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    json syntax issues

    Hello All, Looking to see if someone who has more experience with JSON format can take a look at the below and see if they see why i keep getting syntax errors. Everytime i fix one error another pops up. I'm following example from attached document on page 74. Also using Postman as my API tool...
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    Using "-" dashes in powershell scripts?

    Hello Everybody, Having some challenges with the below portion of my script I have a array called $nvol that has the following information in it. @{index=99; naa-name=514f*************; name=T4-GP-XIO-02-DS011} @{index=100; naa-name=514***********; name=T4-GP-XIO-02-DS012} I'm trying to...
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    SuperMicro bootup beeps.

    Hello All, So I rebooted my ESX host today to try and resolve an issue with unable to open virtual machine console. After about 10 minutes I knew the system wasn't coming back up. It was failing to ping. I hooked monitor and keyboard up to it and couldn't get a response on monitor. Did a hard...
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    ZFS. Lost a drive and pool goes offline?

    So i recently started using my SSD pool i built on my ZFS NAS for VMWare data store I logged into the ESX host today to find that all my data stores were offline. (They're all on the NAS). So i login to nas and i find the SSD pool offline. Stating 1 of 4 drives is missing. Reason pool is...
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    Possible to switch email address?

    Hello All Possible to switch my email address without having access to the old/current email associated with my account? Thanks in advance!
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    Pfsense OpenVPN Bridge options

    So it appears somewhere along the way PFSense has removed the openvpn bridge feature from newer version of pfsense builds :( I'm in need of creating a bridged VPN to stretch a network to a second site. Any VPN alternatives that are integrated into PFSense possible?
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    Product keys and resetting passwords

    Hello all, Wanting to know if it possible to rest windows user password to a password i know or blank without logging into windows? Registry edit or delete SAM file? Possible to reinstall windows with a retail copy of windows ( 7 or 8 or newer) and use an OEM product key?
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    Would I benefit from an upgrade?

    Hello All, Curious to see what everyone think if I would benefit from an video card upgrade. Currently i have the following: GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 1 x Intel Core i5-2500K 1 x XFX Double D HD-695X-CDFC Radeon HD 6950 2GB 256-Bit GDDR5 I've recently jumped back into...
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    Port fowarding/NAT and web server confusion

    Okay so I'm trying to setup owncloud on CentOS 6.5 in a virtual host and then a regular website with just splash page, use yet to be determined. address (owncloud) and also has a splash page (avoid apache ugly default page) i try to access from my...
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    Add GUI to OmniOS?

    Hello all anyone know how i can install the desktop environment on OmniOS? Google left me with plenty of guide for pkg install slim_install but it cant find the packages. tried to google the package to download manually, but came up empty. Guessing OmniOS doesn't include them due to text...
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    Apple Alternative to Upload to NAS?

    Hello all, I have upload to nas lite application that allows my phone(android) to FTP all my pictures on my phone to my nas device on my network. I've looked for this application in apple store and doesn't appear to be available. Anyone know of alternative i could try?
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    File Permissions file permissions

    Ok so i copied a video to my NAS (from laptop) nas is running openIndiana zfs I tried loading up the video on my HTPC and got access denied. Also tried creating a folder on HTPC in the share. Can not access it from laptop NAS ls command of the download directory shows all files belong to...
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    PCI-E card work in PCI-E 2.0?

    Title says it all. I bought a used quad port intel network card off ebay and the computer i bought it for is having hardware issues. So i can't verify if the card works or not. I have another PC but with only PCI-E 2.0 slots. Will the card work in the 2.0 slots?
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    File permission issues with mounted share.

    Hello Everyone, Attempting to configure permission due to sickbeard/sabNZB can not write the a share from my NAS box. Root user can write to the share. So I'm thinking it a permission issue on my media server not NAS box. share is mounted at: /mnt/Storage the permissions are set to this...
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    ZFS pool in degraded state. Seeking advice.

    I seem to have made a muckery of my ZFS pool I noticed i had a failed disk with message "to many corrupted error" so i tried making the pool rebuild without much luck. I order a new disk and inserted it into the same slot, but i noticed another disk appears to be reporting error (see below)
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    Add shell script to startup in CentOS

    Hello everyone I'm trying to get SabNZB to run at startup. Added it to /etc/init.d/ folder location. able to use 'service SABNzB to start and stop SabNZB. Permissions are as follow Run level configuration. Script being called I've looked around and it appears...
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    ZFS file server Build

    Hello everyone, I been planning and researching for awhile now. Posting to see what other think and looking for feedback on my build below. In need of some information for some decisions. Uses: Target for backups Media Collection (Blu-ray/DVD & music)...
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    Error with pfsense and hard drive

    I've gotten this error several times now and what i found on google and pfsense are not working for me. I have tried 3 different hard drives and keep getting the same errors. Pfsense locks up and quit handing out DHCP addresses is how i notice their is a problem. I attempt to reboot it but...
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    Boot loop after bios screen loads.

    So a friend brought me a laptop saying it won't boot. I took it out and booted it up. Get the BIOS screen, then it just reboot and repeat the process again. I can press F2 to enter BIOS. It acts like it going to then just reboots. I do ge the message entering bios where it says press F2 to...
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    Weird Display Issues....

    Hello, Parents Dell desktop display is acting up. It doesn't do color test when not plugged in/unplugged. I rebooted the computer and the bios boot screen flashes across the screen the goes black. I also hooked my laptop up to this monitor and it did exact same thing. Flashed my desktop...
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    Gaming HTPC - Advice needed

    I decided it finally time to build a HTPC Requirement/ What I plan to do with it. Playing FPS (Battlefield 3, Arma series, GTA 4, COD Series) Blu-ray movies and other media stored on network storage. Quieter the better but not a vital requirement.... Software plan to use...
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    Thin clients & Terminal Services configuration

    Hi all, We are considering thin clients for a customer of roughly 30 systems. We will be using Terminal Services. I just have a few question about hardware requirement and best setup to go with. What recommended ram for thin clients? 512 enough or should i look into 1GB? Task they...
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    Riser Cards

    Hello, I'm looking for a riser card pci-e but I'm not sure which one to choose. I believe i need a right angle one with pci-express. All the one listed on supermicro website are UIO. Case:SUPERMICRO CSE-503-200B Mobo:SUPERMICRO MBD-X7SPA-HF-O What UIO mean and used for...
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    Power supply fan not spinning

    Hello everyone, I recently built a pfsense firewall box out of this case and this motherboard This is my second case as i RMA the first one thinking i...
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    Dead power supply Fan??

    Ok so i order a super micro chassis and i put it all together and it running. It really quite. I notice my fans not spinning in the power supply. :confused: This mean my power supply fan no good and i need a new one or did i not hook something up to the motherboard correctly? :confused: case...
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    Crons In Ubuntu

    Hello everyone, I seem to be having problems with a few cron jobs that don't seem to want to run. we changed the directories of the script recently and i started noticing that the script weren't running. So i ran it manually. Turns out to be, I was missing a need database connect file. Fixed...
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    htaccess and cron executing script

    Hello everyone. I have a script that need to edit a file inside of a .htaccess protected folder. Folder name is cookies. cron executes this script by going to the url with a command line browser. (due to way php is built) Is their a way i can bypass the login or input the username and...
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    Question for buying new laptop.

    I'm looking for a new laptop with a budget of 500 US dollars. This laptop will be used for school work. Mostly office and web browsing. Maybe some music. I can't decide if a dual core is the way to go or single core good enough. I'm leaning toward a dual core due i want the computer to last...
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    Php Error

    Could someone possible look this over for me. This is my first time dealing with HEREDOC syntax. I think i have an understanding of it, but I remove the space at the end of the line and it appears to break the rest of the script. (Notepad++ turns the rest gray) I tried running it just for...
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    Windows 7 Disk useage 100%

    I noticed a major slow down and programs being sluggish when opening and firefox hanging when browsing and opening tabs. Also noticed that my hard drive light has yet to shut off. Looking at my resource monitor it almost at 100% the entire time. :confused: This is a fresh install (only...
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    Apache 403 errors

    Hello, I'm trying to setup a Apache server to use virtual host. I have successfully gotten Apache not to error but to serve up the files, I receive a 403 when trying to access with firefox. The error log reports this cat ./public_html/
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    Windows 7 on ESX 4 driver issues

    So i guess i haven't had windows 7 installed on my ESX box in awhile. Was up and running long ago, then for some reason i deleted it. So I'm trying to reinstall it again. But now I'm greeted with this error message The only...
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    Might need new motherboard.

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Web browsing, Picture editing with photoshop. watching movies/recorded tv shows. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? 150 USD but lower is better 3) Where do you live? USA, South of chicago...
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    CPU Temps?

    I just finished fixing a computer. First time messing with thermal grease and remounting heat sink. My CPU a athlon x2 4200+ My Tempatures are showing 33 degree(core 0) Celsius and 40(core 1) on my cores. Fresh install. Microsoft security essentials and Firefox only application i have...
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    POST Beeps

    Hello, I'm trying to fix a computer. just got the new motherboard and i booted it up without a CPU and ram and i do not get any beeps. Is a CPU required in order to receive the beep codes? Google gave me mixed results. :confused:
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    Confirm my Diagnoses

    Ok, So i tried upgrading to Windows 7 only to find out my Tuner card isn't supported and caused Blue screen upon shutdown. So long story short. I removed my tuner card and windows 7 works fine. I then proceeded to install vista ultimate. Install went fine, and desktop loads up. I shutdown to...
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    Centos SSH keys

    hello, I trying to setup a hadoop cluster here. I hit a bump in the road of trying to set it up it seems. when i try and copy the to authorized_keys says it doesn't exit. I go to the folder (.ssh) and it also doesn't show it. i ran first. ssh-keygen -t rsa then...
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    Hello, I did this without really thinking much about it while following a guide on how to setup Active Directory in server 08. I put as the active directory domain. Is this a security issue with doing this??? If so what should i change it to?? I planning to setup exchange on...
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    Pfsense in ESX not finding NICS

    I trying to get pfsense to work on my ESX server. I run the live cd and it loads up and ask me to find my network card. I choose auto detect. It detects no uplink everytime i try. Is there a trick to get it to detect the Virtual nics? :confused: I had untangled installed and it worked...
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    Execute Curl script from command prompt?

    Hello. I recently discovered how to run php from the command line and i tried executing a php curl script that connect to a website. It spit out errors and quits executing soon as it goes to the start of the curl execution. I tried a simple "hello world script" and it worked and echoed off...