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    Activision and EA CEOs Appear on List of "Most Overpaid" in the US's not the CEOs setting their own remuneration, they just ask for it. The board of directors, and by extension the voting shareholders are the ones who accept huge offers to attract their must-have employee. It's an arms race between corporates, offer to pay less and another entity will...
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    Huawei is Allegedly Stealing Technology from Apple Suppliers

    Saw a figure the other day that something like four fifths of industrial espionage in America is assumed to be Chinese in origin. Probably pales in comparison to all the things they force foreign companies to do in China, if they want to buddy up with a local manufacturer.
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    Disney Removes Advertising from YouTube in Response to Child Exploitation Videos

    Sometimes I do feel kinda sorry for corporates like Google and the relentless torrent of filth and complaints they have to deal with. Commanding the tide to stop, really. Then I remember the last half dozen kneejerk demonetisations and copyright strikes, and I stop feeling pity for them.
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    Microsoft Fights Fake News with New Edge Browser Feature

    There goes the online presence for the CDC and FDA, I guess ..
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    Overwatch Team Discovers Female Player Was a Male Imposter

    Well, what do you know, women are still the real victims in all of this. Who'd have thought it?
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    Teardown of the $2500 Titan RTX Video Card

    Guess I'm now old enough, I've reached that point...videocards now officially have way more memory than was on my entire hard disk.
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    How Scammers in China Manipulate Amazon and Its Shoppers

    Humans adapting to the machine learning about them, which then learns about their new adaptations and learns begins.
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    Riot Executive Suspended without Pay for Allegedly Touching, Farting on Subordinates

    A man grabbing another man by the balls is probably sexed behaviour, but sexist? Against whom? Is the issue that women don't feel comfortable with grabbing them by the old Johnson?
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    Fortnite, PUBG and Other Games Allegedly Banned in China

    Good for China, and good for everyone else. I can think of a few other nationalities that could do with a purging from servers...
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    Australia Passes World's First Anti Encryption Law

    The "government" doesn't have a majority, this has veen a bipartisan assault on the rights of companies and individuals. Very much a continued theme here.
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    24 Amazon Workers Injured By Robot Accident

    Can Amazon run a service where you press a button on their app, and a drone whooshes out of their warehouse to drop you a can of bear spray in a timely manner? Sounds like an idea. Why carry hiking equipment when you can walk unencumbered and let the robots do the hard work?
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    DoD Funds Study to Regrow Bone Segments Using 3D Printers

    Dang, they had to cut a big mushroom of cartilage out of me. Maybe they should have offered it to you guys secondhand? If I can figure out how to keep growing the stuff, this could turn into a business model!
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    New York Passes Minumum Wage Law for Uber and Lyft Drivers

    Where I am, the issue is that they DIDN'T protect the taxi cartel. It was legally impossible to operate a taxi without a bunch of background checks, extra certifications and a fee (well into six figures) to the state government for an accreditation. Yet, mysteriously, the ride-share services...
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    The Top 10 Highest Paid YouTube Stars: 2018 Edition

    Wonder where the demonetised accounts would have placed?
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    SpaceX Breaks Records With Falcon 9 Launch

    Beating your own record is even more worthwhile than beating others
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    Alphabet to Launch Drone Delivery Service in Finland I'm always pretty sceptical over things like wind farms making people crap their pants or grow tumours. But it does sound like a poor implementation with a rather dismissive attitude...
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    Rockstar Intends to Address Red Dead Redemption 2's Economy

    Something else to be smug about not buying. Microtransactions belong in free-to-play. Planetside 2 being a good example.
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    Alphabet to Launch Drone Delivery Service in Finland

    Supposedly people in Canberra are not very happy with the loud buzzing every few minutes as a burrito flies overhead
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    NYC Politician Wants to Ban Cashless Restaurants

    It is kind of amazing, I consider myself to be very poor and slow at mental arithmetic. But a few times now, cashiers have taken my note+coin and fussed about getting multiple notes and coins, instead of the ONE note that would have made perfect change...
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    NYC Politician Wants to Ban Cashless Restaurants

    Do banks and credit unions offer debit cards in the USA, or js it just credit all the way?
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    Seagate Debuts First 16TB Hard Drive

    Wow, now I can conveniently lose all my data in one go, instead of having to wait for multiple drives to fail. Thanks, Seagate!
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    Mastercard and Microsoft Team up to Give Citizens a Global Digital Identity

    Does "aid" in this instance mean "hailstorm of bullets"?
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    Tumblr Bans All Porn from Its Service

    Creating a more diverse banning large groups of their community? Who are they trying to court, devout Christians? Chinese or Arab governments?
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    Bethesda Bans Fallout 76 Players for Life after Shocking In-Game Homophobic Attack

    Read this as starting with "homosexuals" and was very confused
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    Linux Kernel's New Code of Conduct Results in F-Word Being Replaced with "Hugs"

    Very corporate. The worst intimidation, bullying and general unpleasantness in the workplace can take place without a single profanity being uttered, but big companies can't detect "tone", or if they did, it would just be a managerial excuse to punish someone for an unfalsifiable crime. Hugs...
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    Bethesda Bans Fallout 76 Players for Life after Shocking In-Game Homophobic Attack

    Keyword there being "virtual" they need to delete the baseball bats and guns from the game, so they're not promoting gun ownership by unlicensed individuals?
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    Bethesda Bans Fallout 76 Players for Life after Shocking In-Game Homophobic Attack

    Imagine if your mother really was the town bicycle, and all the meanies on the server kept taunting you about her job?
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    Silicon Valley Wages Are Shrinking for All Except the Top 90th Percentile

    Well, what do you know. Unchecked mass migration from overseas DOES increase the difficulty of negotiating wages against employers.
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    Japanese Man Marries a Hologram

    People calling it paedophilia to marry a 16 year old I guess you must be reformed characters, because I can pretty well guarantee many of your ancestors were in a marriage that young. Age gap is not the same thing as paedophilia. Guess this must be an American thing, though I...
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    France Will Embed Regulators Inside Facebook

    Nah. Specific or credible/imminent threats can be classified as hate speech, but that's only a minor part of what gets banned under most hate speech codes that I've seen.
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    France Will Embed Regulators Inside Facebook

    One of the worst indirect consequences of this, is that the West becomes entirely hypocritical when it tries to portray China as overly controlling when it comes to social media and the curtailing of speech the government dislikes. No moral authority remaining at all
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    Intel Will Officially Unveil the 9th-Gen Core Series on October 8

    I'm sure logistics companies everywhere will be thanking them for a pentagonal prism box...
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    iPhone XS and XS Max: You’re Charging It Wrong

    What next, you have to connect to wifi and pay the iTunes store a surcharge to unlock charging?
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    Twitch Streaming Service Has Been Blocked in China

    A Chinese netizen said the shutdown is a crackdown on free speech I mean, has he checked where he is lately?
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    Netflix’s “The Witcher”: Henry Cavill Cast as Geralt, Minority Sought for Ciri

    So they can be black, Asian or Martian, they're all pretty much the same thing? Isn't that kind of racist?
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    Apple Argues Tariff Increase Would Affect Apple Watch, AirPods, Mac Mini, More

    If they want to avoid taxes, maybe they should move the rest of their production to the Republic of Ireland, too?
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    Canon Goes Mirrorless with EOS R

    Too rich for my blood, let alone the new lenses. I'll just wait and hope the rich folks dump their used gear onto the market
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    Battlefield 5 Has Been Delayed By a Month

    Sounds like the camouflage works well to me