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    Any future mITX with integrated Nvidia Fermi GPU?

    I would really like to build a HTPC with new Fermi gpu (GF104, GF106, GF108) as they finally support HD bitstreaming and Im wondering if Zotac (or any other brand) has any future plans to lunch successor of the great C2D/GF9300 combo in ITX form?
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    Which 1156 MB to choose?

    Ok, I have narrowed it down to this two; - Supermicro X8SIA-F - Intel S3420GPLX I will be running 4GB of DDR3 ECC ram with Xeon L3406 cpu. I need pcie slots for additional Gbit NIC, saslp card, hp expander, etc.. I can get both boards quite cheap, so I dont know which will be more...
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    WHS and WD Green drives?

    My server is idling most of the day, and is being hiberante during night. Since I bought 5 WD20EADS drives last week, I would like to know if I should use wdidle3 on them? Is it worth to decrease load/park cycles over power consumption and safeness in case of power-loss situations?
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    Backup WHS with another WHS?

    Since I will be replacing all my sub 1TB drives in whs server, I would like to use those drives to backup my whole primary whs server. Is this possible? Can I install connector software on whs itself? I remember Ockie stating somewhere on this forums that he has 2 whs machine and one is mirrored...
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    PSU, what to buy?

    Hi, atm my WHS consist of 20 drives (various sizes, 4 400GB, 5 500GB, 10 1TB, 4 1.5TB) and that is all powered with corsair HX620. My case, lianli pc343, have space for 16 more drives and I wondering what type of PSU to go with. Would 750w be enough, or should I go with hx1000w? On system...
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    WHS complains about disk space?

    Today my WHS has started to complain about not having enough disk space, altho it have 1,76TB free of space, spreaded around 15 disks. I know that after PP1 there is no lading zone on partition D, but either its half free with over 400GB left on it. That happens when trying to copy large...
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    S.M.A.R.T. readings on SATA/RAID cards

    Is there any work around to show temps and other smart readings in hdtune for hardrives that are connected thru supermicro sat2-mv8 or any other sata/raid card?
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    5xHDD's into 3x5.25" bays converter

    Im looking for cheap solution, to accommodate 5 hdds into 3 bays.. I've seen this in 'show off thread', but can't find a single place that would sell this in europe. anyone know where to get hold of them?