually flown with a watercooled system in tow yet? I will be boarding a plane next week for home from the Middle East and will be carrying my SG-01e over my shoulder as a carry on. I haven't had any problems before as it is a perfect fit for the overhead bins but now my system...
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    Shadowspawns SG-01e Project

    I haven't come up with a name for it but here is what I have planned: - Watercooled - 4 120mm fans - Motorized Iris fan covers - Clean appearance with all buttons removed and hidden - Primary colors: White with black and red highlights. No blacklight crap. - A lady from...
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    3 pin fan header max current ratings?

    I've looked at the ATX standard and couldn't find anything nor does my motherboards manual mention it. I'm curious as to what the maximum amperage and voltage the 3 pin fan headers on the motherboards are capable of supplying. I just purchased a Danger Den DD-CPX1 pump (which uses the three...
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    NForce4 RAID / Vista 64 Ultimate install problem

    This is frustrating me. I am running an EVGA 131-K8-NF44 with onboard RAID. I just purchased a pair of Seagate SATA 500gb drives and am trying to do a new Vista install with the drives striped (RAID 0). Within the BIOS I have enabled RAID on SATA channels 1 and 2. I have run the RAID...
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    I'm curious why nobody has mentioned that Quakecon's registration opens on Wednesday. I'll be getting up at 0400 local so I can least nobody else will be up and using my satellite connection. It should be running decent while I try to join the hundreds attacking the...
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    Traveling with a watercooled system

    Does anybody have any experience with this? I have traveled with my system before (SG-01e) and with its custom bag I don't have any problem taking it onboard as a carry-on. I just purchased all of the water cooling components for it but before I put them in I thought I'd ask if anybody has...
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    I'm looking for a specific UT2004 map

    A while back I read a review of a map in PC Gamer. The map was one of several by a map maker that has a very unique designing ability. The map I can remember supposedly had a beach with your flag on it. To get to the other base you went up the beach to a cave where there was a portal. Once...
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    How much coolant?

    I am building a case mod and integrating my first watercooling setup...while I'm here in Iraq. This makes purchasing a bit more difficult because I can't just run down to the store. I am looking at purchasing coolant (MCT-5 Non-Conductive Solution) and need to figure out how much. The...
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    Slimline optical drive => SATA adapter?

    I am placing a slim DVD drive in my system and would like to use an adapter like this one: My problem is that I cannot find a US store that sells one. I am in Iraq and need it to be delivered via USPS. Can...
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    What happened to Bonzai?

    I am putting together a shopping list for a mod I want to do for Quakecon and went to check whats new on Bonzai's site but it appears the site is gone. A search on here gets no results. Anybody know what happened to Bonzai's awesome fan grills?
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    Have experience with Cisco VOIP?

    Task: I am assigned the task of enabling port security on the 250+ switches on my network (13,000 users). We are utilizing VOIP on this network with Cisco phones, Cisco switches and a Cisco call manager. I do not know much about the call manager, being a CCNA with around 3 years of experience...
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    Cisco switch renaming own config files?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, A Google of the intertubes turned up nothing on this subject. Is it possible for a Cisco switch to rename its own "config.text" file to "config.text.renamed" for any reason? I have a remote site that this has happened on, twice within the last week. I'm trying to...
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    If you liked the Trackmania series...

    Trackmania United is currently being "prereleased". 10,000 copies are being sold, from what I was told. I bought it. This version blows Trackmania Nations away with the huge amount of environments, cars and different physics applied to each.