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    My GTX 480 is starting show rainbow effects

    So for the most part I've never seen this before. But I was trying out Crysis and almost immediately (during the first cut scene) I started seeing these rainbow effects. It was like a ghost of an image all distorted and rainbow like. I thought it might have been AA related, but turning it off...
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    Will AMD ever be competitive with Intel in performance?

    I really don't know what AMD's future plans are in terms of competing with the Core i7/i9 series. I know right now they are turning out some great processors at lower prices, but clock for clock Intel still is the best choice in terms of performance correct? Will AMD ever take that crown back...
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    My 5850 flashes black pixels when enabling AA

    Pixels or artifacts, whatever you want to call them. It looks like a bunch of dead pixels blinking around the screen at random. At first I thought it was all games, but I've narrowed it down. It only happens when AA is enabled, and only in DX9 games. Here's a list of games I've tested thus...
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    Another recommendation thread... 4870X2 VS. GTX 295 for noise/cooling

    Hello, been reading these forums for quite some time and it seems I constantly see people not recommending higher end video cards for lower resolutions (like 1680x1050). I can understand this to an extent, it doesn't require near as much power at 1024x768 as it does 1920x1200... obviously...