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    3060 v1 stays LHR limited under 371 drivers in NBMiner 39.2, even as 3060ti LHR card is unlocked

    Does the NBMiner ethereum -LHR bypass only work with newer versions of LHR? The 3060 card I bought from EVGA in March has the original January 2021 bios on it and I had been able to get 50 MH/s in NBMiner using the beta 470.05 driver as a single card with standard mining power...
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    The Astronomic Rise In Cryptocurrency Prices Will Extend The GPU Shortages With Miners Looking To Purchases All The Newest GPUs - WCCFTech

    WCCFTech - The Astronomic Rise In Cryptocurrency Prices Will Extend The GPU Shortages With Miners Looking To Purchases All The Newest GPUs Component $ per Day Power $ per Day Profit per Day Time to Break Even GeForce RTX 3090 ($1499) $10.80 $0.80 $10.00 ~150 days GeForce RTX 3080 ($699)...
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    $70 H370 ITX remains - EVGA Clearance Sale? on H370 ITX, Z370 Micro, Z370 FTW, Z370 Classified K - $70 to $100

    Maybe a hot deal if you save $150 on a z370 vs a z490 board and pick up a good price on an 8th or 9th gen chip (you lucky folks who live next to microcenter, etc). These aren't B-stock boards and come with a full 3 year warranty. The only worry might be if they are really, really old stock...
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    $55 (after $20 mir) EVGA 650 GQ - semi-modular, gold-rated, FSP-made

    Link to EVGA 650 GQ 210-GQ-0650-V1 80+ GOLD 650W Modular EVGA ECO Mode Power Supply limit 1 rebate form A decent price for a well-built PSU (especially with recent trade issues). ($74.99 - 20mir + 5.99 shipping) If you have a shoprunner account (many amex cards offer it free) you can get free...
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    Moved from a 2500K to 9400F system - what tweaks are possible with z370?

    There's been nearly a decade of changes in how intel does clock speed/boost performance and I'm trying to catch up quick. I bought a 9400F CPU on FS/FT and have been very happy with the performance boost. The z370 board is overkill, but I had it long before the CPU. I expect a 41x multiplier...
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    Bought an ex-mining RX480 and it's crashing at stock

    Hi, I recently bought a MSI Gaming x RX480 4G card. I removed my prior Nvidia drivers using DDU and put in the RX 480, then installed Adrenaline. I'm new to AMD graphics cards and their wattman utility, so I'm trying to decipher what adjustments are reasonable and where to make them. The card...
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    Ebay $3 off code PERKS4ME, good until 5/2

    I'm not a new customer at all, but it let me place an order for some machine screws, nuts, and washers with the code PERKS4ME, but the code was only advertised on ebay's scroll on a browser without account cookies. --------------------------------- Who’s Eligible for the Coupon? This coupon is...
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    Intel Celeron G4920

    I posted this chio I'd used for bios-flashing my z370 on ebay with a $20 opening bid and $5 shipping. Skipped FS/FT because it doesn't appear g49x0 cpus generate much interest here.
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    What causes older modern motherboards to fail with boot-loops? p67 ud4

    I'm wrestling with my long-in-the-tooth sandy bridge system going down with a BSOD and, thus far, being unsuccessful at getting through POST. In some ways, the symptoms remind me of how my first Soyo P3 motherboard died from the plague of capacitor industrial espionage of that era, although at...