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    Old School Diablo Revival!!!!

    USEast non-ladder *OompaKicksButt
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    Unreal 1 in Steam (and other games).

    The games are pre-patched, and they use the internal browser still. At least that's the case with Painkiller and Quake 1
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    Who's going to QuakeCon 2008?

    Did someone say Bacon? Bacon is the offical Quakecon 2008 meme.
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    Steam game guest pass

    I'll take it. Thanks :D
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    Diablo 2 + Expansion $4.91 | Starcraft Battlechest $4.91 or $6.29

    Now someone needs to find this for Starcraft + Brood War
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    Sin Episodes: Emergence @ $4.99 on Steam

    I recently picked up D2+Expansion and Painkiller. I have enough for now :>
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    Who's going to QuakeCon 2008?

    I'm attending :)
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    The Ladies Of Team Fortress 2

    I'd rather Valve takes the time to do more achievement/unlock packs for other classes, rather than waste time on this. It serves no purpose, not to mention you have to make the models fit the same hit boxes (or the game would play oddly for people using the other model). This would make the...
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    Diablo 2 + Expansion $4.91 | Starcraft Battlechest $4.91 or $6.29

    I ordered at 8:10 CDT and just got it at 11:18.
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    Diablo 2 + Expansion $4.91 | Starcraft Battlechest $4.91 or $6.29

    I jumped on this. I was contemplating buying it, but for $5, it's hard to pass up.
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    Old School Diablo Revival!!!!

    Can I have one? :D
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    Old School Diablo Revival!!!!

    I never played Diablo 1 or 2, is D2 worth the $20 Blizzard wants for it?
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    SLI Difference in RAM

    So I got the 8600GTS today. It's been awhile, but it finally rolled around. I've connected them both, and they both are working fine, but SLI won't pop up. GPU-z says that SLI is available, but I can't find the option in the nVidia settings, and the little balloon that should pop up didn't. I've...
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    Upgrading PC to Dual Core

    I have a computer running an AMD Athlon 3200+, and am going to put an Opteron 165 in it. Do I need to do anything special with XP for full support of the second core? I've heard some stuff about a Dual Core optimizer, but couldn't find anything about it on the AMD Opteron webpage.
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    Preliminary numbers for Nvidia GPU client

    GPU: XFX Geforce 8600GTS (Using 174.55) CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (939) CPU load while folding: 100% Board Connection (PCI-E, AGP, etc.): PCI-E Memory used by the client: 15MB Temps of the GPU (NVMonitor): 66-69 C GPU Clocks: 675/1000 PPD (as stated by FAHMON or other program): 1690-1700 PPD
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    TF2 Pyro update this Thursday

    Just saw this. Woot!
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    now what happens to the iPods?

    e2g, I've heard reports about it being $10 a month more.
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    iPod touch - wait till the iPhone 2.0 update?

    Yeah, with the last update, they released new Touches with the updated firmware. I'm waiting on buying my Macbook+iPod Touch+printer until then too.
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    GRID for PC?

    I think it's great, and I'm playing with my keyboard. I'm thinking about picking up a controller if I can.
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    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars; Why don't you play it?

    Why don't I play it? Well, TF2 has captured me by the throat and won't let go. If I started playing ET:QW full before TF2, then it might not be that way. The beta started to bore me so I pre-ordered Orange box and started playing TF2.
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    SLI Difference in RAM

    This is great news. I had 7900GT 256mb SLI, but one card died and I had it RMAd, since they were different vendors I ended up with a single 7900GT 256MB and a 8600GTS 512MB. My friend has a spare 8600GTS 256MB that he'd be fine with trading (just going into a kids machine), so I wanted to make...
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    SLI Difference in RAM

    Hm, alright thanks. I was hoping that that it would just drop the 512MB card to 256 but it would still work. Guess I'll be stuck with this single 8600GTS 512mb. How could I modify the BIOS?
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    SLI Difference in RAM

    If I had 2 8600GTSes, but 1 had 512MB and the other had 256MB, could I still use SLI?
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    Windows Feedback Program - Free Vista/Office 2007 - UPDATE!!!

    I just got an email that said my product (Office 2007) was shipped.
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    Hardware video decoding; Who cares?

    So I have to pay to use it? Quite lame.
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    Hardware video decoding; Who cares?

    I'd care, except for the fact that I can't find an application that actually uses the 8600GTS HD hardware decoding for H264.
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    Thank you EVGA!

    I would've been happy with the same card I sent in, but I got an 8600.
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    Ubisoft games on Steam

    As much as I hate the content control aspect of Steam, I have to agree. It's very good at what it does, much like iTunes in a sense.
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    Thank you EVGA!

    Today I got my replacement, and it's sadly an 8600 GTS. Oh well, I already know to buy evga from now on.
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    Thinking about getting a macbook :D

    Apple usually has a deal in June where you get a free iPod nano with the purchase of a Mac, which is what I'm waiting for.
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    Thank you EVGA!

    Well, the other card is eVGA, so it's doubtful. I can only hope they send me an 8800, I'd happily ebay the extra 7900GT :D
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    Thank you EVGA!

    XFX has the same policy, but isn't as kind as eVGA it seems. I really hope I get a 7900GT rather than a 8600, since I RMA'd my card recently, and I run SLI.
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    40% of College Students Plan to Buy Macs, Survey Says

    I'm going into college next year, and I'm buying myself a Macbook. Why, I love the Unix base of OS X. It gives it a nice flexibility without having to muck around in it if I don't feel like it. It's like a version of Ubuntu that's even more popular and even easier to use. After an educational...
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    Macbook: Online retailer or Apple Store?

    I was under the impression you could take it back to the Apple Store to get it serviced (While it's under warranty), but you had to keep the proof of purchase, or they assume the warranty started 1 month after manufacturing.
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    Wanting to start a Q3A game with the fellas here @ [H]

    Ah man, if only I still had my Quake 3 key...
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    Peace, Love, and Rockets 8: 6/21 7p-7a @ DFW, TX

    Sadly Kole, no one cares about your thread... Either way, I totally encourage people to come, the last one was alright, but PLR8 is bound to be better.
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    Current 'Gold' Standard in Mice and Pads?

    I see a lot of MX518 recommendations, and I would've been the same. But the new g5 has changed my mind. It's wonderful. I use a Saitek Eclipse for a keyboard and a fUnc sUrface 1030 archetype for a mousepad. I had a RatPadz GS, but that wore through really quick, and they hadn't come out with...
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    Windows Feedback Program - Free Vista/Office 2007 - UPDATE!!!

    I'm in the same boat as a couple other members here. Got registration confirmation, and then a email that confirmed that I was sending data. I started the 11th, so my 3 months has past, just waiting for an email that it'll get sent out...
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    Peace, Love, and Rockets 7 - Mar 15, 7p-7a

    Yeah, they occur every couple months.