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    Compact Flash - best performance

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    ferrari 4000

    I am pretty sure this is the notebook I will be getting come September. The only thing I wish it would have is a SATA port, or a SATA port on the EzDock which connects via PCI express. Also too bad Seagates 160 7200rpm drives won't be out until 2006.
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    Theoretical System specs... with a few gaps.

    I never really learned all about CAS timings, so is this CL2 or CL3? I am looking for 1BG or 2GB ECC Registered Dimms to run in a dual Opteron setup. Each CPU with 2 dimms. I would really like low latency ram.
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    MySQL bytes per record

    I am trying to do some calculations as the amount of hard drive space I am going to need. Basically I am looking to create a 318,934 x 8 array. The IEEE Standard 754 is common to C compilers (so I read). The numbers are real numbers small enough to use the single data type which occupies 4...
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    Visual C++ .Net 2003 Book Suggestions

    Well I went on Amazon and l found these books that had pretty good customer reviews: "Absolute C++, Visual C++.NET Edition" by Walter Savitch "Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 Kick Start" by Kate Gregory "Visual C++ .NET Bible" by Tom Archer, Andrew Whitechapel, Tom Archer Any opions or...
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    Visual C++ .Net 2003 Book Suggestions

    Thanks. Here is some more information and why I was thinking about getting into Visual C++ .NET. I will be working with a Proprietary API that supports the following: Java to Socket - Available for all platforms including Windows, Mac, UNIX/Linux. C++ to Socket - Sample code for Windows...
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    Visual C++ .Net 2003 Book Suggestions

    What books would anyone suggest for learning Visual C++ .NET 2003 or Visual J# .NET 2003. Sorry if the below is somewhat of a dumb question, I have done a decent amount programming mainly Visual Basic & Pascal (HS computer science) on Windows so I have very little knowledge about writing code...
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    AMD Stock - How Much Money Have You Made

    You just got to hold on. I bought in 2002 at $10.74 and then the share price went all the way down to $3.50. I new AMD was a worth more than that so I didn't worry about it. If you look long term, you'll do fine, try to play it short and you better be good because its really easy to get screwed...
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    AMD Stock - How Much Money Have You Made

    With the possibility of Dell using Opterons AMD share price has went up about $4.00 in two days. So how much money have you guys made? And how high do you think it is going to go? I bought stock on May 7th 2002, March 1st 2004, and May 3rd 2004. I don't have that much money so my total...
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    Are all USB 2.0 devices backwards compatible with USB 1.1

    Are all USB 2.0 devices backwards compatible with USB 1.1? I am going to be getting an external hard drive enclosure. The notebook I have only has USB 1.1 ports. So will a external hard drive enclosure, such as this BYTECC ME-740U2FB, with a USB 2.0 interface work with my laptop? I looked...
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    Future Mobile Technology

    The Seagate hard drive isn't exaclty a mobile drive, but I'm wishing it will someday end up in the mobile market. The one thing that we do need to look at is the power consumption if we really want to consider this for everyday notebook computers. Seagate Savvio 10k rpm 8W seek power...
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    Future Mobile Technology

    All depends on what chip you get. I'll be waiting for those AMD Athlon 64 Mobile (Oakville) 90nm chips that use 35W, and offer better performance. Athlon 64 Mobile Desktop Replacement DTR 81.5W 3700+ 2.4 GHz 3400+ 2.2 GHz 3200+ 2.0 GHz 3000+ 1.8 GHz Athlon 64 Mobile 62W...
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    Future Mobile Technology

    CPUs AMD Athlon 64 Mobile (Oakville) is the 90nm successor to the Mobile Clawhammer core, and was released on August 17th. The new AMD part is around half the size (84mm2 versus 145mm2) of its 130nm counterpart and consumes around half the power (35W versus 62W). The initial versions of...
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    nVida MXM Graphics

    I'll probably have to wait even longer for a Athlon 64 solution utilizing MXM technology. The nVidia nForce 4 chipset will have PCI-Express, I have no idea when it will make it into the mobile market though. Mikes Hardware nVidia CK8-04 (nForce4) chipset, for Athlon 64 processors, is...
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    HTML tags in vBulletin Version 3.0.1

    I noticed the HTML tags you can use when posting. How does this feature actually work? I have tried experimenting around but haven't really gotten anywhere. <P>MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module), the result of a joint design effort between NVIDIA and the industry’s leading notebook...
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    nVida MXM Graphics

    Does anyone have an idea or information on when we will start seeing laptops with this technology? MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module), the result of a joint design effort between NVIDIA and the industry’s leading notebook manufacturers, provides a consistent interface for mobile PCI Express...
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    PeerGuardian replacement

    Now that PeerGuardian is gone what other programs is anyone else using?
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    Dual-Core Opteron Demo TODAY

    What is pretty neat is that it only took a bios update to get these chips to run in the HP system they were demoing in.
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    AMD Athlon64 radio commercial

    Does anyone have an idea or information on when we will start seeing laptops with this technology? <BR> <P>MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module), the result of a joint design effort between NVIDIA and the industry’s leading notebook manufacturers, provides a consistent interface for...
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    AMD Athlon64 radio commercial

    Anyone else her this commercial (97.9 the Loop ~ Chicago). I was really suprised because AMD hardly does any advertising. The commercial was basically a back to school commercial, it was actually kinda funny. I think it was done in conjunction with HP, because it mentioned $150 off on HP...
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    AMD on Lance Armstrong

    AMD needs better marketing. All they need to do is promote the sponorships they have to the general public as a start. Sponsorships with Ferrari and Lance Armstrong would surely be impressive to many average consumers. AMD has just not capitalized on this enough.
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    AMD on Lance Armstrong

    There actually was a commercial about AMD's sponsorship, the Trek guys go on about how it provided them with the power they need to design Lance's winning Tour de France bikes. The comercial ended after Lance Armstrong breifly talked about how the AMD Athlon 64 systems his team uses have gotten...
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    A64 and DDR2

    Thats cool, I'm still using a Athlon 2000+, 512MB DDR266, and an original ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon. I'm a little behind but I still like all of the technology. I'm hoping to get a laptop in the future. I would like to get a notebook with an Athlon 64 mobile 35watt processor, 2GB or more of ram...
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    which athlon64 3400 is better?

    What success have people had with overclocking the AMD Athlon 64 DTR Notebooks, any better than regular Athlon 64s?
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    which athlon64 3400 is better? $345 - AMD Athlon 64 3400+, 2.2GHz 1MB L2 Cache, Socket 754 Retail $399 - AMD Athlon 64 3400+, 2.4GHz 512k L2 Cache, Socket 754 Retail $404 - AMD Athlon 64 3400+, 2.2GHz 1MB L2 Cache, Socket 754 DTR Notebooks - OEM 62watts Dig around for some benchmarks I guess. Logically it...
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    A64 and DDR2

    Due to the high latency of DDR-II, this standard is unable to out-perform DDR-I clock for clock. The advantage of DDR-II is that it can be clocked at higher speeds than DDR-I, therefore compensating for its higher latency. Currently the fastest rated DDR-II modules are at 667MHz, even at this...
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    Dell Funay

    I think one thing worth noting is that all the recent speculation has been about Dell using Opterons. I highly doubt Dell will offer consumer products based on AMD processors for quite a while. The reason Dell contemplates AMD servers is 1) to get better pricing from Intel 2) Opteron is beating...
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    L - Laptops: What do you think.

    If you haven't been there yet check it out: They are pretty cool machines, but outragously expensive. The other thing though is that Maxium PC reviewed a computer, the computer they reviewed was lacking alot of the features that they advertise. In the June issue of Maximum PC...
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    SAS SCSI vs. SATA Hard Drives

    Ok that was basically what I was wondering. Thanks
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    SAS SCSI vs. SATA Hard Drives

    Since SATA and SAS SCSI drives will be using the same conection interface, will the SAS SCSI drives require a raid card or will they be able to be used like any other SATA hard drive? Thanks
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    External SATA for a laptop

    Has anyone heard of any laptop manufacture that is going to offer external SATA ports? I know there were some issues with SATA-I not being shielded well enough, conector not robust enough, but I had also heard that they were trying to fix these problems in the SATA-II spec. Anyone have any idea...
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    Help choosing ram for 939 Mobo setup, for high Overclocking

    I would wait some for some reviews before you buy.
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    will Opteron 8xx (8-way) chips work in a Tyan 2-way board?

    Out of curosity why would you want to do that? 8xx CPUs are pretty expensive.
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    64-bit Intel is official

    Despite what people say, I find them to be on the ball most of the time.
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    64-bit Intel is official

    You mean like Linux. Or are you just waiting for Bill to join in and Windows to come out. Compaines do not move lighting fast, so I would like to see it in the road map. I guarantee even when Windows XP-64 is out there will not be a 64-bit Intel desktop chip out. Now the answer to that is who...
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    Quad Opteron [H]ard|Ness!!!

    This is sort of off the original topic, but my dad is recently put in an order for a Dell rackmount server. His main concern was not processor power, but fast storage space. This server is coming loaded with eight 146GB 10K hard drives ($10K machine, not desk). Now I was just wondering do any...
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    64-bit Intel is official

    Intel has Xeon level chips with 64-bit extensions on the horizon, but when will that come to the desktop level? Guesses?
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    Quad Opteron [H]ard|Ness!!!

    I second that. If you are going to spend the money get the PC3200. Correct me if I am wrong, but the perfomance increase is substainial due to faster ram and lowered latencies becasue things are running in sync.
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    How do you think Intels Yamahill will affect AMD's share price

    Here is what someone else posted on AMDs investment board on Yahoo. It may actually help AMD by driving the conversion to 64-bit software and by then most of AMD's processor sales should be 64-bit and possibly likewise for Intel. I could be bad if Intel's solution is better but from what I...