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    USB Wireless device to share network share?

    I thought i saw this a few years ago, about someone that did this to their divx player. Is there a way for a device say google tv or a divx player that has a usb slot that is meant for usb hard drives/media to share a network location as if it were were on a usb hard drive? I thought some...
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    Run VM with no install

    Hi, This seems kind of weird but is there a vm player that can encapsulate the vm and install and everything into 1 exe file? So the user doesn't have to install the player, start it and run the vm? Or if not what would be the least complicated way to distribute a vm pre configured to a...
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    Bluescreen Tuesday (Help)

    We have a computer here where when we got in was in the windows recovery console from blue screening after the windows update. So we did a System Restore to before the point that never finished and now can't even get the windows boot menu to show up. From reading around you aren't supposed to...
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    Sonicwall NSA 240 TotalSecure (Good place to buy, good unit for price?)

    Was wondering if the Sonicwall NSA 240 with the TotalSecure package or whatever is a good unit for the price? Looking to spend under 1,500$, and keep yearly maintenance costs low. Basically just need 1 vpn user, virus protection, malware, firewall, router. Those are pretty much the only...
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    External Storage Chassis Hook up Question

    This is probably a stupid question been looking around a while now couldn't find anything. So if i get this chassis and only want to put hard drives in it and connect it to a ARC-1680x...
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    4350 Possible to use 3 monitors

    I tried googling and came up dry, but was wondering can you use 3 monitors on this video card. It has vga, dvi and hdmi out, was hoping to use all 3 outputs to hook up 3 monitors, i know with older s-video out that worked but...
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    TRENDnet TEG-S80G 8 port gig switch $19.99 AR w/FS

    This looks like a pretty hot deal, on a decent switch reviews on the egg are all really good for this one and the 5 port one. For those who got the 5 port one last month with rebate for $15 this rebate has a different rebate number so should be good. Newegg Switch
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    Flex 3.2 Loading screen while waiting for events

    Just wondering if anyone has some good links or ideas on loading screens while multiple events are firing? Right now the app has 10 or so events that fire off, there is pretty much 3 stages they need to be done in as the events further down the line need the results from the previous ones...
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    Invoice Software/Tracking

    I want to setup for someone a program that can simply do invoices, keep track fo customers, and possibly do inventory. Invoice should be completely customizable but not necessary (Would like to put a calendar range on invoice too if possible like 3 months or something where person can circle...
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    Action Script 3/BlazeDS/Flex 3/Java

    Just wondering if someone knows the best way to send a ordered map from java to a flex application through blazeds (newest version) so it retains it's order. Right now it seems liek it orders it on keys alphabetically (they are strings). I could just be using a wrong map interface or something...
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    PC: 2 player games both on screen at once.

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any good 2 player games that you can play with one computer and multiple people, with either keyboards or gamepads. Just set up a htpc and was looking for a few to try out, i heard madden and nhl were good ones.
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    Make Computer act like a usb hard drive?

    I know this is probably impossible, but was wondering if there was any way to make a divx player with the ability to hook up a usb hard drive, hook directly into a computer's usb port and have the computer show up as a usb drive? or any way to do a connection like that like maybe a usb to cat...
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    TV Audio Out TH-50PX80U

    I have a TH-50PX80U tv from panasonic and it has all it's little connections into the tv, hdmi, component, rca's. It also has rca audio out and a optical/coaxial out (one or the other either way it's digial). Just wondering if it converts the analog to digial out? I'm 90% sure it is just a...
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    780G Chipset HDMI Audio out question

    Does this chipset or for that matter any mobo that has hdmi output that sends the audio out do it for any music you play on the computer, mp3's, divx etc? I know they all just redirect or loop back a PCM signal but just curious as i'm looking on how to setup my home theater system. What would...
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    Web (Multie Select w/Checkboxes drop down)

    Anybody have a link or code that will allow this? What i need is multi selection on a select box that is a drop down, ie doesn't have more than one value showing until you click on it. I know this isn't possible with HTML, but is possible with DHTML or Javascript. Been searching the web for a...
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    Easy to go from 32bit vista business to 64bit?

    Just wondering what the upgrade path here is? I'm guessing i have to wipe out the os partition and do a clean install, and reinstall all programs? Usually wouldn't be a problem but it's my work computer and it'd take a day or 2 to reconfigure everything, not sure if that'd fly.
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    Possible to Turn Multiple PSU's into DC Power Supply?

    I've looked for a while on this and haven't found an answer yet, I know you can turn a PSU into a DC Power supply for 1 psu there's tutorials on the web for that for making Lab PSU's but i'd like to take maybe 3-5 psu's 500w - 1000watts (Would be plugged into outlets with different breakers) and...
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    External Raid Solution

    Currently have a internal raid solution 10x 500gig drives and still want to keep that but want a solution i can upgrade easier and not worry about space in the case. Basically looking for a card around a grand and preferably from Areca. Would like to use SATA II drives and be able to support...
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    Projector Resize to Fit Screen Better

    Hey, We have a Dell projector and ATI video card in the machine that goes to the projector. The screen is too small or the projector is mounted to far away. So without moving the projector or screen is there software to resize the screen to fit without stretching or skewing the picture? I...
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    Dual Socket Board same speed cpu?

    I have a Dell Power Edge 2650 Server and it has 2 cpu slots, if i upgrade to another xeon does it have to be the same speed as the other cpu?? I'm guessing it will just step the faster processor down to the whatever one is the slowest. But just wanted to double check? Or will it overclock the...
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    Concurrent Threading Java Help

    Anybody know how to execute a bunch of threads and then wait for them to finish or only execute 2 -8 threads while going through a while loop and then wait until the last item has finished running? There are roughly 40 iterations of the loop that take about 6minutes to process and cleanse...
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    Mini Itx Mobo w/Onboard Audio that can output mp3 to digital coxial

    Hey, i've been doing research on this for the last week or so and can't find a board that will convert an mp3 or any audio signal to digital and a board with coxial out. Does anyone know of a board that can do this or a cheap addon for a board that can do this? Just because it has a digital...
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    SPIDF Coaxial Out

    What chips convert any audio signal to this output if there are any? Just curious i messaged one mobo manufactor and they said the Realtek will only pass through a direct digital signal, so i was wondering if their are any chips or sound cards that will do this. Thanks,
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    Processor CPU Usage at 100% Problem

    Hi, I just recently had my psu die on my main rig while the computer was running. I replaced the psu with enough power to power the system easily. Well now everytime i start the computer for the first time the cpu maxes out at 100%. The cpu is a Amd x5200 on a MSI K8N Platinum SLI board...
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    DDR Memeory Question

    I searched around a bit for this but didn't find a clear cut answer. If i jump from 2 sticks of 1gig ram to 3gigs is it still going to run in dual channel mode or will it move down to single channel mode? OS is windows server 2003, 32bit. Mobo and other specs not positive on, thought you...
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    Web Dev- Tell if user has poup blocker enabled

    Just wondering if there is a way to tell if a user has a popup blocker enabled or google toolbar installed. We are using panorama novaview server 5.0 sp1, if anyone knows how to get slicers dialog working on there with a popup blocker enabled that would be awesome. Otherwise if we can...
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    Useing Multiple PSU's as ACDC power converter

    In theory this sounds like it should work just fine but I'm not expert with electricity. What i want to do is get 12volts with around 50-250amps output. What i was thinking was taking several cheap or half way decent psu's wiring all the 12volt line in parrellell ( or series) so that the amps...
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    Accessing dom/js inside frame inside iframe

    Hey got a big problem here, if anyone can help that would be great. I have an iframe, that has a frameset in it, that has frames in there and i want to access an element on the innermost frame outside of the iframe. Is this possible? In the dom model i can see element. The iframe takes a...
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    PSU For 14 Hard Drives

    What psu would you guys recommend for this, drives are 14 seagate 500gig 7200rpm.10 7200 rpm drives in raid 5. 2 are used for os and a misc. Computer is going to have 1 or 2 geforce 7600's and xi fi platinum sound cards. 4800x2 amd processor. 2 dvd drives, couple fans here and there. But...
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    Ac-Dc Power converters

    This isn't for a psu, it's for a scanner. A friend of mine blew out his converter and wants a replacement. His old one was 12volts rated at 1200milli amps. I have a 12volts one rated at 4amps, i know there's enough power there but it won't put out a constant 4amps it will give out whatever...
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    Dynamic Disks Losts Need help

    I was defraging my os drive and and another harddrive and my system crashed during it. After rebouting it would freeze starting up. I repaired the windows instalation and it still frooze i did a new one and it booted up slowly. When i installed my sata raid drivers for the mobo it would...
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    WinXp Dynamic Disk (Spanning existing disks?)

    Is there anyway i can span multiple harddrives while keeping the data on them? I would prefer to do it with dynamic disks in a spanned volume set. I have 3 or 4 disks with about 1200 gigs on them that i can't get rid of to from the spanned set and then copy it onto them. otherwise is...