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    Windows Experience Index at a 1??

    My friend just put together a new system. Everything else is fine, except for in Windows Experience Index; its telling him that his Graphics is rated at a 1. Everything else is at a 5.9 or 5.8. He was installed the latest Nvidia drivers, and ran WEI again. It still came out as a 1. He is...
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    XFX Geforce 8200 wont start

    I recently bought a XFX Geforce motherboard from TigerDirect. I got it and reformatted and the like. I wanted to test my performance when Overclocked, so I followed the little strip of paper on how to Overclock. I moved the jumper over to enable it, and then set my setting. Once it restarted...
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    Got GTA IV but..

    I got home with GTA IV 30 minutes ago, took a shower, asked off for the next 2 days to play the game, and guess what!? MY XBOX IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN YOU XBOX GOD! YOU GAVE ME THE RED RINGS!:( :( I can't play GTA IV for weeks.... at least the rep at Microsoft was nice about it...