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    X399 MB ECC Confirmation/Clarification Thread

    I am creating this thread to welcome sources of confirmation to clarify or confirm the degree to which each X399 MB has support for ECC. I imagine this is a subject of great importance in this community, since Threadrippers are bound to end up in a plenty of workstations. I've been trying to...
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    IB i5-3475s Availability

    I have been delaying a small build for a month now since I knew that the lower power Ivy Bridge chips would be launching in early June, with some sites specifying a June 3rd launch. I have yet to see a single listing for the 3475s except in HP desktops. Were these supposed to be an OEM...
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    HD 7870 HDMI Audio Dropouts

    Here is my situation. I have upgraded from a HD 5850 to a 7870 yesterday, and all seemed to go well, until I noticed that my receiver would keep resyncing the sound over HDMI. This causes silence in the source material, with the receiver causing a little pop in the speakers each time it does it...