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    Customizable QPacks

    Hey all, New to the SFF world (somewhat) and am looking to build a new SFF. I really like the design of the QPack cases, and am interested in getting one of those. Now I know newegg and other places carry the cases, but are there any places where THEY customize the case? I just figure it...
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    PNY 1GB Flash Drive $35.97 AR - NewEgg NewEgg has a PNY 1gb Flash Drive for $55.97 with a $20 MIR Shipping charges still apply
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    Wired Magazine 12 month subscription -- $1.99 coupon code: DCMPS10D this deal gives you 10 dollars off the subscription price so you can get 12 issues of Wired Magazine for $1.99 (regular price is $11.99) NO LONGER WORKS, SORRY FOLKS
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    [H]OT - Maxim Magazine 2 yr subscrip. for $2.00! enter coupon code: DCMPS20D coupon code will get you $20.00 off, which drives the price down to $2.00 haven't tried it with anything but the 2 year subscription, but have fun :D
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    Was reading over the FAQ.. broken link

    Heya, Was reading over the FAQ and was trying to read about the RSS Feeds. Clicked on the link, but it is a broken link. Thought I would let you guys know. :)