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    Best Widescreen LCD 20" Under $300?

    In your opinion, what is it?
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    Best Widescreen 20" Under $300

    Just a discussion as to which widescreen LCD you feel is the best under $300 on the market today.
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    HD555 and iPod....

    Well, from reading the title you can probably tell what I want to use these headphones for/with. I would consider myself pretty picky when it comes to sound. I also have an X-Fi XtremeMusic (but that's beside the point). My main question is I am pretty sure I will need an amp, correct? I also...
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    Optical w/ Z-5500

    Is it possible to use an optical cable with my Z-5500s and an X-Fi XtremeMusic soundcard? Or should I just go with the coaxial?
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    Dell 2007WFP vs. Samsung 226BW

    OK, straight up. You have enough for either. Which one do you buy?
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    I Can't Log-in to XP

    OK, I didn't really know where to put this, so hopefully this works: Well I went to start up my computer this morning and everything was going smoothly until the log-in screen for XP except nothing comes up (I have it set to the classic log-in style). Not even the mouse. It's just a blue...
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    Won't even turn ON! Just great...

    Yeah, it's me again. But I think I f**ked up royally this time. Since my calls for help went unnoticed, I took it upon myself to try some stuff out. I looked at some OC'ing threads for the Bad Axe 2 and whatnot, because I wanted to get the ratio from 2:3 to 1:1 and to get 1T timing. During my...
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    Need help OC'ing Dad's computer...

    So, my dad wants more performance out of his new Christmas toy, and I was selected for the job since, well, he's kinda old. Yeah, I'm not too sure how to go about this, as he is on stock cooling with stock HSF. Specs are in sig, but I don't know how much to increase the voltages or any of...
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    Intel Bad Axe 2

    OK, for those of you who have this board: I recently purchased, and more recently, built my new system using this motherboard. Awesome BTW. I just have one question; There is a 1x4 power "adapter", if you will, on the bottom left corner of the HSF, that I don't have anything plugged into...
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    Stock HSF For Core 2 Duo

    I ordered a new E6600 and I didn't have enough extra lying around to get an aftermarket HSF, so I am stuck using the stock one. I have read numerous reviews on NewEgg that the stock HSF falls off and/or just sucks. So basically, will the stock HSF be fine to use until I can come up with some...
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    Antec P180 - OCZ 700W Questions

    OK, I just got this case the other day, awesome BTW. Well, as I was putting in the OCZ (I put it in so that the fan points up), I thought to myself, maybe I'll just cut a square in the metal to improve the airflow to the PSU. That was a dumb idea. So, with a nice sized hole in the metal...
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    Anyone hear anything about it?
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    Two sets of speakers?

    Is it possible to have two sets of 2.1 speakers playing at the same time, connected to the same source? Like, if I use a normal splitter? Theorhetically, it sounds like it would work.