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    Upgrading PC to Dual Core

    I have a computer running an AMD Athlon 3200+, and am going to put an Opteron 165 in it. Do I need to do anything special with XP for full support of the second core? I've heard some stuff about a Dual Core optimizer, but couldn't find anything about it on the AMD Opteron webpage.
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    SLI Difference in RAM

    If I had 2 8600GTSes, but 1 had 512MB and the other had 256MB, could I still use SLI?
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    $200 to spend

    I have about $200 to spend on a monitor. Any recommendations? I was looking at the Acer AL2016 earlier, since it's rather cheap at $180, but is 20" (Upgrade from the current 19" I have). There is the Acer 2216 at 22" for $225, which isn't that bad either. Any other recommendations? I currently...
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    Quake Wars Pre-order/Limited Edition information

    Source :) I think I'll go preorder next week.
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    C on a windows box

    I know Java and I'd like to learn C and then move to C++, but what should I use for a compiler/IDE if a good IDE exists?
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    1 Year Free of CGW
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    $20 headphones

    I need to get a cheap pair of headphones. I usually use my 5.1 Logitech Z-640s but for lanning it's a pain and looked down upon. Any recommendations? I've heard good things about the Sennheiser HD201s.
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    PC Won't Power Up.

    Alright so I built the PC in my sig, hooked it all up, and hit the power switch. All the fans start up for a split second and then everything stops. Except the LED on the motherboard which shows power. The only way to make it do this again is to shut of power on the power supply and then turn it...
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    Gaming Rig for Under $1k

    I need to build a gaming rig for $1k. Any advice? I would assume it would have 2gb ram, a 7900GT and maybe something like a 3500+? No need for a sound card, but Windows is needed. Thanks guys! UPDATE: I went on and made the following. Any suggestions, changes, or additions...
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    When to build PC

    I want to build myself a new PC very soon. My 9800 pro doesn't cut it anymore, and my mom also needs a PC (Getting this one). So the main question is, should I build it this summer. Or should I wait until DX10, Vista, and Conroe?
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    RatPadzGS Wear

    I've had my RatPadz GS for over a year now. I was recently looking at it and noticed some parts of it had become completely flat. Anyone experience this? Kyle - NEW Ratpadz XT is for sale now. Should give you exactly what you are looking for.