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    John McAfee

    RIP McAfee. He was a legend for infecting nearly every Windows 95 computer with McAfee Anti-Virus and later his far out lifestyle. Will be interesting to see if any "dirt" he allegedly had on people materializes.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X + ASRock X399 Phantom Motherboard Bundle - $510 MicroCenter (In-Store)

    Not bad, if you want to do some serious number crunching:,-asrock-x399-phantom-gaming-6-cpu---motherboard-bundle
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    Crucial Ballistix Elite 16GB 2 x 8GB DDR4-3600 PC4-28800 CL16 - $150 at MicroCenter Set the world record on LN2. Crucial (Micron) has always made great memory. Everyone after Samsung chips, but this offers great value, too...
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    Are SFF about to get bigger?

    This is just something I was thinking about the other day… Is it just me or is the size of our SFFs going to have to change? Efficiency keeps going down, but power requirements keep going up. For an ATX case, this isn’t a big deal – throw in a larger PSU and an even more insane cooler...
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    Does the 3007WFP or LP3065 support HDCP/Blu-Ray at native resolutions?

    Does the 3007WFP support HDCP/Blu-Ray in its native resolution? Some old threads seem to say that HDCP is not supported, because the monitors use a 2xDVI interface. Sort of...
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    Intel to promote the Mini-ITX form factor I don't know about miniITX replacing microATX any time soon, but I like to see the focus on new SFFs.
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    Is Crossfire or SLI possible on any modern mATX board?

    Both SLI and Crossfire seem to use one of these fixed bridges: However, I know the latest cards from DAAMIT use a ribbon connector: Has anyone maybe seen a mATX board with a x4 slot near enough the x16 or...
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    Compilation of Best Deal [H]unting Tools

    All, I see many people posting "deals" on the boards that are easily beaten by a quick search on any of the top price search engines. Hopefully this list will save some fellow bargain hunters from wasting their time and money sifting through shady or junky hot deal threads. This also has a list...
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    New hope for C2D Overclocking?

    EDIT: Setting your clocks this high on this board is apparently STUPID and will probably start killing components! DON'T DO IT! :D This is the P5L-MX I just got. Specs: *P5L-MX (G945) VCORE: None VDIMM: 2.00v FSB: 450 It can boot into Windows as high as 425 and I am sure the...
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    Intel orders Via to stop making CPUs

    Could be bad news for carPC/HTPC, etc builders. :(
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    "Will it fit?" FAQ

    Updated Will it Fit? Spreadsheet Download Free Excel Viewer Please open the spreadsheet for the latest updates. The bottom ones and exception reasons are not shown. *Do your own research!* I spent a lot of time researching all of these components, but don't just take "some guy on the...
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    GIGABYTE GA-965GM-S2 is on Newegg

    Page 43 of the manual says it all. @#$%! I thought it was going to be something.
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    Decent Core Duo/Merom mATX board?

    From D's sticky... Core Duo S479 (i945GM): AOpen i945GTm-VHL - SODIMMs and expensive AOpen i945GTm-HIL - discontinued (prob replaced by board above) Gigabyte GA-8I945GTMF-Y-RH * - discontinued (prob replaced by unreleased GA-8I945GTMF-Y-RH) Asus N4L-VM DH - No vcore, problems with 2GB of...
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    Need X1900 AIW bios!

    Can someone do me a massive favor and e-mail me an X1900 AIW bios so I can try to softmod an X1900GT... Just download RaBiT @, download your bios and e-mail it to me @ sleepeeg3(REMOVE) ! I would really...
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    TForce: "'0.' is not a valid integer value" - what revision do you have?

    Know a few of you were getting this error with the Windows overclocking utility. Have a theory that it's due to your board revision and the utility does not work with earlier revisions. If you click past those pop-ups and look at the options real fast, alot of them are defaulting to "0" and...
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    ARIA and 7800GTX/X1800XL/X1800XT room?

    Anyone have a newer card in an ARIA? How much room do you have length-wise? What about any of the other cases, since they are probably similar lengths. Looking at moving to the Biostar TForce, but for that I have to find a single slot card. I don't want to downgrade and the 7800GT has no fan...
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    Albatron K8SLI - missed opportunity?

    Doh! So close... :( Not that I really care, but maybe if enough people suggest they shave off that middle PCI-E x1 slot, you might get that reality.
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    Using a Radeon Xpress motherboard & having lockups with your nVidia card?

    Seems like enough people are reporting this problem that it has to be more than some bias. Let's see if only specific cards/boards are affected and we can let the manufacturers know. Post your... Motherboard: (MSI RS480M-IL, ECS RS480-M, Jetway A210GDMS, etc.) nVidia card: (6XXX GT...
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    Get your tweaked Jetway AGDMS & ECS RS480-M bioses here!

    Thanks to Borg Number One, I finally snagged a version of modbin that works and thought I would share the wealth. These bioses optimize the defaults for most settings, hide a few utterly useless options (video mode=AGP or config for 2 serial ports??), and enable some of the hidden options...
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    ECS RS480-M bonanza!

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    Funky fan someone could use for a project

    Look! It's Deep Space Nine! :p
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    X850 now released (price error?!), only $49.99!!!