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    BF2 community?

    Hey guys. Got to feeling a bit nostalgic, and bought BF2 off of steam on a whim. Didn't realize that there was no multiplayer anymore (which wasn't mentioned when i purchased the game, annoyingly). And since the game IS multiplayer, i was wondering if there are still people playing BF2 some...
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    Need HSF help ASAP

    Hey guys, i need to order a new HSF, and i'm having issues knowing what i need to get. I have a new build utilizing an LGA 1155 i7, and the stock intel cooler uses those idiotic pushpins. I want something that bolts down, so that i know it isn't going anywhere. Problem is, i find very few...
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    Odd FF issue (3.6.11)

    Going to post here first, before trying other resources, because i trust the [H] more that i trust a lot of other places. That being said, here's my issue. Since i D/L'd the new 3.6.11 (firefox prompted me to do this), it will only run in administrator. Also, right after i installed the...
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    Alpha protocol troubleshooting

    Starting this because i cannot get the game to work. And i bet i am not the only one having issues. So, have an Alpha Protocol problem? Post it here, and maybe the guru's of the [H] can fix it. God knows sega can't find their ass using both hands. Anyway, here's my issue. Game...
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    IIS permissions

    Hey guys. Got an application where i am working that reads data from various sensors, and stored them in a DB. The default package for this software includes IIS functionality, and from what i can tell is running. The problem is, when i try to access the site either remotely or from the...
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    Turn based strategy games

    Bleah. Saw a game recently called "Hearts of Iron 3", and i thought "wow, a deep WW2 strategy game! Sweet!" But nowhere on the box did it say either turn based or RTS. Well, after digging around a while, it is an RTS. Good grief! Where are the turn based strategy games?!? I am firmly of...
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    Merging PDFs

    Anybody know of a freeware package that can merge two PDF's into a single file? My google-fu is weak. ;)
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    XP-64 firewall

    Hey guys. Looking for recommendations for a firewall for 64bit XP. I'd much prefer free if possible, but i have to buy it's not that big a deal. It must feature outgoing as well as incoming filtering, though. Looking for a good 64bit anit virus soultion as well, although that is not as...
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    Socket 939 recommendations

    Okay, having settled on socket 939, i am now in need of motherboard recommendations. Please, when recommending a board, tell why. Stability is key for me, as well as SLI down the road. (looking at the X2, so any issues with that should be mentioned as well) Thanks in advance to all who...
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    URL's not resolving

    Been having this trouble for a while now. When using mozilla, i'll start getting "cannot resolve url", and no url will resolve after this message appears. Restarting mozilla does not help. Rebooting does, though. I also discovered that i can also open a command line and do an "ipconfig...
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    Yet another BF2 thread

    Hi all. Been having serious issues with the old 'puter. Finally bit the bullett, and re-formatted and re-installed W2K pro. And now, even with a clean install BF2 will not start. I get the BF2 splash screen, then desktop. I've tried installing DX9.0c from another source, but that didn't...
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    Wierd computer internet issue

    Hey guys. I got home this morning, and started the old bit box up, and everything was fine. Checking websites, reading e-mail, everything is kosher. Then i start getting "url could not be resolved errors". The typical reboot and re-initialise the modem do not work. I call tech support...
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    A little mozilla help please

    Hi guys. I would like to find out exactly what file and where it is where mozilla (not firefox) stores it's bookmarks. I just lost all of mine AGAIN, and would like to back them up, but i can't seem to figure out where they are stored. Thanks in advance. :)
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    BF2 account creation

    Hi guys. Just to get this out of the way, yes i did google for help, and i got a rock... On to the problem at hand. This fucking game will not let me make an account. Single or multiplayer. Are there any known issues with making an account? Do i have to contact EA and chew them a new...
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    Blaster AGAIN!!!!

    Hi guys. Quick question and/or link requested. Does anybody know where/how i can get the microsoft SP's and associated fixes as a complete download? I'm trying to get a new 2K install up and running, and i know if i connect to a network at this point, i'll probably get infected in short...
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    Cool Running Vid Card

    Hey Guys. I did a quick look over the threads, and i didn't see anything that looked promising, so i'm starting a new thread. I need a cool running video card for a shuttle SFF pc. I've currently got a 9800pro in there, and it's baking my hard drive. 2 failures so far. :( I'm...