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    Metro: Exodus

    Presumably because the first piece is maybe three hours long.
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    Code Vein- new Bandai Namco action/RPG

    Is it? There's nothing on my radar until the end of October.
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    Help me..please...Metro Exodus save file

    Here are the saves. Without DLC (just in case): With DLC: FYI they are both clear saves done on Ranger Hardcore (with minimal HUD), AFAIK there's no way to change the...
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    Help me..please...Metro Exodus save file

    Did it work btw? You never did say.
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    Help me..please...Metro Exodus save file

    Sure, I'll put it in Dropbox and post the link later today. It's a Ranger Hardcore save if that's fine. Sorry for only responding now, I don't come here all that often.
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    Ryzen 3000 boost clock controversy - der8auer publishes his survey results, not a good look for AMD

    Do you communicate exclusively in /pol/ tier buzzwords? What's up with the irrational hatred of younger people anyway? Did someone under 30 cut you off in the line for discounted vegetables or something?
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    HWUB/Techspot adds more games, 5700XT falls further behind 2070 Super.

    I'm pretty sure he does what he does for them.
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    HWUB/Techspot adds more games, 5700XT falls further behind 2070 Super.

    The arrogance is astounding.
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    Nvidia CEO says buying a Gpu without raytracing is crazy...

    On top of that I think this whole argument how the purpose of a new GPU is only to get you more frames is very reductionist. That isn't what's happening, you're twisting facts to suit your narrative. You get an option to exchange performance for extra effects, effects you can't even get...
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    Nvidia CEO says buying a Gpu without raytracing is crazy...

    I don't know about you, but there were many times in the past when a new graphical paradigm came out with a massive performance hit. Besides you do realize you can turn off the RTX effects and get more fps, right? Nobody is forcing you to use them, you get the option to. It's up to each invidual...
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    How long do you use your phone before you replace it?

    Until it breaks down or gets lost/stolen. Going by past experience that's probably about 4 years on average. I've never spend over 200€ on a phone though.
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    Would you quit your job to finish your videogame backlog?

    I would, for a few months anyway. At least that's what happened last year - I was unemployed June through October after getting laid off. With severance and savings I didn't need to worry about money, it was great - I haven't felt so chill and eager to do things in years, even stopped smoking...
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    Help me..please...Metro Exodus save file

    I can send you mine, but you'll have to wait until about 22:00 CEST today, won't be home before that.
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    NVIDIAs new driver features ultra-low latency mode, integer scaling, sharpening

    So in essence when AMD gets performance improvements from driver updates it's Fine Wine™, but when Leather Jacket Man gets performance improvements from driver updates it's only because they have previously intentionally gimped performance. Whatever happened to judging everyone by the same measure?
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    Big Navi is coming

    This. Afterwards it'll be the greatest, most revolutionary feature.
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    What games do you have preordered?

    Preordering is for suckers. Only time I find it acceptable is when it's a sequel to a game you really enjoyed made by a company you trust. But even then it's risk for no gain.
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    Navi discussion thread

    According to our sources, custom Radeon RX 5700 won't be available before mid-August. Why do they always do this? It's pretty much equivalent to saying the real release date will be mid August at the soonest.
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    Navi discussion thread

    If they'll be only available to stream, they'll be dead. That means zero control for you as a customer and quite probably increased costs, something the industry has been pursuing for a while, to the detriment of quality.
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    Navi discussion thread

    And uhm who's going to pay for the hardware time?
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    Navi discussion thread

    So by your predictions video games (AAA anyway) will be dead in five years time?
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    Navi discussion thread

    It's not like those 150 million people had much of a choice, unless they wanted to switch to PC.
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    Navi discussion thread

    "...and I base that on absolutely nothing"
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    Navi Rumors v2.0

    So you're getting what, +20% perf over a 1080 which you could buy for 500$ sometime around 03/2017, and all that for 50$ less? No RTX features either (debatable whether they're useful or not). Pretty meh to be honest.
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    Microsoft enters bodywash market

    Is that a new codeword for Dorito dust?
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    Microsoft enters bodywash market

    Is registered yet?
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    Who's planning to buy 5700(?) GPU

    Oh, nothing that interesting then.
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    Who's planning to buy 5700(?) GPU

    Wait what? Faster SKU's?
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    Navi Rumors v2.0

    So you and a couple /r/AMD posters? That's probably not gonna bring in a lot of cash.
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    Navi Rumors

    What if I don't want to play a terrible game with a blur filter?
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    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    FFS people, it's really not that hard. It becomes genuinely fun the moment you stop trying to play it like Dark Souls/Bloodborne and instead start using the mechanics it wants you to use. Stay close to enemies, look at their attacks, deflect them. Failed deflects become blocks too, so it's much...
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    EU plan to fit cars with speed limiters could be UNSAFE

    Imagine you start overtaking a truck - undershift, hit the throttle, EUputer decides you're going too fast, won't let you accelerate; you hit an oncoming car and die. Ordnung muss sein!
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    BioWare's new IP: Anthem

    You can play this until they fix it, it's pretty much the same thing. Who knows, it may even end up being cheaper.
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    Twitch Streamer Ninja Was Paid $1 Million by EA to Stream 'Apex Legends'

    "They did a fairly comprehensive job at pulling together all of the relevant game shills in this genre," said Kevin Knocke, a vice president at esports infrastructure firm ReKTGlobal. "This was a really well coordinated poaching of the top shills the likes of which has not been seen so far in...
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    Sony Censors the Butt Out of Devil May Cry 5 for Western Audiences

    The Puritan rears its ugly head once again.
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    The Growth of Video Game Influencers on YouTube and Twitch

    Influencers Can't we just call shills by their true name and be done with it?
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    BioWare's new IP: Anthem

    Playing the game how you want to play is now a stupid thing and a good reason to be banned. What a time to be alive.
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    Aorus 2080 Ti - weak oc?

    Those cards are already pushed quite high from the factory, getting a sustained 2010 Mhz boost is IMO pretty good. My XC Ultra runs at around 1930 Mhz for example.
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    BioWare's new IP: Anthem

    How can there be no microtransaction problem when the game containts microtranscations?