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  1. alpharalpha

    Looking for long length 1/8 to 1/4 cable that's durable enough as bends frequently where plug meets cable.

    Is hard to find these cables in longer lengths (at least 20ft) is for my child's headset so he can sit on bed while watching shows. (Room is 10ft wall to wall.) The cable gets bent where the 1/4 plug joins the cable and wires fail there. I thought about wrapping some electrical tape around that...
  2. alpharalpha

    What do you think of this setup for child's gaming pc?

    I already have a mini-itx case, 1050ti GPU & Corsair CX650 PSU. Am thinking of setup like this: Any better parts, suggestions; want to keep the price about the same. Component Selection Price CPU Intel Core i5-10400 2.9 GHz...
  3. alpharalpha

    Mic won't work on PC with MSI GTX 1050 ti?

    The mic works fine on the other PCs, am thinking maybe the GPU took control over of the mic? How can I get it working?
  4. alpharalpha

    How can I remove microsoft edge from windows 10?

    It's for my child's computer, we have parameters set on it, but the internet safety features don't seem to work on edge, on chrome, so is able to bypass our restrictions by using edge; the uninstall option is grayed out. How can I uninstall or at least disable it?
  5. alpharalpha

    I see the GTX1650 Super isn't going to be restocked; what then will be the equivalent?

    That card would've been perfect for my needs; so am wondering what's going to be the card equivalent to it? 1660 etc, or nothing below the RTX 3x ?
  6. alpharalpha

    Looking for inexpensive PC speakers that have amped headphone jack

    Need amp for new headphones and old speakers are failing so figure get new set that'll boost/amp headphones, looking for entry level, under $50.
  7. alpharalpha

    Looking for headphones with removable cord

    Just entry level, durable headphones. I found one, these Monoprice, anyone know others with removable 3.5mm cord?
  8. alpharalpha

    Buying headphones, need longer cord, for extension is 3.5mm or usb better?

    I've read that the 3.5mm extension cables can fry a can when the connectors jiggle around, don't know if that's true but I use usb extension cords for my gaming controllers and they fit in snuggly so seem like that'd be the better option, though I'm a lot more limited in finding headphones with...
  9. alpharalpha

    Looking for entry level usb headset for child's 11th bday

    Just something basic/functional that are durable, around $30.
  10. alpharalpha

    Anyone Have Experience With Ergotron LX Wall Mount Monitor Arm? Concerned with it on one stud.

    I just set this up and am uncomfortable with it all on one stud; arm is heavier than I anticipated (13.5lbs) and though monitor is at low end of weight limit (12.5lbs) considering extends outwards up to 33" seems like a lot of force on single stud; wondering what other's experiences have been...
  11. alpharalpha

    Upgrading/installing ssd into older pc, do I need mounting bracket adapters?

    I am newbie to ssd, the pc is older desktop (3.5") do I need to get 2.5" adapters or just sit the ssd in bay (I've read put little tape on bottom to hold it in place?) I also have some extra 2.5 drive holders from my Thermaltake case, different configuration but if ssd doesn't really need secure...
  12. alpharalpha

    Do you think GPU stock/prices will get back to normal before end of the year?

    I'm looking to finish my build and this reminds me of when I was looking for a PSU, but worse. Does anybody think things will get back to normal before end of the year?
  13. alpharalpha

    Newbie, what GPU should I put in my new build?

    I was planning on just putting a GTX1650 Super in it, but with the new cards out now--and shortages etc--am wondering if maybe I can get better value card for the money; perhaps something in an RTX for the ray tracing effects? I am also new to gaming so won't be anything extreme, probably get...
  14. alpharalpha

    Is 8gb ram enough for older pc or would it benefit significantly with 16 in gaming etc?

    I'm upgrading the GPU in an old XPS8300 for a Christmas present to use as a gaming pc and wonder if adding and additional 8gb ram is necessary, has older i5 and am putting a GTX1050ti in it; good example of max load would be GTA5.
  15. alpharalpha

    Anyone have/had a MSI GAMING X 1050ti, and if so, is it a good card?

    I'm buying a GPU as a present for someone who's pc is too old for 1650 etc, and Gigabyte and MSI are pretty much the only ones selling 1050ti new. The MSI GAMING X looks like it has good build quality/features; just wondering if anyone's actually had one over time and if it held up, works well...
  16. alpharalpha

    GTX1060 VS GTX1050ti heat output?

    Would the heatpipes benefit the 1060s heat output in the case or just keep the GPU cooler but still put out same amount of heat into case, compared to the 1050ti fans just blowing over the fins? Not peak usage, just moderate, using GTA5 1080p Ultra settings for an example. Case has a 92mm intake...
  17. alpharalpha

    Would you buy a new GTX1050ti or a used GTX1060? (pc bios limits to Pascal.)

    It's for a child so performance isn't the issue; durability is key. The three new 1050ti are MSI/Gaming & Gigabyte; reviews aren't inspiring. It's going into an older XPS8300 that's bios limits it to Pascal. Do you think a used GTX1060 is a better choice--thinking if they've lasted this long...
  18. alpharalpha

    Is there a GTX 1650 Super that fans don't surge, revving randomly etc?

    If so, what do you suggest? Want to stay under $200.
  19. alpharalpha

    Does GTX1050/ti run on Windows 10?

    I'm looking to upgrade the GPU on an older pc and the 1050 would be enough of an improvement, and the 1050ti the sweet spot. But I've read where some people have problems with the card running on Windows 10?
  20. alpharalpha

    Looking for decent budget PSU to put in older XPS PC?

    Going to make this into a gaming pc for my youngster; upgrading GPU to GTX1650. The stock PSU is working but pc is about 8yrs old now; only ever used to get online or stream videos. Do you think I'd be ok keeping the stock PSU (350w) won't be used for any extreme gaming, no overclocking etc. Or...
  21. alpharalpha

    What is the best video card for under $150?

    1080p max is fine, and 4gb max too. I'm not looking to do any extreme gaming with it, just need something more than the integrated graphics can provide. New build, 10th gen intel; had hoped would suffice, but even playing goat simulator with my son get some lag in split screen. Prefer lower...
  22. alpharalpha

    Wondering if there are any other AMVA panel fans out there?

    I really like this panel--think most made by auo. It just feels right; I came to it looking for deep blacks which it delivers, but also just beautiful colors; good for both as a computer monitor as well as for movies etc. I just recently managed to find a 43" AMVA3, but wasn't easy. Just...
  23. alpharalpha

    Need help choosing a good Chromebook

    Needs to be zoom compatible and user friendly for adult and child; 2in1 would be ideal but not required; reliability is #1; at least 64gb internal storage, and a good component set so not sluggish, glitchy etc. I have found the following, they seem ok but have mixed reviews; can you please help...
  24. alpharalpha

    Need Optical out for mini-itx. Asus Rog Strix B460-I Gaming VS ASRock Fatal1ty B450 GAMING-ITX/AC?

    Real dilemma here; the Asus B460 has an spdif header and I can get a optical out bracket for it--and it's in stock. Then there's the AsRock B450 which has the optical out onboard, but not currently in stock and when comes back looks like is going to be more expensive so cost difference between...
  25. alpharalpha

    Sound quality when run thru a surround sound system: ALC887, ALC1200

    I'm doing a budget mini-itx build that will pull double duty as living room pc and htpc for streaming etc. Everything gets run thru my surround sound system so I'm wondering how much of a difference these different onboard audio setups will make using it this way--no headphone usage. I'd like to...
  26. alpharalpha

    Looking for a 32" VA/MVA or AMVA panel monitor

    Having a hard time finding 32" VA panel monitors, it'll mostly be used for watching dvd movies so 1080p. That's what's so difficult, I am running into a lot of 1440p, can anybody help me?