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    EVGA GQ?

    What in the hell is wrong with Tech companies? Why did EVGA need another line of PSUs? Why do I now need yet another choice? the 750 G2 lists right now on the EVGA site for $125, the GQ model is $120, I think i will pay $5 more to get a fully modular PSU with double the warranty on the G2...
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    Samsung EVO 500gb $135

    Newegg has 500GB Samsung 850 EVO Solid State Drive + Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Game Code (MZ-75E500B/AM) for $149.99 - $15 w/ promo code EMCKKNN28 = $134.99. Shipping is free
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    What IS a backup

    So I am curious because no matter what the question about storage people always say whatever you are doing is not a backup. So what do you use for backup?
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    Nice watercooling mod

    I saw this posted via Digg, here is the Youtube video Very clean look and building a custom reservoir that is part of the back of the case was an interesting idea You can sort through some pictures at
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    MS Cloud Storage takes a turn

    From Gizmodo "Microsoft has announced that it’s scrapping its unlimited OneDrive cloud storage plan which it launched last year, as well as introducing a lower cap on its free offering, too." Since we...
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    Define R5 for $89 @ newegg and here is the list of deals for anyone that wants to look at all of them, many are not that great of a deal...
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    Best AMD CPU

    OK not anymore, but it was good once long ago. I found it in a box when I was cleaning
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    2x 4tb HGST NAS $289 This makes them $145 each, decent deal.
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    Define R5 $88.99 Newegg Shell Shocker

    ENDED, price is back to $109 Its the titanium color only, but for $88 thats a good deal. $78.99 after $10.00 rebate card
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    Something for you HTPC guys and girls The chassis has 16 heat pipes connected from the case, which acts as a heatsink, to the internal components -- eight pipes to the CPU and eight to the discrete GPU (if installed). This makes it an effective home theater PC case...
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    Red VS purple

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these WD Purple drives I typically use WD Reds in my NAS setup, but sometimes I see deals on these new purple drives and I was wondering how they compare. Is there any reason not to use a Purple in a NAS or a RAID?
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    first Thunderbolt 3 certified motherboard, Gigabyte's Z170X-UD5

    As much as this seems cool, I still don't think I need thunderbolt. should point out this is the Z170X-UD5 TH not the standard Z170X-UD5 Something else I think that should be made clear is nothing...
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    Low end video reccomendations

    So long story short I am going to re-purpose my I7-920 as a storage/media streaming box and the current video card is a 560TI 448 which as you can imagine generates more heat and draws more power than I want for something that will almost never have a monitor attached. Any suggestions for a...
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    odd temp fluctuation

    I might be overthinking this, but I wonder if maybe I used too much paste Do these temps look normal for stock, I am concerned about the fluctuation at idle I left my PC alone at stock speeds for an hour and these are the idles, the max looks odd I see it just jump from like 28 to 40 degrees...
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    Intel: No plans for a socketed Skylake with eDRAM
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    I7 6700k OC settings

    I normally just set the VCore to manual at whatever is stable and leave it, but I know some of you use offset or adaptive. Any tips on the best way to keep the system stable while also alowing t to run at lower idle voltage?
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    SAMSUNG 850 EVO 500gb SSD $154

    72 hour sale Use code EMCAWNV22 for $25 off the current $179 price
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    5x5, is mini ITX just too big even supports m.2 this could be interesting
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    What Z170 Board do you plan to use?

    I was just wondering since I have nothing to do but wait for a 6700k, what z170 motherboard did you buy, are waiting for, or plan to buy? What features about the board model and or brand helped you make that decision?
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    Z170 and DDR3200 issues with XMP?

    So I was looking at what memory to get and I was considering some Gskill 2x8gb 3200mhz kits Someone posted they could not get it to run XMP profile on an ASUS Z170 Genie board and I plan to get the HERO which is similar so I looked into it more. The ASUS QVL says "*When running XMP at DDR4...
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    DDR4 timings matter for Z170?

    Trying to decide between 2 Corsair Vengeance LPX kits, both are 2x8gb Its PC4-24000 (3000MHz) with 15-17-17-35 vs PC4-25600 (3200MHz) at 16-18-18-36 The PC4-25600 is cheaper I assume due to the looser timings, but should I care about the timings? Does anyone think there will be any real...