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    ‘Game of Thrones’ Most Pirated TV-Show of 2014

    I read the books. It might be why I love the series.
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    ‘Game of Thrones’ Most Pirated TV-Show of 2014

    I'm waiting for it to be released on Blu-Ray. I own the previous seasons already.
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    ‘Lizard Squad’ Member Reveals His Face in a TV Interview

    It might not ever take that. People that recognize him locally might help point law enforcement directly to him.
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    Navy Drone Looks And Swims Like A Shark

    Those cannery ships are in for a surprise when they pull one up in their net...
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    Facebook Wants You To Vote On Tuesday

    Let's say people take the time to research and do their civic duty. The time you took to think up a poor analogy could have been better spent.
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    Facebook Wants You To Vote On Tuesday

    I don't have a FB account. I do exercise my right to vote. If you don't vote, you don't have any right to complain.
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    Technology And The Adultery Arms Race

    No respect equals no commitment.
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    DEA Sued Over Its Fake Facebook Account

    Since both are dong illegal things behind the lack of transparency promised but not delivered, the agent is just following the lead developed in a environment of the end justifies the means.
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    DEA Sued Over Its Fake Facebook Account

    The DEA uses information gathered from the NSA without disclosing it's sources. Wouldn't want the citizens to know the full reach of these brown shirts.
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    Movies Have Worst Summer Since 1997

    Ticket sales have been dropping for years. People paying around twice the price to see the movie in IMAX is what has kept the dollar amount similar. I haven't gone to see a movie since 2004. I rent or buy the Blu-ray/DVD and watch it without distraction.
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    Readers Absorb Less On Kindles Than On Paper

    I have a Kindle Fire HD and being able to carry a library's worth of books in a single small package is what sold me on it.
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    California Waiving Environmental Rules For Tesla Battery Factory?

    Think of the cottage industry needed for storing all of those old environmentally safe spent batteries once new ones are needed...
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    Microsoft: Xbox One Monthly Updates Will Keep on Coming

    I'm glad that Sony doesn't update the PS3 as much as XBox. It takes forever compared to the Microsoft download./update.
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    Driver Fined $48K For Using Cell Phone Jammer

    Think of all the addicts that suffered stress from this guy... :D
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    Driver Fined $48K For Using Cell Phone Jammer

    I like how you think. :)
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    WoW: Warlords of Draenor Expansion Confirmed

    I bought the game the day of release and I quit after playing through Burning Crusades. Blues that dropped were almost as good as the purples from end game guild runs prior to TBC release. Black hole of time I don't miss.
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    Best Texting And Driving Product EVER!

    I rather see one that blows the phone up into their face. Call it the exploding head app.
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    Tricks Facebook Uses To Keep You From Quitting

    I fooled them by never joining FB.
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    Watch Out For Gas Pump Skimmers

    I use either cash or a CC. I don't own a debit card need or want one.
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    Xbox One Demand "Through The Roof", Could Outship PS4 3-to-1

    Neither interest me enough to pre-order one. I have both a XBOX 360 and PS3. I'll wait until the "bill" is passed to see whats in it.
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    Thinking of returning my 5850

    F@H with the 470 when not gaming.
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    The Average Gamer Is "Old"

    I'm 53, so most of you are youngsters. :p
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    Is it really worth buying a high end gaming rig any more?

    It's a must if you run a large resolution monitor/monitors at native res. If all you run is 1920x1080 or less, (in 2D) you can get by with a lesser system.
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    Leaked 256 driver supports 3D Vision Surround

    Well said. :D
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    2 x 285 GTX (SLI) vs. 480 GTX

    Have you tried using EVGA's Precision or MSI Afterburner to increase the fans speed prior to gaming?
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    Epic Says Piracy is Killing PC Gaming

    Microsoft had game devs hold up the PC version release on many games to increase the 360 version sells. They are not PC gamer's heros.
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    BFGTech Exits Graphics

    I've never owned a BFG product, but hate to hear about this.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    After seeing your numbers of wu, I checked my two PS3s. The phat has over 2100 and the new slim has 750+ completed. I rarely check them and it's usually to see if they are still crunching. Good job, [H]ugh_Freak. :)
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    So how long.....

    Remove the bonus system. Non problem solved. :p
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    Why are Collector's Editions of PC games still including DVDs and not Blu-rays?

    I watch Blu-Ray movies on my large but low res 52in TV using a PS3. I play games on my smaller but larger res 30in monitor. I have no need for a Blu-Ray player/burner in my computer.
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    SMP2 announcement from PG

    No he's young. I remember when I knew it all too. :D
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    nvidia surround?

    Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    25 million 3 months shy of 2 years folding time. No borgs, all out of pocket. :p
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    The first ugly Fermi art has arrived!

    How is that sticker going to stay on the heatsink? Looks fake. Looks like box art cutout and set on the card for a picture.
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    nvidia surround?

    I waited until ATi released the 2900 to build a Vista/8800 GTX SLI setup. I missed the early Vista drivers. I'm sure many were not happy campers then also. I was running ATi and playing WOW. So it was like living under a rock new tech release wise. :p
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    nvidia surround?

    Simple. Sell your cards and get AMD cards to replace them. Or email nVidia. Posting here does nothing to speed up the driver release.
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    nvidia surround?

    3D Vision Surround Demo :p
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Well you only need 6.5 million more for the purple hat. Unlike Imelda R. Marcos shoes, Kendrak collects hats. :D
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Grats. That first million is biggie. :)
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    DirectCompute vs. CUDA vs. OpenCL

    I almost spit out my coffee. Perfect. :D